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how the fuck do i make webhooks from Typeform send that json data to a database or some tabular medium
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op here nvm i managed
pls no, help me. i am a retarded person
Nvm fixed it
Thanks for the PM anonnette :))

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Hey guys,

Check out the SSH VPN client I found:
Works like a charm, the downside it's written in Bash, which is probably a baaad language.

I connect with it to all my Bastion hosts on AWS, really great shit I would say!
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Nice ad, truly amazing, very efficient way to get your program to grow fast!
literal botnet
>Works like a charm, the downside it's written in Bash, which is probably a baaad language.
kys then go back to /b/ or /v/ or whatever.

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>As it is right now, this is not your traditional install of Xposed Framework that needs to be flashed in a custom recovery, and that can be added to a variety of devices. Instead, there has been a unique ART submodule created for AOSP 7.1.2 that enables Xposed Framework functionality to a custom ROM right out of the box.
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>pajeetposed coming to nougat
k idc
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just in time for the release of android oregano
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this is better than nothing, man I can't belive a single guy has held hostage so many android users for years

DeepCool D-Shield Tower.

Anyone here ever used this before?
Bought last week. This case has a PSU shroud where you can install 2x120mm fan. Im planning to add 2x120mm fans on the front for intake and its stock fan at the back for exhaust.

My question is, is it worth having 2 fans at the PSU shroud?
I have been searching the web for answers but it seems that no one has ever used this case before.

My idle temps are 35c = GPU, 40c = CPU.
Ambient temps are about 30c.

Oh and Im also using Pentium's G4560 and 1050 ti.
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Fans at the shroud might improve airflow.
those temps are pretty good actually given that roomtemp

and no, it's not worth it to have 2 fans on the shroud. You need to focus on intake and exhaustion. Remember to keep a positive air pressure, even more if the intakes have dust filters

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>Go on my IPad
>Go to Safari
>Search Google for IOS applications
>Try to download from Safari
>"Cannot Open File type"
IOS-it just doesn't fucking work
>Want to get files off of my IPhone from friends computer
>IOS can't into disk mode
>Have to install bloatware ITunes
>ITunes still won't let me get files off my device
IOS-it just doesn't fucking work
>Try to view flash content
>IOS can't into flashplayer
IOS-it just doesn't fucking work
>Want to develop for IOS
>Have to actually buy the IPhone SDK
>"okay fine, I'll pay for it even though it's sort of bullshit"
>it's only for Mac
IOS-it just doesn't fucking work
>Use the new IOS 6 maps application
IOS-it just doesn't fucking work
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I used to own an iPhone 7 and agree with you but you pretty much ruined your own thread by posting your disgusting vomit inducing mental illness that had nothing to do with your thread.
>buying iphone SDK
xcode is free nibba

>what is email or dropbox
>why are you on ios 6 when ios 11 is about to come out
So you literally have to hack iPhones to get basic android features? What a joke.

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I notice that a lot of articles and websites, including /g/, say that a CS degree isn't worth it because "a CS degree just means that you're trainable."
Would it make sense then to go to trade schools for programming, so that students can be trained before entering the job market? I know that there's more to CS than just being a code monkey, but knowing how to code in an efficient and timely manner is critical. Would it be beneficial to go to a computer programming trade school after getting a CS degree, or is that redundant?
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Will xfce 4.14 be ready for the 18.04 lts release?
What do you think /g/?
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My ass

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Whats up /g/ - I've recently been looking into building a website in Drupal or Wordpress that will need to be updated by somebody else, I personally code in HTML, CSS and JQuery and can make some great looking sites within bootstrap, is there any easy way of doing the bulk of the coding myself and then having hooks to pull in content.

Drupal seems to be the most flexible CMS but I wondered what you guys use generally, as thanks to Google's search rankings now there is fuck all information out there for this question.
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>pick wp
>slightly change some random theme
>autoupdates enabled as default
>have client update his own content

enjoy ez website

you need a bit of php to make plugins and themes but value of themes is mostly design, not programming so it's not worth bothering with it unless you want to be a designer

also you seem confused so install whatever cms you chose locally and fuck with it a bit so you understand what the fuck you are talking about
Thanks /g/ro - looking into WP mostly but I really want to be able to code the majority in HTML/css without having to worry about all the extra PHP mess that comes with it.

I'll give some stuff a go
html / css comes in when making themes but seeing how many themes are available i'd say it's only interesting as a learning exercise or if you're into design
php comes in to interact with wp functions and access database stuff, if you don't want to bother with it you might as well just make websites from scratch

Post comfy retro set-ups and tech
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>Got into IT at a later age
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You gonna be ok anon?
so what? technology always changing anyway

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summer is here

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>try to boot it on my laptop
>live medium wont detect my harddrive
>try to boot it on a regular older pc
>won't boot at all
>try to boot it on a newer pc
>loader errors out

I hope none of you have donated to this project.
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>try to boot it on my laptop
>it works

any reason why i should hate this project? There are more than one hardware setups you know right? I tried with Lenovo G530 3000 if you are curious
Just use BSD if you want Unix, opensolaris is dead and nobody uses openindiana

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>programming in the two thousand and seventeeth year of our lord
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>stealing code without even looking at it
What the actual fuck?
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maximum efficiency
it's not like your boss and coworkers will ever look at it either

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California is considering new broadband privacy protections after the GOP and President Trump voted to dismantle the FCC's consumer broadband privacy protections earlier this year at the behest of giant broadband providers. On June 19, California Assemblymember Ed Chau introduced AB 375 (pdf), which, like the FCC rules it's intended to replace, requires that large ISPs are very clear about what consumer data is being collected and sold to third parties.
It also requires that consumers opt in if ISPs want to share more personal data (like web browsing histories or financial information).
And it goes a little further than the FCC rules would have, in that it prohibits ISPs from punishing customers who chose to opt out -- or charging them more money if they want to protect their own privacy.
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Heyy /g/

I'm Aussie, what's a good laptop to buy under $1,500 Dollarydoo?
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Also Aussie, got a max limit of 4000$. What's the best laptop I could get with that sort of money?
stop making useless threads when there already are suitable ones to post in for your subject, retard


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