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i want my $200 back.
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A thread died for this
RIP in peace amd/intel/firefux shill thread
>they make garbage and/or off topic threads so OP can too!

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Is it possible to buy a brand new CMOS battery and it actually be dead out of the pack? I have nothing on me to test with other than this desktop I'm working on. None of the bios settings are sticking. Pic related. its what I'm dealing with.
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actually, yes - they've very cheap and mass produced in the extreme and QC does suffer along with rampant fakery - similarly their structure lends them to be very easy to short and discharge accidentally.

annoying, but just buy another 10
everything is expected with chink shit
You can short circuit it by holding it wrong. That will quickly drain the battery

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Do I buy American or Chinese?
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Here's a piece of free advice. ALWAYS buy American.
buy ebay.
American or German

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lads is this cable broken? friend said its missing those spikes
its a dvi-d d-sub
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what do you think?
so whats mine for
The garbage

>google thinks it's a good design
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that's 2x design nigga.
Google knows it's a good design
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AI Progresses, fast.

Advanced reinforcement learning with DQN

Even better, simpler reinforcement learning with PPO

Fooling AI visual recognition:

Boosting performance with noise:
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Soon Cat.jpg
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AI beats Dota2 player Dendi
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How long till AI waifus?
>sf mid
>no bottle or wands

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tl;dr help me (stupid kid) figure out what i wanna do???

i wanna program backend without fucking w/ frontend (right now at least) but

dunno exactly what i wanna do

background: several years experience casually working with a modified version

of lua for games. only lang im really fluent in. briefly studied html, css,

js, jquery, php, ruby, python. didn't dive deeply into any aside from

html/css but ok with basic syntax. so i sorta know what im doing and picking

up syntax and most concepts wont be as big of a problem as figuring out what

i wanna do

ive been considering exploring data science but seems like one of those

things that seems appealing at first that i'll grow to dislike later. any

data scientists here that can tell me about the field?

app programming (android) also seems appeling to me but i dunno.

suggestions pls also if this belongs in /adv/ tell me to fuck off and ill go
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Install gentoo
install void
poo in the loo

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a total fucking loser here, 19 yo, no education, but tech savyy, know nothing about coding, if i learn java or javascript now, would i get a job in the future?
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at least you can write your own things and make money. if you are not doing anything else, why not learn it

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Looking into expanding my storage capabilities (music, movies, series, pictures/photos).
I'm not really looking for a NAS because I only have one computer and sure, I have a 4K TV but I don't want to spend that much money on a NAS.

Any 4 bay enclosure recommendation?
I'm new to RAID and know very little, but I'm thinking three or four 4TB HGST HDDs in RAID 1 or 5?
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>/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site
Just buy a cardboard box and some SATA cables, you can figure it out from there.
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Okay I guess.
Do you have an old laptop?

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how do i hack it? the scope of the questions seems to be infinite and I NEED to win an upcoming event

my c++ is terrible and I take about 1 hour to solve one easy problem on SPOJ. is there a /g/-style fasttrack to this thing
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Some people just don't have the chops. Go home and tell your mother you're a hack. Don't be sad. Us real programmers need someone to fix our burgers after work.
If you aren't confident in your abilities. You aren't gonna win.
There isn't just some magical guild that will give you that much skill and knowledge.
SPOJ is hardcore people making good at medium level suck in SPOJ.

Codeforces,uva judge are more easy.

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Im upgrading to windows 10 pro.
I love windows 7 Ultimate but it just screws up alot of my stuff.
Im crying and don`t wanna do it but after using win 10 for a month on my laptop i`ve decided to upgrade.

>progress 6%
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>upload dashcam videos to google cloud
>see one in a captcha

should i stop or continue i am getting angry at myself
>windows 7 Ultimate screws up alot of my stuff
oh, you're gonna love Windows 10 then

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What does /g/ think of le Freenet?
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i have 1 pc with 1TB just to run freenet on it 24/7

it is great as a technology but it has content problem
just waiting for "botnet" comments
I heard that the only content freenet has is extra cheesy.

Oh, new updates are downloading!

nvm, it's just the software center logo...
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What is that?
>Oh, new updates are downloading!
said no one ever

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How much math do you need to major in CS?
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multivariable calculus & statistics (the harder class) at bare minimum
Need? Close to nothing, you're gonna be shit at it though
high school algebra and geometry
calc 1
calc 2
physics 1
physics 2

i forget the rest, most of it will never turn up in day to day programming unless you work in graphics

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Why are you using an ad hider made by a pajeet instead of using the superior adblock plus?

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I don't trust ABP because they're for-profit and have a business model that's basically "pay us to not block the ads and show them to the user anyway". In other words their financial incentive (to allow ads through the blocker) is directly contrary to my interests (blocking all ads).

This is also the problem with Brave.
Is everyone that does not speak english as his first language a pajeet in the murican mind?
Yes, you filthy pajeet.

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