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So how important is G-Sync technology when building a new computer?

I've heard things like it gives PCs frame consistency like consoles which is really attractive for me.

Anyone here who uses gsync compare to screens which don't?
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Don't use goysync, use freesync instead.
Good luck finding a high end AMD GPU for a decent price.
Gsync is fantastic, love when you poorcunts blab on about freesync

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Why have phones gotten so big and phone batteries so shit?

I don't get why people aren't clamouring for better batteries. Who are these retards that want bigger phones to watch shit while having to plug it in to avoid it dying in a couple of hours.
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because normies dont understand the appeal of THICC phones
it's because men have small dicks.
Woman will associate 7" with a 7" phone's height.
we need 4:3 phones
That's what you get for buying cuck phones. My Note 4X has a 4000Mah battery and lasts two days on one charge with normal usage. Also you have to be a complete retard to not understand why the phones are getting bigger. We need more screen space and it's just easier to see on a bigger screen. Activate your brain once in a while and take your head out of your ass.

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google has turned off showing ads on my network, they finally marked one of my static IPs as bot. i can turn off blocker and i wont see any google ads anymore. this also means no one else on my IP will ever see ads either lol. adnau is configured and working properly because it still clicks on ads from other sites, and i also get google ads from other IPs, just not this one. looks like im free

reminder to install adnauseam

script to fuck google even more

and enjoy the ride
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Grow up

Google is trying to conduct a business of course they need to ban an add on that purposefully tries to kill their business

Don't you people have something productive to do rather than trying to destroy other people's businesses?
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Another friendly reason why you should use adnauseam

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There's some fuckery with my hardware's drivers in windows so until they get updated, it looks like I'm gonna need to jump into linux. As you can probably surmise from the preceding, I'm an idiot. I've been trying out different flavors of ubuntu on live usbs but I don't really like the ones I've tried (ku and xubuntu). For instance, in xubuntu when I click on the sound icon in the dock to expand it, clicking it again doesn't retract it, I have to click outside elsewhere on the desktop for it to go away. I don't like this quirk, it's gay. And KDE kept crashing back to the login screen and then hanging when trying to shut down.
So what distro/DE do I use for the least bullshit?
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Mint or Debian
Maybe Zorin.
Antergos KDE is comfy

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What /g/enerator is going to power your technology during blackouts?
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you in florida? buy a cheap one from harbor freight. unless you're going to use generator regularly the honda is overpriced. Now I'm not saying they aren't good generators. they are. very dependable and light but not best value.
I just got a solar powered battery pack

it's gonna suck major cocks if the power goes out because it takes like a full day to recharge 3000mah of the battery
>he doesn't own a radioisotope thermoelectric generator

What the fuck is going to happen to liam, /g/ ?
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please refraing from posting proprietary software on /g/
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does this mean that snapshit is dead?

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>OLED still isn't viable
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QLED is better. look it up.
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>QLED doesn't have perfect Blacks
yeah just like pls beats ips... qled has horrid blacks. god i miss oled blacks.

Want to upgrade my PC, will it be worth it for me?
i5 4670k
gtx 1070 OC
16 gb ddr3
120 gb ssd
500gb hdd
asrock z87 extreme6.
What I want to get is:
Rog strix B350 Gaming-F
Ryzen 1600 with stock cooler
16 gb g.skill tridentz
and then will keep the following: GPU, HDD,SSD ram and PSU
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keep your stuff until Zen 2 hits the shelfs tbqh
You should post this on /pcbg/.
Anyway I did a very similar upgrade last week. Same motherboard, 1700 and some ram.

What's important is the RAM timings, you should try to get 3200 or 3600Mhz ram (you'll have to overclock it) because that will help your ryzen performance as lot.

It will be worth it, I went from a 3570k getting 50fps in Battlefield 1 to now getting 100fps no problem without upgrading the graphics card.

4670k, upgrade...

What upgrade, you CPU will beat Ryzen in signle threaded workloads/games, equal in most games or beat it and get beat by BF! online type of huge online/demanding multithreaded games but will still be playable.

Why would you want to upgrade?

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Neofetch/screenfetch/screenshot thread

No anime edition
if you upload anime you're an f/a/ggot
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Here you go anon. I know you secretly jack off to /a/.
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anybody post owo pls

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When did you compile your kernel?
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like 8-9 years ago when I was playing with Gentoo GNU/Linux
>you know your OS is shit when it doesn't support the automatic configuration files in .bat or .exe files

Lmao at your life.

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>Windows 10
Where's the server stats? Where's the mobile stats?
who be unknown?

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What's a good paid VPN that lets you know if your connection to the VPN drops out?
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AirVPN client can lock all traffic that isn't going through the VPN meaning if you disconnect your open connections will just drop
Windscribe turns of internet if it disconnects and gives you a popup and sends a message to your phone if you give it the option
But personally I don't trust that shit just setup some simple firewall rules

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What does /g/ think about this? Is it better than github?
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looks gay pic but so is github
Looks cool
I like github's UI more, but it does the job well enough. Owners are also cool and now SJW/Jews like Github's.

I would stick with github for portfiolo projects but anything else goes to gitgud.

So, why haven't you stopped using this literal spyware program?

Let's start with some details.
>literally a copy of slack, another team software
>supposedly makes money off premium version which no-one buys since it provides almost no perks
>somehow has a substantial development team
>WILL NOT RUN without knowing all other programs you have running
>this is supposedly to show others which game you are playing
>makes sure to use email
>has no owner or offices listed on their website, with no real "about us" page

I can 100% guarantee these fucks are selling your private information about what programs you have running to companies who use this information to see which are most used and which aren't.

They could also sell emails and passwords from time to time as well, but not on a mass scale.

However they don't need to do this right now as investors are literally flooding it with cash without discord having any real product, revenue, or profits that they would benefit from.

I can provide sources for all the info listed above if necessary.
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Then prove it m8 and don't be a b8
but I never used it at all anon

even your small brain can realize this thing has no other way to turn a profit
>o, why haven't you stopped using this literal spyware program?
because I never started using it

>Literaly have to reverse engineer some shit opensores software that's barely worked on or developed just to increase Mouse Scroll Speed
>Using Linux

Why is Linux still so fucking useless?
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Works on my machine
>Linux is still so useless you have to shuffle thorugh all this kind of shit and google 50 different 5 year old forums
> All that should of literally been a slider "Mouse Scroll Speed"


Why would anyone bother with this useless drivel? seriously? I don't understand.

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