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Alright /g/ after spending the whole day looking for information and personally tweaking my laptop to try and achieve what I am after I come here defeated to ask for your help.
Before I continue my computer is an old Dell XPS l511z with a broken monitor (I use the hdmi cable with an external monitor) and a fucked battery.
The problem I have is the following, my laptop battery recently got fucked, like a week ago I tried to charge it and the laptop light blinks orange and it stays there all the time, when I disconnect the charger the laptop just shuts down because the battery is dead, now I wouldn't give a fuck about the battery if it just would be that but my laptop is a Dell and apparently they have a chip that when the battery gets damaged or the charger gets bad it forces your computer to work 30% with less CPU or more, I really don't know the number. And this shit is HORRIBLE for using stuff like emulators, virtual computer, video editing etc.
So when I looked that up it seems I could bypass that shit of a problem with just tweaking some options on the BIOS. But here is the other problem, I cannot access the BIOS on my external monitor, the monitor only works after the OS boots. I have been looking all day since the morning for alternatives and answers, I have fully dismantled my laptop trying to disconnect the LCD cables so it forces the second monitor (did not work) and I just finished putting it all together again and give up.

My question is, is there a way I could access the BIOS feature on a secondary monitor? Someone told me to try pressing F9 while on the BIOS to restart the settings and force the screen but that did not work. I have a headache since an hour ago because of this shit. Would really appreciate any input or help besides the obvious which is getting a new monitor or computer ( I don't have the resources right now)

Pic related my shittop
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Install Gentoo
Trust me, meme aside, I would fucking install Linux in a blast if I could get through this external monitor bullshit situation, cannot even install another OS if I can't see the screen.

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Welcome back to 2005 anon.
I've always been interested in these mice. God knows I don't game any more.

What are the pros/cons of this thing?
You will die of awesome.

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Why won't it stop uploading? I didn't modify my files at all
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Because of all the pixels
Probably just a ransomware encrypting your shit OP, don't worry.
If your going to use proprietary cloud storage at least use dropbox

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Why do web browsers allow popups at all?
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They can be useful once in a blue moon. It should really be something to you have to whitelist a site for though.
Brave doesn't.
Logins and chat windows are examples I dealt with today. Before you were born and these browsers were just getting started pop ups weren't hijacked for ads

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whats the name of a paid view botting program to get 5 viewers on youtube?
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>doesn't know how to even refresh
just post your link on /b/. there are enough bots monitoring every link that i guarantee you you'll get your 5 views.
this doesn't still work, does it? i got about 100K views on one of my videos back in 2006 by leaving an auto-clicker running for a few days.

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What are the new BlackBerry phones like?

Vid related
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Why can't they just make a phone with a landscape keyboard.
The battery life is a champ and typing on a virtual keyboard now makes me feel like a pleb. Get one, nuff said.
I plan to buy one to replace my q10 sooner or later.

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hi /g/

so I have a stupid question

I'm looking for suggestions for books / reference on software design. I don't care if it's called architecture or engineering or programming or whatever but what I'm looking for is why functions and classes are structured a certain ways and why. I'm hoping for language agnostic general programming problems that are common to all software languages / designs. I get this is impossible to a degree as certain things are language specific.

I don't know the correct terminology for this. It's somewhere just below design patterns. Does anyone have a word for this?

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Go to the stupid questions thread
reasonable suggestion. will do.
Word, best of luck

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https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-computer-fraud-and-abuse-act please sign this it might not do anything but why not
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>any year
>online petitions
how about you stop nominating and electing neoliberals instead?
Petitions are some weakass liberal "activism" to begin with. Online petitions are just pathetic.

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good online sites to buy a DESKTOP PC online, with worldwide shipping?
its IBUYPOWER worth it?
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Bookmark the Open Box section and watch the open box desktops constantly. Know the average price of a good build/certain components and jump on deals where you can get 10%+ off with promo codes, free/low-cost shipping, etc. Newegg does not add sales tax for most things so you're already saving money by going through them most of the time.

Other sites can potentially have good deals, but paying sales tax and shipping fees really sucks the life out of an otherwise decent deal.

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So thats why you alt righters all have thinkpads.
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But they don't believe in the Holocaust.
sniff gas, kike.
Apple is the anti nazi choice.

So I have these really old B and O bookshelf speakers, and they sound pretty good.
They're massive though, I have no place to put them on my desk. The sound from my TV is shite so I wanna put those through my speakers too.
The red squares in the picture is where I want to put them. As you can see my television set is mounted to the wall on an arm so it can swing round and I can use it as a second monitor on my desk if I want, or for a TV (this is my living room) or against the wall when I don't need it. I know it's squint as shit but fuck off, it's squint on the wall so I can't have it straight anywhere next. I take out a spirit level and straighten it perfectly in one position, then I move it again and it's fucked.

Where's the optimum position for my speakers? On the red squares, it'll be alright for my computer I think, but for my TV it's all lopsided. Is it gonna sound fucked or what? I saw someone talk about their surround setup on youtube and they said they had adjusted the sound so it wasn't fucked when it wasn't symmetrical. Can I do this? How? How would that even work?

I have a giant speaker amp I got from a church, it has tons of inputs and outputs and it'll blow my speakers if I crank it to 11 and deefen me. Obviously I wouldn't want the sound all sideways for working on my computer. Is there some device that surround sound cunts use to set up their room? Could I plug that into the amp, if such a machine indeed exists?
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fuck you then
I wish I could help you.

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>actively developed
that's one hell of a pretentious way to say unfinished
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No it's not
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>implying software is the same type of work as a novel or film

Here's a better meme, faggot:

>program finished
that's one hell of a pretentious way to say development halted

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>He doesn't dual boot his ThinkPad T420 with Windows 10 LTSB and Fedora 26
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>Using Windows
3/10 b8 I replied, but saged
Why would I ever do that when the choice for T20's is obvious?
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>Dualboot with Windows

OP doesnt have the guts to go balls deep with linux

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Hurricane is coming and my hardware/life is at risk
I'm drinking because this might be my last week on this fucking rock
I love you, /g/. Hard times ahead; might not make it back.
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Thanks for the blog. Stay safe, next time post something tech related
why dont you just go somewhere else? are you retarded?

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Why doesn't Mozilla get rid of the gtk file picker and rewrite it in javascript+html5?
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let's give javascript access to the file system, what could go wrong?
>not going out of the unsafe JS VM via native call into the safe JS VM that WebExtensions use

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