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I'm thinking on working on coding my own emulator as a summer project (something like Atari 2600 or NES)
Anyone got any good starting points or where I can learn how emulators work and how I can design my own?
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Go read up the specs and find info on those, knowing how the hardware works is necessary.
get an emulator on your phone first just to try it out, half of emulating is leaning which files go where.
Try a CHIP-8 emulator first to get the hang of it. It's literally the easiest one you can write, you can complete it in like 3 days.

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Someone wrote that for Debian, one can have it run sysv instead of systemd by just:

# Disable systemd (one command, copy and paste):

# apt install systemd-shim sysvinit-core systemd-sysv-

Is this for real? Or a mistake? Or just a sick destructive joke.
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No. He was trolling you. It's impossible to run sysv on Dumbian any more. It's systemd only now.
what's systemd?
LEO backdoor

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check out this android app i made. it's to randomly remind you of things throughout the day, like to say a mantra or do a reality check or not fall into bad habits. open source obviously

let me know what you think. any bugs, suggestions etc. also you can make a better logo for me if you want.

currently i am implementing the notification settings
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'inactive' toggle crashes the app
can you send me your log?
Phone isn't rooted / no pc here

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Is the Kobo H2O worth it?
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No, it isn't
kobo aura one is literally better in every way, so no
No because kobo released a better one

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>Xeon 8176
>Using AVX
>Still loses to Ebyn


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7700K still better than Ryzen
>a-at least we still got high clockspeed quad cores ..

lol. Intel is giving up on those with Coffee Lake-S anyway.
*In muh vidya
*In CPU bottlenecked situations
*When nothing else is running in the background at all

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/g/anos, What os (secure) you would use in vm just to bank/bitcoin management?
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none, I use macOS so i don't have to worry about viruses or spyware or anything like that
Is macOs safe for this? I'll try in one vm.
No. Use OpenBSD.

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MuhCamelCaseSlice = append(MuhCamelCaseSlice, MuhCamelCaseItem)

is there any more retarded language than Golang?
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I'd rather write Perl than Go
C, where half a century after its creation, elder god tier developers like Linus Torvalds still have arguments about how to copy a simple fucking string without introducing security vulnerabilities.
I've never really had an issue with the if err != nil thing

Go has a lot of problems, but that's not really one of them.

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Never forget.
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is this... legit?
Isnt i9 doing this shit

Daily reminder that this 14 year old computer is more functional and better looking than any PC out right now.
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More functional as a space heater lmao
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Still looks better than any modern PeeSee including your gaymen ones.
As someone that owns one, how exactly is it more functional?

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Explain this

>Ryzen 5 1600x clocked to 4.025Ghz

>Intel i7 4930K clocked to 4.125 Ghz

I seriously regret getting the Ryzen now. Don't follow in my footsteps. AYYYMD is the real jews here. Intel is GOAT
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>GHz = GHz
Is it the 90s again?
I suggest you get yourself some p4 or bulldozer, they can be over clocked to 8 GHz.
This desu. Shit's lit

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>using chrome
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I don't mind too much because i have an android phone as well so googles tracking what i do with that and it just werks. That said, what browser would you recommend then?
botnet fags on suicide watch
I already use Gmail, so there's no use closing the barn door now

Hey guys, just a quick thread because of how much foggy is the world of TVs, as they never properly show specs

So I basically understood that for true HDR you need a 10 bit panel, like the Samsung KS7000 and KS8000. But I don't really know if the 8000 is worth the 200/300 bucks difference over the 7000, as the only difference I can find is a bit more DPIs and an alleged "superior" local dimming. What do you think?

Also, do you think 55" displays are excessive over 49"? The distance I'd put it would be something like 4-5 meters
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As someone with an projector that gives the equivalent of a 200" screen, 55" definitely isn't excessive. But it's a personal thing. Don't think you'd be moving your head much at that distance.
Can't answer the first q though.
Got it, thanks
Get a Sony CLEDIS.

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Im looking to use gentoo but it's giving me several options to download, which is best? also basic advice thread for hacking.
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stage 1 minimal iso
clover os
btw is pentestbox any good?

>fell for the pixel meme
>it broke

What now?
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Stop using smartphones, they track you everytime
Buy another and don't be a careless retard.
Stop using the botnet.

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I got something in the mail today.
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okay, we dont care.
I saw a pigeon today.
Give it back Jamal.

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