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I'm about at my wits' end here, I need help.
I have a tablet. Chink thing, but it did the job (Zaffire 1010).
Up until recently, it was working fine. Some days ago though, apps that were on the internal storage partition (which worked as SD storage) started crashing and not working at all. I rebooted it as usual, because it'd done this some times and that solved it.
Not this time however, as the secondary partition, the one acting as SD storage, had vanished. There was nothing there anymore on the settings storage screen. It was just the main partition and that was the lot. In place of the disappeared storage was a Mount SD Card button that doesn't seem to do anything, and now I can't install big apps on it because it needs "external storage" separate from the main partition.
I've tried all, including a recovery mode factory wipe, but the second partition is gone. I wasn't fiddling with it before it happened, it just did it out of nowhere. I've never installed an Android ROM, but from the looks of it the stock one used in this model is long lost and I'm afraid to install shit that doesn't belong in it and officially finish it off.

Is there anything I can do about it? Is it dead? Should I throw it in the river? Why did it happen in the first place?
I'm not in the best position to afford another, so I have to make sure I do everything I can to salvage this one.
Pic unrelated taken from goog images, picture mine had a second partition like the one seen there, but now it's gone and replaced by a button that does nothing.
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Pls respond
It's a chink tab. The flash memory probably failed

Let's talk shit about monitors.
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>not using an oscilloscope
casual i bet you use gentoo
Why did 16:10 disappear? It's so much better than 16:9.
I want a good CRT monitor but I realized that they're hard to come by now at a good price. Is anyone else having the same experience? Or am I not looking in the right places?

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Linux is a Microsoft app. Why wouldn't she like it?

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My 390x shit out on me last week and I'm in need of a new card. I have more than enough to pay full price for maybe even a Ti but why pay extra money when you don't have to? Is it feasible to get a used 1080 for less than 400?
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Just wait for the buttcoin mining meme to go out of fashion and the prices should drop...
No, miners raped everything. Even your mom.

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Xiaomi mi 5s or mi 6? Which one should I get if I only care about the screen and the camera quality?
>1/2.3" vs 1/2.9" image sensor (it's the same one used in the pixel)
>.RAW support

>snapfire 835 vs 821, not that it fucking matters my 3 year old Sony Z2 with SD 801 is buttery smooth

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please slash gee, I'm too much of a brainlet to decide
If you actually care about the camera and screen quality you should not get chinkshit phones.
Why not the Zuk Z2 Pro?

>AMOLED screen
>Great Samsung camera, f1.8 and 1.34 ┬Ám pixels

old thread: >>61541697

What are you working on, /g/?
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First for (((Rust)))
fist for Rust
rewriting ms paint

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What Soundsystem are you using, and why ?
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pulse: it's finally mature enough that it just works
Pulseaudio because it's the easiest one with Bluetooth headsets
Pulse. I juggle audio devices all the time and it just

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How big should the airgap be?
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Thats actually a good question. Some say a few feet, others say several metres. Guess it depends on the type of exploit you are anticipating being hit with? Dunno.

pleb, you should be considering city blocks.
>city block
>doesn't specify what city

What does the 'd' stand for in systemd?
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Who is this system daemon?
That d means directory, I really don't think sysd means the same.

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Why hasn't the retard from 4chanX made a way to sort the comments by amount of replies yet?
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Why haven't you?
I always knew console warring retards were reddit transplants.

Go back.

This isn't Reddit, faggot.

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You have 14.666667 seconds to explain why you are not using i3 as your window manager.
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Because it fucks with my games, native or games I run through Wine.
I really love i3 but there's too many programs that just dont play nice with it. virtualbox for example. also, gnome has gotten better.
cinnamon/muffin tiles and snaps windows.
i3 is a fun toy, though.

Once the dust settles, Polaris architecture was a mistake?
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All mid range GPUs are a mistake
Poor fags buy them cuz
>muh price to performance
Then in 1-2 years they need another card because their budget shit isn't good enough anymore.
They don't end up saving any money in the long run.
Ask the 280x,770, or 970 owners how well their gimped cards are holding up.

>Inb4 my (x gpu) can max anything with 60fps
Dropping settings to low-med isn't maxing out a game.
Everyting was overhyped

The fuck
I use a pirated copy of Windows 7 since like 5 years now and just now when I was playing Overwatch, suddenly pic related pops up.
Translation: The genuinity of Windows can not be verified.
I have Windows updates completely disabled since many years.
Did Blizzard do this? Why the fuck does this happen now, after 5 years, with all updates disabled? Fucking botnet
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I also get the infamous "not verified" message on my desktop now. How?
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Hand that stolen software back, L'Atrine
No deal Anonymous, I need this shit

Pic related: Last update NEVER.
Without update, how did it suddenly find out it is cracked? What did this?

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How intrusive is Google drive?

I want to use it to store work/personal stuff, but I'm wary of Google.
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i suggest you use AES Advanced Encryption Standard, which is also used by terrorists

its quite stronk
I bet 10K that they watch every fucking file you upload to it, just buy a 32GB flash drive
NSA can decrypt AES128 in real time

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How can you make a chromebook less fucking useless?
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install windows
Legacy boot and install linux.
Install Linux
One model of Chromebook supports libreboot too

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