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I have finally decided I must buy myself a portable power supply and use my laptop somewhere that isn't under a roof. My laptop demands DC 19V 7.1A. Any suggestions? I don't know much about this subject so anything helps.
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I've actually thought of making one of these.

My suggestion is to use a shitton of 18680 lipos in parallel to get the watthours you want, then use a boost converter to get the voltage up where you want it. If you want to Be fancy, you can put a power switch between the batteries and step up, and maybe a voltmeter and a LCD screen.

After that, just print a case and you're good.
Yeah you just buy another fucking laptop battery.
Just put a UPS in a backpack and carry it around. It's only like 40-50 pounds.

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What does /g/ think of this guy?
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He wrote a pretty good article on how to be a hacker and also wrote/maintains the jargon file. I disagree with the guy about cyberpunk, I like it, he prefers science fiction.
he should shave everywhere
Is this the guy that used to write Netscape navigator

They're confident that removing the last feature that attracts their remaining users (real extensions) will fix everything.

(picture depicts their actual current chairman)

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they're too late. nobody cares anymore because they stopped being good. even fucking edge will get more market shart than they'll ever have again.
have you even used nightly 57? dropping xul is well worth it, it's more secure and faster than chrome. and still customizable like no other browser. i honestly don't see any problem here, unless you heavily rely on 10 year old addons that aren't getting updated anymore. in that case you could still use waterfox, which will keep the old addon system.
I bet his/her/xir has aids

Why not though?...

ITT: we force the world to finally embrace the animated portable network graphics file format
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APNG scum. We GIF users will never let you pass!
I discovered that ffmpeg can now into apng output.
-plays 0
is how you can get it to loop.
Anyone know if it can do frame transparency optimization stuff yet though? There seems to be very little documentation or info on this.
flif has been a thing a couple years now.
free lossless image format.
Best compression.
Can has animation.
Supported NOWHERE.

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At this point, it seems like the cat's out of the bag. There are certain things I can now confirm. Yes, Lenovo will be making a special edition ThinkPad as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. It’s aimed at enthusiasts and superfans that were kind enough to share their thoughts about what the laptop might be. As with any new product we develop, there are always technical and cost limitations but I think where we landed is quite impressive. The product will embody many of the things people asked for.

It has a wonderful black rubberized coating, three TrackPoint caps, and a keyboard to die for. I will proudly carry one. Exact pricing and availability are not finalized but I can assure you it will not cost $5000! I have no idea how that rumor got started. I wish I could say more about this special product but for now I can’t.
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>I can assure you it will not cost $5000!
4999.99 it is then
Thanks for your daily shill, Zhou
>I can assure you it will not cost $5000
It's still going to be hideously expensive.

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>Unironically using VLC as your main media player
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mphc sucks with subs tho
I have yet to see 1 (one) criticism of VLC that holds any weight
>b-but muh contrast muh blacks
Not an issue if you spend 2 seconds clicking a button on your NVidia settings (Note: this is NVidia's fault and only winbabbys have this issue)
>b-but look at this screenshot of this garbled video
Stop downloading YIFY
>th-the logo looks dumb
True, but a dumb reason to use any other inferior video player

While you're scouring the internet for the codecs you need to watch your favorite anime I'm on VLC fucking your bitch
>muh bloat

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>when you realize the $8 trillion spent on wars and destablizing the Middle East and northern Africa, domestic and global survellience of enemies and allies could have been spent on infrastructure
>tfw we could have had 1Gbps speeds before any other country
>tfw we could have 10Gbps in 2017
>tfw no good roads
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Isn't pepe dead?
You can thank bribery, corporatism, and the petrodollar for that.
Americans are war mongers, their gun culture is a perfect indication of that

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i wish i understood this
Linux doesn't have this problem. Enjoy your cucked OS
It's a hardware issue.

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What is the best phone media player?
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Jk get the vlc app

MX Player


Hello, Plebbitor
I have nothing but good things to say about MX Player

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Give me one reason why this isnt the greatest media player ever made.
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>rebuilding font cache
It's glitchy.

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/g/ what is a good android client go-to


ideally +7000 SSL
can run in background?
can cope with notification sound on chatroom and pm?
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I use AndChat and it works mighty fine for me.

works good on wifi, no bouncer? (ios cannot into background, and will disconnect without bouncer)

t. ex ios android user
why don't you try looking in Google play?

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So today I was fortunate enough to come across an old pc case, mobo, PSU and CPU in the recycling of my schools IT department.
Case: Cooler MAster Elite 342 CPU: AMD phenom x3 8400 Mobo: Asrock n68c-s ucc PSU: COOLER MASTER Elite Power RS400-PSARI3-US 400W ATX12V v2.31
I was thinking of harvesting the parts and making my own micro-atx gaming pc. But had really no idea where I should turn to for a CPU, GPU, and ram. I have a set of 2x4GB Kingston Hyper-X Fury sticks on my current pc, but I'm afraid that since it's 2133mhz I'm out of luck for using it.
I'm assuming since It's old architecture I could whip up something cheap, and play some older/ newer titles on it. Thoughts, on GPU, ram, and CPU?
I was looking to play squad.

Pic unrelated.
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cpu is old trash.
>>>/g/sqt/ would be more helpful. Cross-link your post.
give it back tyrone

I need to debloat windows 10 but the internet tells me 57 different ways and bullshit I don't fully trust any of it.

What's /g/'s opinion on how to do it. Where's the best script?
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install gentoo
Just use the Group policy manager to turn off what you dont like

Thats all most of the scripts do anyway
>fully trust
Well then do it manually. A lot of it can be uninstalled or turned off with a couple clicks, from Apps to Services.

What I would recommend, if you find yourself with the Powershell command for removing app packages, is to NOT remove Store or Calculator. The rest can go but Calculator is only on your system as an app and Store is required to get everything else back should you want it.

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Any other Apple employee here?

Just finished my 2nd interview, 3 more to go.

What should I expect my final boss to do?
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it's not rape if you consent
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I used to work as a software engineer for Apple. Giving proof would require revealing my true identity, so AMA other than that. I can answer most stuff about the low level boot process and hardware of any iOS device pre-A8 and pre iOS 8.

>inb4 are you gay
>inb4 do you use any Applel products
No. I use only GNU/Linux and OpenBSD on Coreboot hardware and Lineage OS on Nexus phones.

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I was very excited but honestly fuck this in particular.
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I'm done with openmailbox

2 days down
lost all the mail in 2 days
no advance notice that it will be down for TWO fucking days
that french fuck can go fuck himself. I'm gonna switch.
holy shit the new layout and everything is fucking garbage
i wish there was a way to go back, it was simple and perfect. but at least it's back now, he could have told us in advance ffs

>muh material design
fuck you french fag
why the fuck does it load images by default now? where do i turn that off? this is a huge security risk

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