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What are you working on, /g/?
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The only three programming languages you need to know are Scheme, Shen, and Idris.
but muh scala
The only three programming languages you need to know are C, x86 assembly, and Emacs Lisp.

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Asking for a friend. Any help?
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Just input the password
sadly, we don't know the password.
rarcrack + time

Greentext tech related stories

>have neighbor
>give him shitty old computer
>he can't let afford windows
>put linux on it
>tell him "this shit ain't game son"
>he proceeds to buy terraria on steam
>terraria is a windows game
>explain to him patiently it ain't gonna work (it may now but back then it did not)
>he makes another steam account and buys terraria again to (fix it)
>no lil kid its not gonna work
>he buys a third steam account and buys terraria AGAIN
>no fucking little kid shit ain't work
>take pity on him
>download every single gameboy game and give him an emmulator
>appeases him for a while
>finally he just installs windows 8
>feels bad man
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neat blog post
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U can play terraria on linux kek
Old copypasta
There used to be a time where you couldn't play terraria on linux. Try to picture it in your brain.

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Why didn't smartwatches catch on?
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Because they don't really do anything novel. Also I'm kind of tired of treating my phone like my boss, I don't want constant notifications
They're also too thick with current battery/display/etc technology to justify wearing on your wrist
People don't like charging multiple things, it's why wireless earbuds aren't going anywhere either.

Ok /g/, I need to ask a question. Is it worth falling for the vim meme in 2017?

For programming languages I'm certain the features of an IDE outweigh the supposed speed of vim but I can see it being useful for scripting languages and config file editing.

Is it worth spending hours learning all the shortcuts and old fashioned ways of doing things (no mouse support, convoluted clipboard system) over a modern GUI text editor?

Right now I use atom, and even though it's bloated as fuck it JustWerks™ and there's a bunch of useful addons that are easily available. Splitting into multiple windows is easy, mouse navigation, find and replace and the clipboard works like every other program and you don't have to learn 10 different keyboard shortcuts to perform basic tasks.

If vim really is much more efficient then I'm certainly up for learning it properly, I just need to know if it's actually good once you do or just a massive meme.
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It's a good way to quickly modify something, or when you don't have a GUI, but other than that it's obsolete.

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewing For Newbies:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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Is Bulova good or garbage?
Modern bulova has a few acceptable pieces. Mostly mallcore shit though.

Vintage accutrons are great though.
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/g/ is all antivirus software just a meme?

Literally why does anyone use it? You can just:
>Keep all your personal files on a pendrive.
>Keep an installation image of your OS of choice handy on another pendrive.
>If things start looking fishy, migrate any and all documents to your files pendrive, boot from your installation pendrive, and reinstall the OS.

That's literally all there is to it. Safe. Effective. Independent, no nonsense. It's honestly a mystery why it's not more widely used.

Unique needs? Own a server, perhaps, or a business computer, with a particular desirable configuration that's a pain to setup over and over again every time things go to shit? No problem, just reinstall from a compressed backup image of a known clean and working system setup, instead of from the official installer. Easy peasy.
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Because not everyone is tech-savvy
Hard to believe huh?
The problem lies when things start looking fishy. Once you migrate your documents you might migrate the virus as well.
>Literally why does anyone use it?
dumb winfags

Serious Question,

Why isn't there a Steam equivalent for Porn? Most sites rip you off and the content on streaming sites is mostly shit. Why hasn't this been done?
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be the change you want to see in this world

Make it yourself and reap the rewards
But Steam is the one that rips you off.
Because most western countries are so horribly puritan that they barely allow pornography, and the ones which aren't have ample amount of easy women or even legal bordellos - or already have their digital distribution system.

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Mods need to be more active deleting shill threads. It seems like we are getting a new "install Brave" threads every 10 minutes. Install gentoo threads aren't tolerated, so why are we tolerating shills for some new garbage browser?
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There's literally 1 Brave thread, I'm more worried about the blatant Intel/nVidia/AMD shilling.
Isn't gentoo free and a meme?
>Intel/nVidia/AMD shilling
implying those threads aren't there to contain shitposting

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Recommended MP3/media players? Prefer to keep it all seperate from my phone.
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I just use an old Sansa Clip. Is there even a big difference between models?
Just use your phone with bluetooth headphones you fucking luddite.
Learn to read.

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I don't understand the Linux meme. There's nothing that Linux can do that Windows can't. All free counterparts to proprietary Windows software is inferior in every way. If there is a non-free software that you liked to use in Windows, you can be guaranteed that the Linux version of that software isn't being maintained, is shittier, or doesn't even exist. Why use Linux besides muh botnet?
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It's free
The entire operating system is under your control
No annoying mandatory update system
Tons of not licensed freeware for home projects
You don't need to pay to use Linux and you have a lot more flexibility in general.

DESU though I just use Solus for my Facebook machine because of how weak the PC is and how smooth Solus runs compared to other operating systems I've tried.

If you want more though there's Fedora, Debian, Arch, and all their derivatives.
Every time I go to use windows it's a huge pain in the ass. When I use linux, it only does the stuff I have it set to do. Windows is also slow as shit on low spec hardware.

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cyborg beetle.png
812KB, 1363x768px

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We are so fucked

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with all the shit about firefox recently i'd like to go to a fork of firefox instead
which one does /g/ reccomend?
so far i know of icecat watefox and pale moon
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just use brave you cuck

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Best rom without gapps for OnePlus 3t? Looking to get rid of Google from my phone.
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Fuck Google, but an Android device without gapps is absolutely useless
How so?
Just extremely limited in the apps you have at your disposal. I know you can sideload everything, but then you;re still joining every app botnet other than the google botnet. I just felt it was more trouble than it was worth. YMMV

Hey guys linux noob back trying to install lubuntu on my old laptop. Its a think pad x130e intel based and I belive 64 bit
I tried flashing the iso to my flash drive and it just gets stuck on the Lubuntu screen. Is it an issue with the drivers on my computer? Or is it a problem with the iso or how it was installed to the usb?

Im looking into other lightweight distros to run on my laptop. Im just going to be using it for basic browsing maybe basic photo editing and maybe a little counter strike
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try xfce
windows doesnt have this problem
I dont want botnet
Whats that?

Someone told me something about installing linux directly to the harddrive or something? But the thread 404ed before I could ask about it.

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