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>that dead forum whose admin is still active for some reason and bans you for spamming because you have to post a msg to see the thread's content
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Next time make your post in the welcome section and ask "hey im new is this forum still active? :D"
Then get the shit you need and never come back again, knowing that this guy will desperately cling to your thread for the next two weeks in hope for new users

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My boss doesn't use my objectively superior text editor and is a "programmer" who won't even write his web apps in C. Not only that, but he uses a different distribution of Linux.
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>objectively superior text editor
Looks like you are the cringe here son.
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Notepad is better than notepad++ in every way.
No botnet
No bloatware
Just pure beautiful text editor

>inb4 using the command line to create text
Plebs. Use a proper gui.
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Notepad2, son.

If you were to design a phone, not for the general normie consumer, but for the tech-purist, the privacy-aware, the software-nazi and for the people that have a 3ft long rod of silicate up their ass, What features, hardware, tools and characteristics would it have

Basically, design a phone that would be "too complicated" for the general consumer, but that would be a wonderland for you
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I suppose that I can delete this thread now
A rock
>No spyware
>No proprietary software
>No shitty functions
No need to make calls since you fags are all alone

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So, I'm looking for some open source data/file manager that works with storage clouds(Dropbox, box, Drive). Any recommendations?
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>open source

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works for me breh
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Fuck off
not working for me either. to take down a giant network like this and google not even update their own status page? makes you wonder

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Will I have to install it separately or will my uBlock update automatically to a non-legacy version?
Will this kill Ublock Origin on Pale Meme?

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Which one makes better displays nowadays? I need some cheap display to replace my borked W2243S-PF.
Cant decide between LS24F356FHUXEN and 23MP48HQ-P.

Also is Samsung using their own components or its rebranded LG screen like most other companies?
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Samshit a shit. LG is underrated.

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Is there any huge differences o should be aware of? I could get either but if the plus isn't worth the extra saving the money would be nice.
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The fingerprint sensor is pretty damn fucking convenient once you get used to it.

t. Moto G4 Plus owner
And the quick charger is very useful too.

The better camera it's still not that good, at least the G4 one.
Would you recommend it then?

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Hey there my dudes! I'm looking to get a 1050ti but heres my zero time dilemma - which one do i get?!?!?! I'm bout to just snatch up this 144 dolla one off amazon but is there a diff 1050 ti that I should get instead?
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i love that cat
the zotac one is the best desu
28C idle 44C load
i got the asus rog one because it was the only one that had 2x dvi output

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Hey /g/, I'm in a bit of a predicament ATM. My job requires me to update my mindset immediately. Anyone who doesn't apply the update by tomorrow gets added to "The List".

Console output is listed below, just wondering if anyone else has came across the same issue/knows of a workaround?

Mindset v0.2.5 ©2009 Self

Rightthink 2017 Cloud Edition ©2017 NWO

Thank you for choosing to install the mandatory mindset update for August 2017.

New features for August 2017:
Wordlist Update - 20,000 new genders added
Cloud Processing - Unload resource intensive thinking to remote MSM
Oppression Exaggeration - Updated arguments for nonrights

Press 'Y' to continue


Update failure. This patch can only be applied to Marxist® compatible systems.

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rm -rf /
I'd be more concerned with the fact that your computer has 2 floppy drives in 2017.

Hi /g/ i need your help.
Someone sent me this string:


Said it's related to bitcoin's future, they may be in contact with satoshi, but I have no idea what they mean.
Do you have any clue? What could it be?
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It's a SHA-1 hash isn't it?
Could it be something else?
I translated it, it reads "it's just a prank bro :^]*
Check it.

How do I degoogle Android? What are the alternatives?
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bumping for interest
Why does RMS not do his thing with smart phones?
The lack of control over my computing is freaking me out.

What quirks ios has when compared to android? Like something that's done on android in a seemingly "obvious", or "right" way, but is different on ios, or something you'd expect to have on ios but it doesn't exist there.
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Double tapping the top of the window to go to top.
No support for applications that don't come from the store

Couldn't find one in the searchbox so here we go.
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the botnet.png
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The botnet is coming to compromise your machine.

What do you do /g/?
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