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I think I just got cucked by Mozilla
Mozilla Firefox is a slow piece of shit built on Gecko
Page load time is fucking shit, when watching Youtube videos dropped frames are 400+ and even with Ublock Origin page load time is shit
I'll just switch to Iridium and when Brave adds extensions or at least adds Greasemonkey then I'll use it because muh 4chan x
Fuck those faggots they ruined the browser
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Install Otter Browser
You mean an outdated version of Opera?
No thank you
Why the browser threads today

What is happening or is someone trying to push a meme

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How good is this thing? It's good as gpg?
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I guess it's good but they know your password so I'd say botnet but whatever /g/ thinks works too
I like the ui and the user friendly experience
I guess I could recommend it for home use like sharing personal photos and such
They don't really describe what crypto they use, they only say AES-256, which says nothings. It can be well implemented with streaming mode and random keys to hide passphrase repetition; or it can be complete garbage with pure non-modded AES-256 that amateur can break. No opensource, no specs, can't say.

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>incoming connection blocked
>ip is
>run a backtrace on the ip
>registered to google

is the botnet trying to hack me
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I once had a DNS server up for half a minute, I regularly get incoming traffic from on port 53 now.
What is amplified ddos over dns
I once fucked your mom in the ass

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How do I deal with too little to do at work as a developer? All my projects are paused and I maybe do 1h of real work per day at this point.

Is it time to look for a new job?
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>hey guys i do nothing and get paid, should i look for a new job?
Personally, I just work on "related" projects until something comes up. I'll add unnecessary, but not useless, features, or create analytic reports for that project. If that fails, I work on something personal, and find a way to write it off as being study for work.

>Is it time to look for a new job?
It depends. Is this happening often? Then maybe you should start looking. Also, if the pay is good, then it might not be worth it.
>meanwhile I have to work 12h+ a day
Enjoy it while you can, senpai.

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A community assistance tool app that’s used for connecting with and keeping your finger on the pulse of your community, along with the locals in it.

Customizing for personal use: Users will be able to customize and entirely modify the app, by using a range of tools. These can range from lighthearted and fun mods, to personalizing the app to have its specialized focus set to seemingly any need, maximizing its broad user base. Mods will be available to upload to the app’s own mod & app center.

Connecting with each other: Like-minded users connecting with each other in real time, based on various categories of interest, by sending invite-notifications to each other. Examples to connect could range from local sports, finding a church buddy, college kids seeking a study buddy, musicians connecting, singles looking to date, to general hangouts. Detailed & verified user profiles will safely identify who you’d connect with.

Making money: Participating in a real currency driven local economy, where small business owners and empowered individual users alike can post and promote their services, including sharing and selling goods, rent space, etc. all buoyed by an exclusive currency, specialized tools suiting the service, and a real life tipping system. A job finding center that works with local services and businesses will also be available, along with a feature for people to post requests for help.

Community involvement: Community challenges and games that encourages users to get active in their community, in ways ranging from grouping up with local users to accomplish a challenge, to challenges for the individual. Tournaments that entail individuals and teams participating in competitive interests and sports will also be included.
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Content Creation: Shows off local music, meme-centered funny clips, impressive feats, photography, paintings, etc. Funny posted images, writing and lyrics. Users will be able to explore the uploaded user profile, to better connect with the content creator. Promote cooperating with users to make stuff.

Local events: There’ll be categorized local events posted by local services, along with groups & individual users. Each event will display a list of all users notifying they’ll attend, to help establish connections. Dedicated message boards for each event, adding events to your calendar, & sharing events with fellow users will be features as well.

Staying up to date in community: A trending and personalized activity feed that displays updates on friends, groups, local news and events, services etc.

Groups: Groups will be a central part of the app, by helping users stay connect to like-minded people, and will be supported with features and tools that give users the best experience for getting involved in local groups and clubs.

Profiles: Each user will have an explorable profile to help people understand who they're going to hangout with and see, which will include an option for displayed relationship status, a positive/negative rating bar, a profile picture, an activity timeline, differing profile layouts per type of interest, giving the user different ways to express oneself - as an athlete, as a business owner, as soon gamer, etc

Facebook along with other sites have similar features, though Instagram's story of focusing and excelling at a feature that Facebook that had will be the key to success.

A community involvement outlet with mass interest appeal that effortlessly matches people in real time and helps them fully engage and connect to their community has yet to be explored, & could be wildly successful if designed well and remains innovative.
If anyone is interested in getting on board: [email protected]

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What instant message app do you recommend for smartphone?
I looking for app with end to end encryption and thinking of Signal or Telegram.
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well, telegram
BBM or Signal

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wtf I love centralization now
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used ff or years cuz i though i was a "tech guy"
horrible lag
twitch was unusable
put the blame on my 5yo laptop

dl chrome one day cuz i wanted to use an addon that i couldnt find on ff


experience smooth as a babys ass
twitch 60fps/1080p silky smooth

firefox never again lul
This, however I installed chromium bc muh open source
>no one corporation should rule the web
>uses cloudflare on their mian website

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Guys you tell me how it's done:

Client - > Proxy - >VPN - > Server
Client - > VPN - > Proxy - > Server
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Client - > VPN - > Proxy - > Server
Client -> VPN -> Tor -> VPN -> Proxy -> Server
what vpn should I get?

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Yo bibbas I want a cool new mousepad and am cheap as fuck, does anybody know if this ONE COOL TRICK that kept floating around the web for like five years a few years ago is still valid?
I mean, this specific one isn't but some evolution of it?
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there is an imgur album with active codes somewhere, im leaving the house rn, otherwise id find it.
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>he has a mousepad

Anyone happened to implement any kind of scrolling to a scene on watchOS?

Can't decide between
- coding a fucking custom scroll implementation into a SKScene
- putting fucking tons of SKScenes into a TableView
Both possibilities contain the word fucking, meaning both are kinda much effort. Any Advice?
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This isn't StackOverflow.
>iOS is a dieing platform
shut up you useless nigga on iOS I am making three times as much money as I am making on Android because Android is for poorfags and children who can't afford to buy their apps

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Is Java kill, too?
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No. The JVM at least will never die
I hope so.

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What was the conclusion of everything called an application these days?
Nobody sees problem with this?
What the fuck does application mean and how can it be used interchangebly with "program"?
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An application is a user-facing program.

Thus an the set of applications is a subset of the set of programs.

Why you idiots have a problem with this, one must wonder. It's been this way ever since I ever heard of VisiCalc being called the "killer app" for the Apple II.
>a program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose
>particular purpose
because programs dont do that ahhahaha fuck you retards

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I'll say it is the Lumia 1020 but give me you best /g/
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I'll say go hang yourself, pedo.
>give me your best

I don't even watch anime, just click bait for weebs like you :^)

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How do I make an exact copy of an email that I received through Gmail?
I need to be able to alter it afterwards and use as a template.
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Copy + paste /thread
Screenshot and edit in paint then just send it as an image

No, I need it in it's genuine form.

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>decide to use the meme browsers
>go with waterfox
>time to rice
>almost done
>open new tab
>my eyes are vaporized from the blinding light
>the non-human dwellers of my basement screech in fear

how do i change about:blank to grey in waterfox?
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not possible
this is for firefox so maybe it'll work the same
Waterfox leaks RAM like a waterfall.
You have been warned.

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