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One shilling thread per day. All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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I want VR to be a thing but I cant drop $400 on it unless I try it. Where can I try it for free?
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According to the UPS tracking my Rift has been sitting at customs since yesterday.
A lot of amusement parks have them now

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What books would /g/ recommend for learning the win32 api
>Inb4 gento meme
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literally what for?
Game development and other windows apps

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>Trying to set up a webcam on Windows 10

Why the hell is this so much more difficult than in Windows 7? Fucking Christ.
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>Windows 10
Found your problem
werks on my machine
You plug he thing in, drivers get automatically updated. How is that hard?
Btw twerks in my machine too.

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>boss told me to refurbish this shit
>/g/ told me not to touch it
>so I said no
>he told me that im a little bitch. I will fire me if I dont do it

what to do now? Should I quit or do I become his little bitch??
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>/g/ told me
>I said like /g/ told me
you are a dumb little bitch already
>appel just woerks
>retareded sister want amcbook
>didnt turnon on out of the box
>I will fire me if I dont do it

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Recommend me kool things to deploy on my server

Currently deployed nyaa(.si) and imageboard(vichan).
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yeah bump
you should die

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Is this a real danger of advocating open source software?
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Yes, avoid them like the plague. Well adjusted women are not the type to apply to tech jobs.
Any specific experiences you had?
A friend once asked me to watch a video with her that she was going to display on her computer using Netflix. I declined, saying that Netflix was such a threat to freedom that I felt uncomfortable with promoting its use in this way.

Rejecting streaming DRM is an ethical imperative because this streaming technology is intended to divide people and make them antisocial.

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I have an idea:
- Put liquid nitrogen in water cooling loops.
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I'd put my balls into meatgrinder if I were you to be honest
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baided agen xdddd.jpg
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I typed two paragraphs on why you're an idiot, anon, and then deleted them to post this instead
>liquid nitrogen
Pipe might froze

Intel BTFO
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Jesus Christ.
I don't want to imagine the temps.
Did you stress test that? Is it stable?
Not mine.


He says it’s stable.

Is this /our laptop/?
Is the Thinkpad finally detroned?

>DC Power Plug
>2 Ethernet Ports
>Military grade protection, can be used underwater.
>2 batteries so you can swap an empty one with a full one and continue your important work without being disrupted by a reboot.

The Getac X500 Server.
Oh, and did I mention it can be a mobile server?
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Only if it comes with a VHS slot
I want it, price?
5k ok well shit

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>"Demonsaw 4 is an encrypted communications platform that allows you to chat, message, and transfer files without fear of data collection or surveillance from governments or corporations. Demonsaw 4 is free for individual and commercial use."

What's /g/s consensus on this? They are currently working on an alternative to Signal called Enigma that uses the same technology.
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ironic shitposting is still shitposting, cumpai
>this triggers the nazi


Is this a threat?
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>everything has to do with pol
Are you schizophrenic?
Go back to your containment board safespace, nazi

What was the point of these CPU?
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To compete with Bulldozer in the room heater market.
But it sell poorly.

>his music player can't overlay the lyrics on his screen anywhere he wants

What even are you doing with your lives?
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>English so bad he needs lyrics
Pajeet kindly fuck off
What even are ya
> he listens to music with words

What a fucking plebeian

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For India the 90's brought better economic tidings. The software market grew explosively and the need for programmers was insatiable. Globalisation and outsourcing were the magic words and India delivered. The Indians of the well-educated Brahmin, or priest-caste were the ones who took advance. The younger generation put the sutra's aside and devoted their studies to Java, C++ and other computer languages. This photo-documentary follows programmer Mohan, the young startup-company Qsupport and sheds a light on the changes brought forth in India by the software-revolution.
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Software programmer Mohan Anantha Narayanan (right) and his colleagues discuss the work progress in their office at the software company Infosys in Bangalore. They are working on the corporate internet-site of the company Franklin Templeton in California, one of the few hundred American companies that outsource programming work to Infosys.
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Infosys is a well reputed and one of the largest software companies in India. Its main campus, 15km Southeast of Bangalore, is built after the example of big American software campuses and is in a continuous state of further development. For years, Infosys is leading the list of most wanted employers in India. With an infrastructure that is up to American standards and share-arrangements for employees, Infosys tries to attract and hold on to the best IT-talents in India.
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Mohan with his nephew, his father and two friends at his parents’ home in Chalakudy, Kerala. Mohan shares an appartment with colleagues in Bangalore. Every month he visits his parents and friends in his native village, 12 hours by bus from Bangalore. Mohan and his family are Hindus of the Brahmin (priest) caste. A visible token of his caste is the thin thread hanging from his left shoulder which all Brahmin boys get during a ceremony when they are about seven years old. Men of the Brahmin caste wear this thread underneath their clothing throughout their lives.

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What's the deal with /our guy/ Louis Rossman pretending to be super knowledgeable on computer hardware and have conservative politics, but he's actually just a strung out liberal stoner who throws a hissy fit if he can't fix something in less than five minutes and get back to his edible addiction?
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That's pretty much the deal
I tried watching some of his videos but he strikes me as having a massive superiority complex and I got angry just looking at his smug face.
>I got angry just looking at his face
Sounds like you're the one with a complex

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