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so this is the open source standards I hear so much about.
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>not using ncmpcpp with musicpd
I use programs not acronyms
>not using ncurses music player controller plus plus with music player daemon

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>gtx 480 (fermi) was housefire
>kek thermi burn the house xdd

>290x/390x was housefire
>who care, stop shill

>i9 is housefire
>kek jewtel btfo xdd

>FX is was housefire
>who care, stop shill

When it's AMD that okay!
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AMD has always had CPU's that run quite hot, although it is hypocritical, the expectations for intel are higher.
>Ultimately, we’re looking at power consumption numbers similar to some high-end graphics cards when we start messing with Skylake-X. AMD’s FX-9590 doesn’t even come close to these results, if that means anything to you.


if it's more expensive and a housefire, it deserves some ridicule

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Anon-kun ? <3
Say something nice about me :3
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you make python look good in comparison
you made me pick up programming when I was 13 years old
You are better than Java.

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Why the fuck do you autistic fucks need 18 cores?

>muh video rendering for 50 yt subs
>muh blender rendering
>muh neural networks
>muh kernel compiling
>muh make -j36
>muh VMs I boot up for 5 minutes a month
>muh GPU mining off parents electricity
>muh runescape bots
>muh college parallelism assignments
>muh 100,000 uber rare animu torrents with 1 seed
>muh poorly designed O(n^3) MySQL statements
>muh oil exploration

Fuck off, it's more like:
>muh benchmarks
>muh 350 chrome tabs with non-HTML5 porn videos and 90 addons I never use
>muh 400fps CS:GO that I play 25 minutes a day

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>the post
this is a quality thread, made by a rational individual, that has a solid knowledge base of the subject matter
To melt down the ice caps faster.

What is this guys?
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looks like brain implant.
when in doubt shove it up your butthole
Could be a USB dongle. Flip it over.

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How often do you reinstall Gnu/Linux distros, /g/?
For me it's every tuesday night and friday night - I reinstall arch linux to get rid of the bloat not taken care of by pacman -Rs :^)
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Every 3 days.
My main system? Not very often.

I do however burn through VMs fairly quickly. Mostly because I forget they exist, then wipe them for space.
how can you use distro with nipple on logo?

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So Amazon Prime Day, yadda yadda
I splurged on this LED Bulb hue(huehuehuehue) train because I want to have colored lights in my place.

Two questions:
1.) Do these bulbs ever go on fucking sale, or are they one of those things that remain a set price forever, like video game systems. Like the company that makes them has a hold on the market and forbids any reseller for marking them down or someshit?

2.) I want to purchase color changing LED strips to line areas in my house along with these Hue bulbs. I don't want to pay for the proprietary Philips Hue strip which is like $80-90 which is fucking ridiculous.
Is there a way to buy a set of 5050 RGB noname brand ones and somehow make them work?

If not with the Philips hub that the starter pack of bulbs comes with, but maybe forgo the hub altogether and connect everything with a raspberry pi 3?
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Sidenote, I want to make them work with Alexa. Botnet aside, I want to be able to say "Alexa, I'm feeling like a nigger." And Alexa will know to change the color of the lights all to purple or something.

Can this be done with the Philips hub (which can attach up to 50 "devices") or
Since I want to connect random chinkshit brand 5050 RGB LED strips along with the Hue lightbulbs (I don't think there's a chinkshit brand for those) would it be better to forgo the Philips Hub and configure an RPi3 to do all this with a connection to Alexa?

Is it even fucking possible?
Did anyone else buy these bulbs??
Holy fucking shit, SOMEBODY. Do I have a fucking magical ip block that prevents posts from being seen in every thread I make??

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I have a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and it's not charging when I connect it to my laptop. How would I go about fixing this?
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Is it charging when you plug it into the wall?
Go to Settings > About
Find the Build number
Tap it seven times to unlock Developer Mode
Go back to Settings
Tap Developer options
Under Networking, look for "Select USB Configuration"
Change it to Charging

Try plugging your tablet into your laptop to see if it charges. If not, I'm more liable to believe that it's your laptop's USB bus not putting out enough power.
Yes, no issues there. But I'd like to be able to use it while charging on my bed, and the nearest outlet doesn't hold the charger well.

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Hey guys. I've been scratching my head for a while now. I've set up my new computer, with an i7, 12GB of RAM, and a GTX 1060.

Photoshop is taking an eternity to crop with, and when I check my task manager, it has very little CPU usage.
I'm moving over from using an old Macbook Pro, and it seemed to crop pretty much immediately before.

Any reason why Photoshop might be dragging its feet?
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Probably because photoshop a shit
Check the Performance tab in options and make sure Use Graphics Processor is checked
Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with InfinityEdge display and GNU Image Manipulation Program doesn't have this problem.
Try uninstalling/reinstalling photoshop. Guarantee it isn't a hardware issue, idk why you posted a pic of your gpu.

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Why aren't you running the best Linux distribution? I'll wait
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I like Windows. Tried Linux 10 times each with a different problem. Only in Lunix can you completely fuck up display drivers. Only in Lunix can you delete your sound.

Fonts and ricing is nice, but a working OS is better.
Cinnamon 18.1 reportin' in, been using Mint for three years. Just enrolled into a new college but their website services only work on IE, feels bad man
Because you use windows when you actually need to get things done

I already know python, i just want something more advanced.
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fuck off
fuck off
fuck off

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tfw low test.jpg
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I need help getting the best earbuds for 50 max. Help a poor fag out /mu
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just get some nice shure se215
Wait a minute this isnt /mu
dumb kizuna ai poster

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>firefox, now without extensions, lost its raison d'etre
>drm on browsers, with google trying to get scrape more mainstream with headless chrome to push adoption towards the drm model and increase their control/relevance
>windows 10 taking away your control on the os level
>systemd backdooring linux as a whole, with redhat slowly trying to steal the os away from the community
>nvidia took over the scientific research with cuda and is trying to take over gaming with goyworks
literally the only good thing that has happened lately was ryzen/epyc allowing amd to make a comeback on the cpu market. i don't see how things can get any worse for technology
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maybe, but with current drm, you can download it to your heart's content. once your browser cucks you with the new drm, you will be forced to pay for a shitty streaming service to watch 480p with 50% cpu usage

and we're not even talking about javs or chinese book porn yet


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>no stereo front facing AUDIO

Well I guess I'm ready to fucking kill mys elf now.
>they made it thicker instead of putting a camera bump

was it so hard apple
I want to remove my smartphone from my daily carry. Is this an idiotic thing to do?
I hate having a smartphone. It just saps my energy. I don't even do anything with it anymore. Autism is me.
No point being 'connected' all the time.

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What in the fuck is this? I don't even use Comcast
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Protest day, probably
Use DNS that isn't from Commiecast.

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