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Laptop sticker thread.
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>refusing to accept the reality and became a reasonable, strong opposition.
Hey man. Liberia did nothing wrong. Stop disrepecting them.

This shit looks the same as it did in 1995.
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Because it's microshit. Linux nor mac have this issue
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because their engineers are uneducated troglodytes who don't even know what a font is... let alone what a good font rendering should look like.
and windows users are low IQ idiots who don't know any better.
It litteraly hasn't changed sinces atleast the early 2000s. I cant remember when they introduced cleartype. 98? Me?

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baffles me how they haven't already been eaten alive by AWS and Azure
Different market. You still need somebody to support the os you are running, and if you are running linux, chances are it's red hat

Does /g/ use any calendar/events/organizer program for the terminal?
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Text files are good enough for GTD
Belinda needs therapy.
Nah, just google calendar much like the picture. I send meeting invites to friends too when we organize something, so they don't forget either, and won't be late. Some don't like it. One chick in particular said that if she is not important enough for me to remember without a calendar event, then she is not interested. I told her to go and waste someone else's time.

>two clicks to switch applications
why is gnome such shit?
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Wow, that's hard.
Because with alt-tab you can clearly select the exact application you want to switch to if you have many of them running
I'm with you buddy, gnome is complete shit.

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How do I stop files from being able to be recovered (Windows 10)? I'm not talking about individual files but files in general.
I want as soon as I delete something to be irrecoverable (temporary and cache files the same).

Is using an SSD with TRIM enabled enough?

Unrelated picture.
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Just use incognito
Oh why, Hello! Welcome to pajeet tech support!
Have you tried turning your machine off and on again?

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>be in cs class
>in mandatory group work
>tfw you're just trying to be polite and nice to everyone
>wild linux user appears that look like pic related
>least intelligent of the group
>doesn't contribute, just wants to talk about his arch setup
>smells like shit
>socially obnoxious

what do my two other group mates and I need to do to get this guy to just shut up and do his work?
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he wont, if you don't want him to drag the group down you'll need to do the work for him or kick him out. Welcome to the real world
Subtly suggest he run pacman -Syu. He'll be preoccupied all of next week trying to fix whatever broke.
Make him install Gentoo or tell him how pacman always breaks shit, it broke openssl recently

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>Unfortunately due to legal reasons, Casper is no longer available. I apologize for the inconvenience.

how do i save snaps now /g/?????
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Xposed and snapprefs I guess
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>verizon galaxy s5 rooting is pulling teeth
>casper works well
I just want to fucking save the cleavage that girls I have on snapchat post, goddamn it

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>GPU dies
>start to research a substitute
>mfw graphics cards that are one year old still retain their MSRP
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You're better off fixing your old one.
Miners, people use GPU to mine cryptocurrency, some guys buy over one thousand GPU per center.
It's a five years old GTX670, and besides, how the hell do you fix a GPU? Magic? Prayers?

Well, fuck me right in the ass for wanting to play games, right? It seems I'll have to stick to retrogaming for a bit...

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fuck off you brainless turd
Under attack by fucking /pol/ monkeys, yes.

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>He uses Lunix in a virtual machine
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>He's a neet that can afford to have his main system unusable for days at a time while he distro hops
>he uses windows 10 with Linux bash for maximum comfyness

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The mobile app is so fucking ugly it literally hurts the eyes. Moreover the servers are not open source in the first place, better stick with Whatsapp until a real concurrent shows up.

Ah, and also : stop believing /g/. Open source is a meme.
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I thought it was a wrapper around other chat apps and then realized that all my friends would have to move to it as well, and then promptly uninstalled it

>ad free
>auited security
>open sauce
>wurks fine
whatcha doin rabbi?

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What are you working on?

Old thread: >>62308764
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First for lambda ladies!
I'm too tired to do any programming, so I'm reading the SBT getting started guide.
So many qts in the office today

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What are you guys hosting?
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I have an old asus laptop that's connected to my TV that I use to watch netflix otherwise I have all of my servers in virtual box on an old thinkpad. I just use them to study for my mcsa
torrent samba ftp and printer server

>He doesnt use braindumps for certs
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Alright SHILL, I'll bite, what is it?
>He doesn't learn how to do the work before getting a certificate to then leverage that experience with an employer
>He gets the cert and the job and gets sacked weeks later for not knowing how to do half the things their resume would imply they knew
>He doesnt cash dat sweeeet salary before heading off for the next job
>He doesnt go pajeet-no-understand mode for 6 straight months, claiming to still getting a footing on his new job

Cashed 60k for the better part of the year browsing plebbit. Life is good, mang.

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