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>tfw too retarded to install Debian
has this brainlet even tried installing Arch? do you think he'd last even 15 min into the process before going on an Arch mailing list cursing at Arch devs and telling them to fuck themselves for making everything too difficult?

is Fedora the only choice for normies who want Linux?
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>tfw you're smarter than Linus at ricing
Really puts things into perspective - he's just human after all.
>is Fedora the only choice for normies
is this bait?

ubuntu gnome

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Oh look is the " I want the installation of the OS to be as painful as possible" distro!
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That's not gentoo
...and then pacman -Syu to totally fuck up everything
>blaming others for your failures

I have a Server where i want to run an app on. Which OS is better suitet for a productive system. Any suggestions?
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Both are great choices, but I'd go with CentOS
Both are great choices, but I'd go with debian
Doesn't really matter.
But with debian you'll get support for 5 years, 10 years for centos.

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I need to get ethernet to an attic so I can use my PC, I don't want to deal with the slowness of wifi if I can help it. Is there any possible way without sticking it out of the window and into the attic window or drilling a hole through the ceiling?
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Just run a cable across the floor?

Alternatively, ethernet over power. Results may vary.
Where the ethernet ends now (in my bedroom, there's a hole drilled in my floor which it snakes through to get to the modem 25 feet away) is like 6 feet below where it would be in the attic, but I really don't want to drill a second hole.
Unless you want to wait until portal technology is invented, you'll either have to make a hole or use an already existing way for your cables.
Or use an alternative way, like Ethernet over power, Wireless, whatever.

Anyone here primarily work with data? What type of shit do you do, and what tools do you use?

Personally I deal mostly with SQL Server, SSIS, Business Objects(indirect access to teradata), Excel, and some SharePoint.

Everything I've learned has been on the job and reading in my spare time.

It's pretty based because I'm automating tasks that we've always had humans do, and making it look way more professional. Management is late to the party and getting bit by the automation bug and I'm right in the middle of it for now.

Data dweebs... lets hear your story, or AMA?
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Hello, I just finished reading "Head first Java" and now I'm wondering what to do next? My big dream is to immigrate to the USA, UK or Australia and become a database manager or Java programmer just like many of my friends here in India
>Anyone here primarily work with data?
Yeah, but more on the business side. I.e. creating reports, dashboards, analyzing data, doing some machine learning. Tools: R, Python, Excel, SQL, Reporting + BI tools

>automating tasks
Please tell more. Always interesting to hear what other people are doing! Did you take a look at robotic process automation?
There are certain business processes and/or tasks that end users have to do as part of their job. A simple example is putting together a report and emailing it out to people. While there are probably a million solutions to that problem, my company has none that are IT supported or free. Getting IT to do anything takes an act of congress, so that's out of the question. Essentially I do that task the hard way and pull data into my database with SSIS, do whatever transformations are necessary in SQL, encapsulate the output in HTML (again with SQL), and then throw it into a sharepoint list that kicks out the email. I also use VBA and powershell for certain things. All of it happens automatically and people are amazed I can complete these highly customized business projects and sustain them by myself. It's getting to the point where I am making whole teams within my company look like they're sitting on their hands, although that was never my intent.

The type of stuff I'm automating is more to do with business processes and not robotic type automation. Someday, that's coming though and I want to be in on the action for as long as possible.

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indesign is not for word processing
Nothing to discuss, that picture is perfect.
(that's the meme)

Can't figure out how to download the background image from microsoft bing weather.

The code gives a link for the background image, but that link is a blank file.

What am I missing?
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>What am I missing?
A shotgun mouthwash, some kool-aid and a shower.

Got my DD coffee here, and about to drink a protein shake after that.

How do you download the background image yo?
Just take a screenshot of it

You always hear that Windows' codebase is a complete mess. Is that the same for Apple's operating systems?
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brainlet spewing bullshit he doesn't know anything about.

retard who can't even install Debian is spewing some other bullshit about the file system... as if it matters. APFS is better than any Loonix FS anyway.

