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I just finished it minutes ago
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looks a bit silly but has charm
godspeed you for actually just making this
How many amps?
tx anon.
It is fed with a charger notebook

Can i connect a led strip to a PC power supply?
I have a PSU which is powering a 12v car amplifier. If i connect the led strip to the 12v/ground, will it blow up from too much power? Or it draws as much as it needs. I am thinking of the latter, but i need to make sure before i buy the strips.
Now what does /g/ think?
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You're gonna need to add resistors in series with each LED as that type of LED (the one in your picture) usually takes 16mA at 1.15V, check the datasheet for the LEDs you're going to buy
If it's a 12V LED strip, sure.
Fuck, i lied to you. This is what i am thinking to buy.

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I'f I wanna create a deepweb .onion page for some illegal shit, how do I save data securely in a database? Using mysql sounds kinda retarted and unsecure for deepweb pages.

What alternatives are there? Saving shit in a .txt document in the root directory?
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>thinks mysql is insecure because "muh deep web" and "muh onion"
>seriously suggests saving data in a plaintext file on the webserver root directory
I know. This fucking summer dude.

Is there any way i can make my ASUS 580 DirectCU semi-passive?
It's like 10c when idle, which is cold enough that frost forms on cooler parts of the card. Obviously not good.

I can make a custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner, but fan speed never goes below 10% no matter what I set it at
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Cant go under ambient with air cooling

Disconnect fan cable
Yeah, well my ambient is below 0 sometimes, hence the frost problem.
Plugging and unplugging the fan every time I want to run computation is not really a solution
Maybe you could modify the bios for different fan profile
Or simply get a passively cooled rx 560 or something

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Fingers crossed that my coil whine isn't too bad.

How did I do?

Any other suggestions besides replacing the piece of shit qualcomm kill internal wifi card it comes with? Going to put an Intel 8265.NGWMG Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 in it instead. The intel card is supposed to have better performance and plays nicer with Linux.

I got the 512 gig SSD. Was planning on partitioning it and running windows on 256 gigs, Ubuntu on 128 gigs, and then trying out Arch or Gentoo on the last 128 gigs.

Ubuntu because I don't know linux too well yet, and then Arch/Gentoo to get firsthand experience working with a different side of Linux that's more involved.

Any other suggestions/feedback/flaming?
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If you already have windows 10 on it and you want to learn about linux, then just make a partition and use arch, anon.
>for a Windows laptop
>not even a gaymen one

How is the bill of materials this high?

What are /g/'s thoughts on Unreal Engine 4's Blueprints system?
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It's easier to just learn cpp.
Why do these look so A E S T H E T I C?

So, from php, to node.js, html and css. I acquired pretty much all major skills to create a dynamic website, a shop, a file hosting service and all of that shit.

Now, does anyone here have good ideas for a profitable website?

Yes, I'm asking you to give me your potential million dollar ideas for nothing in exchange, exactly. Go ahead.
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A site that compares dildo prices across the internet.
Node JS and PHP? Are you retarded
Elixir/Phoenix > Ruby on Rails > Node.js > PHP

Okay /g/ shit computer. Broke dude. Help a brother out. What should i be doing on a budget?
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I don't know.
Then why respond?
I don't know.

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literally spyware

a v o i d

or keep using it idgaf. I use deluge cus it justwerkz
>so few swarm discoveries

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What's the matter, poorfag? Can't afford the premium brand?
Cryptocucks at it again.
eli5 what happened with ASIC miners? why did the GPU meme come back to crypto?

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Hi. I recently bought a new laptop. Inspecting the UEFI to see what cool new tech features this thing has....I came across something called Intel AMT.

I know this is going to sound like a dumb question or proposition but - does Intel's AMT prevent my computer from getting hacked? What is it? In the boot menu it says something about USB Key provisioning, CIRA Timeout, and Console Type. I skimmed the Wikipedia page and I didn't understand much, but I get the feeling that this is meant for business support, so that IT can manage computers better, rather than it being meant for the common user. I can't quite figure out any personal benefit it gives me.

Anyways, if someone would kindly please explain to me what exactly AMT is, I'd be grateful. Thanks!

ps FWIW I purchased a Lenovo T570, in case this helps.
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Just a hardware backdoor that runs as a computer within your computer
It's an out-of-band management tech.

i.e. botnet for your IT administrator to push updates while it's shut off or wipe the laptop if it ever gets stolen

Also, it probably can be used by NSA to spy on anyone.
Out of band management technology....I assume you mean bands as in wireless frequency bands?

Out of curiosity, how would it even communicate over those bands? I thought the only antennas this computer would have are 802.11 spec, Bluetooth spec, WiGig, and....well, that's it I think. How far do these bands even reach. Like that seems odd to me that it "can be used by the nsa to spy on anyone" because, it's probably gotta travel a far distance to travel to get to a "spy station" and we all know that as distance goes up, data transmitted goes down...

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osx on thinkpaddu.png
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okay i installed os x now what?
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Install Gentoo
and post cute anime girls (male)
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My mom's laptop completely shitted itself and cant even take in windows recovery cds without doing a BSOD loop after. So im gonna see if i can install linux mint on it. I dont know anything about linux but it shouldnt be too hard. If this doesnt work though idk, maybe the harddrive is corrupted or something, then what do i do...

your thoughts?
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release the gentoo
Replace RAM.
Install CloverOS

Why is Microsoft getting away with spying on literally everything we do?

Why is the mass consumer okay with this? I don't understand, it's such a gross violation of privacy.

When XBone was first being released Microsoft had to do an entire U-turn on their DRM anti-consumer policies. How come they haven't had to do it with Windows 10? Is it mostly ignorance or do most people just not care?
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>Why is Microsoft getting away with spying on literally everything we do?
because "le nothing to hide" normalfags

>Why is the mass consumer okay with this?
because they don't have anything to hide

install gentoo
Most people live their lives without any knowledge about the botnet
Proof you're a kid.

When you buy a house and within the first month you get a million "buy our warranty" letters, then come talk to me about information selling etc. There arent enough people in the United States to spy on even 50 million people, let alone caring about your anime. You signed the EULA. Shut the fuck up.

768p vs 576p for a 2500 bitrate, 768p looks great when not moving, looks about 540p when moving, 576p pretty much stays consistantly at perceived 576p, I can't decide, choose for me.

Or 768p at 6000 lol, just dont want to lose out on viewers while im not yet affiliated
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Stop streaming off of a literal potato.
I have an i5 7500... this has nothing to do with performance headroom, its about watchability at lower bitrates
540p because of the pixel quadrupling fitting perfectly into 1080p yadda yadda

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