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How to hide as much as possible a folder ? At the moment I got a batch converted to a exe file, which, when executed in the good folder, and when the good password is entered, show the hidden folder, but when for example I scan with jdisk report, the folder is still detected. I'm looking for a way for hide the folder so te only way for found it is to know the exact way
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it is already hidden in a room noone but yourself will visit
Change the folder icon to be invisible. Then set the filename text to be black and set your wall paper to be solid black.
Already done

What kind of Hardware/Software do I need to render 3D fractals in real time?
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Only the cutting edge nVidia GTX Graphics and bleeding edge Intel Technologies Processors.
בְּעֶזְרָת הַשֵּׁם
Wonderful posts gentlemen; I agree wholeheartedly!

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What is a good laptop with HDMI input?
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Raspberry pi
Nice chest on that cartoon. My little sister loves those shows.
HDMI is deprecated. You should start looking into displayport.

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unironically, it's one of the few things that i wish Linux had.
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>Now introducing MS Paint Pro, available only on the Microsoft Store
>For just $6.99 you can have access to a professional image editing software suite.
>Requires 13GB of space.

Can't wait for ad supported paint with a 6.99 a year ad free version
paint is the best program for simple crops and minor edits. how can they hope to improve this?

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Looking for an alternative to pic related on Android. Must support ad blocking. Preferebly with Linux version that I can sync with.
>inb4 Chrome, Chromium
No, I said a GOOD alternative not a botnet.
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nah man, Chrome

or Adblock Browser
Firefox Nightly

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>(googles rust reference every minute)

Haha, fucking brainlets. When will you learn that Rust is just a fad and C is the programming language for the true programmer? Code of Conduct fags. C will always be THE programming language.
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>I can't handle criticsm, must be bait
Fuck off back to >>>/reddit/ and don't come back
Imagine being so autistic that you make this thread.

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I think all of /g/ can agree on this
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> affluent intellectuals
You're memeing; all pics I've seen before were serious.

This one is serious.
>poor stupid people

tell me again how poor people just buy $1000+ computers. Fag Mini's don't count.

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Jesus fucking Christ, why is Android so shit? How come you need a USB cable or cloud drive to transfer shit from your phone or vice versa?

I swear this board is full of mentally retarded people, you cannot refute this.
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inb4 android fanboys raging and taking OP seriously
it's for Pajeets by Pajeets. what did you expect?!
ikr itunes is WAY better.

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I currently have a GTX 950 and have been seeing used 780 Ti's going for pretty cheap (like around $150-175). I'm just thinking. Is it worth it to get a 780ti now, or wait and get a 1060 when they get cheap again?
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Wait for Nvidia's 11- series or 20-series or Etherium mining crash to make 1060's and 1070's cheaper.
It's trash. Don't even bother.
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>upgrading from a 950 to a 250W 960


I'm thinking of making a segway.

What's the craziest thing you've made?
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>bong made out of a red bull can
>Taped together broomsticks to kill wasp in my house
>Fleshlight made out of a rubber gloves and sock
>A nigger rigged case out of a plastic crate
Top this niggers
A tesla coil and a prototype lightsaber.
when i was a kid i slapped together many random parts of vcr and printers and fish food pellets in a ball and wrapped it in a printed paper with a pokeball logo on it. then i poked wires in it and told everyone at school i built a real pokeball.
some dumb kids actually believed it.

im sure that thing still exists in my house

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4chan is the only "social media" I used for some years. I never had facebook, twitter or whatever and few weeks ago I decided to give the web for normies a try.
I always heard 4chan had a trash community, was filled with retards and that nothing good could come out from it but when I started to spend time on mainstream websites and social medias, all I found was trash.
People thinking they know better than others, people that don't give a fuck about articles they post, only read titles, if someone have a different opinion they immediately trash talk the guy and threaten them for whatever reason, Facebook is like a board filled with tripcode fags trying to get some attention when we just don't give a fuck about them.
Whenever a "serious" discussions start, it last 2 comments before going to shit.
And they are crazy about some forced meme that aren't that funny.
At least 4chan have some boards filled with retards, but some talks can still happen and you can have fun, whereas I feel the web should be nuked once and for all

How the hell we ended like that ? No wonder all 4chan boards are turning to shit with those retards coming
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Internet was a mistake.
kill yourself. you are never going to make it.
It all began with the raid from the stormfront forum and then the "shills". Is combination of marketing with proselytism. In the old days you got shitposting, but it was more fun than nothing.

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Some p2p groups like NTb have been able to circumvent the Netflix Widevine DRM encryption and dump the native stream without the need to re-encode. I've seen some talk about a special tool that's traded on the "darkweb", and I'd like to know more about how the decryption works.
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kind of useless since Netflix has barely any shows to watch
Depends on your home country maybe, but their own productions are pretty good most of the time.
>their own productions are pretty good most of the time

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I'm trying to move away from google as far as possible. Got my protonmail set up already but I need a way to easily back up my contacts privately. How should I go about that on android? Been using a throwaway gmail account just for that but I want to stop with that as well.
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>I'm trying to move away from google as far as possible.
>Still on Google Android with no expressed plans to switch to another mobile platform

Move to iOS. Apple even has an app to assist you.

You you are still on your stock os of you android phone it's totally useless to escape the botnet.
Install Lineage OS and you wil be fine (if your phone is supported by Lineage OS)
>shilling so hard

>want to use Twitter API for personal script
>this shit happens
Go fuck yourselves.
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>he doesn't realize everyone requires developer API tokens and has never written anything useful in his life
I'm complaining about the mandatory phone verification. I don't have that problem with e.g. the APIs for 4chan and reddit.
u think u smrt but u dum

I want to change from Ubuntu to another *buntu distro, should I choose Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, or Edubuntu
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>be lubuntu
>advertise yourself as a small lightweight distro
>1 GB iso
Lubuntu works well on old computers.

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