So I got a new phone, a Huawei ascend mate 2, android, with a bit of bloat ware on it it wont let me delete, so I figured now would be a good time to actually learn how I can just wipe the thing and put a generic android OS on it, without Huawei and facebook app that it wont let me delete

is this possible? is it necessary to "root" it? I've never gotten into phone and android stuff and I don't have the time to sift through google not knowing yet if any of the search results will actually do what I want

like, you know how if you get a PC from a store, and they have their windows copy on it with their shit software, and you can just reformat the thing and put an clean copy of windows on without manufacturer specific garbage, can you do that with android? can I do it with my chinese phone?
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Look up your phone on the XDA Forums. Read the Android Development section. If there are ways to flash a new Android ROM on to it, the instructions and necessarily files will be there.
install gentoo
thank you, I did find a thread, and it looks like it worked last year, but it requires an unlock code from Huewai and their online form is now not working, plus I hear they're not responding to emails. So plan B, i'm going to return this thing if possible, and get a different phone

what model of phone is easiest to unlock and most compatible with latest stable version of android?

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>install linux on lenovo miix tablet
>wifi has drivers under staging in kernel 4.12.1
>fiddle around with cherrytrail i2c audio and shit in kernel config
>no sound at all with alsa
>install pulseaudio
>sound magicaly works
why is this man so based /g/? everything he does is literally perfect
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go back to closing issues on github with not-a-bug
Freetards will literally hate anything that just works.
>something happened
>your computer needs to restart
>we are preparing your computer for you ...for hours
>just werks

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>He's not using Windows
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>he is not a brainlet
>he has more than 2 cores
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>he posts anime on /g/

What webpages do you check daily/frequently?
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only 4chan and pornhub
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>Fapping to 3D

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Why are you not supposed to use one NAS drive in a regular PC? Aren't they supposed to run 24/7 and never fail?
They are so much cheaper than regular drives so i'm not sure what's going on with NAS models.
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Typically, drives meant for dedicated storage devices are slower than "working drives." You trade speed for reliability.

You don't have to consider this in generalities though. Go find two drives to compare and look at the raw advertised specs. Decide for yourself. You might find that there archival drives are plenty good enough for you.
But both NAS and regular drives are 7200 rpms with the same amount of cache.

Isn't that the same performance?
If you're just using them for data storage and put all your programs on an SSD, they're fine, even preferable.

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What could we do with this?
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I can control if I want the pianoroll to automatically scroll with the track or not.
I use ScrollLock daily
With Scroll Lock? You could move the worksheet around using the arrow keys rather than moving the active cell highlight in Excel.
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Where is the system request key?

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Is Skylake-X a defective product? Heat and power draw are serious issues, but at least they could be managed theoretically. the main problem is lack of heat transfer. Even an AIO fails to cool the CPU when overclocked because there's not enough heat transfer, the water stays cool while the CPU gets hotter and hotter. The use of thermal paste as TIM combined with the height of the IHS means you need overkill cooling solutions to reduce temps to manageable levels. These heat transfer issues could have been mitigated had the IHS been designed better and had Intel used solder instead. It's because of this I think Skylake-X (and to a degree Kaby Lake-S and Kaby Lake-X) are defective. Is it possible to form some kind of class action lawsuit against Intel? Delidding the CPU's vastly increases performance to the extent that Intel is being willfully spiteful by selling Skylake-X in such a state. Even worse, the IHS is more difficult to remove, disincentivizing delidding and forcing the consumer to reduce overclocks or buy more expensive cooling in order to mitigate thermals that are Intel's fault. If you do delid, there's a risk of breaking the CPU which forces the consumer to buy a new one. They're basically selling a $1000 CPU that doesn't work under normal conditions.
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Pretty sure that even on HEDT CPUs, overclocking voids the warranty. You don't have much of a claim here. You'd have to show it overheating/throttling at stock under non-synthetic workload with proper cooling.
That's what happens when a company has a monopoly.
Except they don't, anymore.

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