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Can anyone tell me what model these earbuds are? http://i.imgur.com/labpM1u.jpg
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Reminder: To defeat systemd, you can't just cut something off. You'll have to burn it with fire to prevent it from simply growing more.
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When will this 'systemd is bad' meme end? You clearly understand nothing neither in linux nor in technology/programming in general. Stop making this cancer threads.
its not bad, its just drowning out competitors so we wont have a choice for anything else soon, which in turn defeats the whole purpose of a customizable OS

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Ten years ago, there was no camera phone could match the digital camera in terms of photo quality. Things are different now as many high-end Smartphones also boast outstanding camera feature that is better than thedigital camera. In this article (Best Smartphone Camera 2017), we will review these camera Android handsets from these specific brands

Samsung Galaxy
If you’re a photographer looking for best camera phone 2017, this article can help you a lot. Let’s find out which mobile device in Samsung’s flagship sports the best camera feature.

[url=https://www.findpare.com/blog/best-camera-smartphone-2017]Read more: [/url]
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>no LG v10 or v20
Shit article desu
dxomark says no to your shitty blog you stupid shill

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beasesome IS ONE IF NOT the most REPUTABLE and KNOWLEGEABLE tripfag on this board, he knows probably more about coding that all of you together.

what if he has some dumb errors and miscalculations? nobody is perfect.
maybe you are just jealous of his popularity and want to shade his great talent as poster of this board.

I seriously hope everyone of you regret making stupid memes like this and apologize to him next time you see a post of him

cpus shouldn't have to be updated to prevent crashing you dumb cucks

PD he knows more Japanese than any of you
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He's okay but he really does act like retards at times. The obvious solution is to get rid of the trip
oh lord, just stop trying to shame his work
t. beasesome

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i am going to tallinn to work as a java developer, any suggestions?
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Looks like Witcher IRL
At least it's not flipping burgers
Not really just enjoy your stay in one of the few countries in Europe that hasn't been ruined by immigration

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>7500U for excellent battery life, still i7 spec
>GTX 1050
>Ultra slim
>No GaYmEr look


Is the perfect laptop to get right now? Has way better specs than XPS 13 and whatnot but for only $800. The 1050 puts it as a mobile gaming machine with battery life using Optimus.
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that's not a macbook.
thats fucking ugly and nobody cares about a GTX card in a laptop, except gaymers. actual professional users with needs for such cards use the things with quadros
Gayming is just a side option on this, you do productivity work and then game when you feel like having a break

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Google notified me a few days ago about a guy in england logging into my email address and a minute after I got the notification I changed the password. That was a few days ago, but just now a guy logged into my snapchat from the same IP address gmail gave me. I changed my password again and as far as I know my account is safe, what can I do about it and do you know anything about this kind of thing? I don't live in England.
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just change your passwords if you have to
Obviously if I changed the password on my gmail he still had a way to use it to get my snapchat.
are you German?

Why do MP3s suck so much?
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why does WinRar suck so much?
why does life suck so much?
That... that is actually kind of impressive

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How's your collection going /g/?
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Hows your Spectacles going anon? They're kinda cool
Saged, reported, move along
>Rose Gold
>13inch non touch bar mac
>Probably the cheapest nike watch

When you try to go full white teenager but you are missing the parents to spoil you.

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Why don't you use KDE?
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it's bloated
it's buggy
I was going to a few days ago.

Then I saw the slow.
Because - while it is superior technology - bistrobutors can't set it up correctly.

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Help. I just reset my computer and would like to have all boards be shown in "Tomorrow"-style.
Unfortunately after refreshing the page, it resets my style-settings for every board to the default.

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Also: I'm using firefox and cookies are enabled
use a better browser

How can we throw this cancer out?
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Hopefully, Meson will save us
systemd will have a solultion
Is this just more "ree it's easy so it's bad" posturing by linux autists or is there a legitimate problem here?

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Hi, I have a question for the real geek in you. Does fake Gameboy exist ? I have two different Gameboy in my hands, check the pictures and help me.
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On the first and second pics, you can't tell if it is true or fake.
The fake is of far greater value, in it’s deliberate attempt to be 'real', it’s more real than the real thing.
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But on this one, you can see that the sticker is cheaper on the fake one.

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prove me wrong
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why don't you prove your point first
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>mfw smartphones have more cores on average than desktop PCs and laptops
Smartphone might be good for very lightweight single task that requires minimal writing effort.
Other than that your claim is false.

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