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>search for niche technical topic/software/etc on youtube
>only results are pajeets doing a power point presentation or writing on a white board with information that seems in-depth if you could only understand what they were saying
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Man... I remember in university when I studied water and environmental engineering. All university lectures on water engineering looked very in-depth, but was only made by indian universities so I did not understand anything and I am sure half of it was in hindi.
look up hacking tutorials on youtube 80% are pajeets explaining on broken english or typing on notepad how to use some stupid tool/script
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>hacking tutorials

Well /g/?
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>Falling for the showering jew
You DO know obama turned the all frogs gay with American water, right?
Well, retard?
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>be like me

>no showers

>work in bathrobe
Close enough

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I love when congress doesn't like something, and they want it crushed, they try to put out bills that make people morally tied to them.

>We need less freedom on the internet
>"Stop sex trafficking!"

Will they ever stop trying to slither their claws into the internet, trying to make it more so an actual public gathering, where proper etiquette must be followed?

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All superpowers on this planet are cancer: US, China, and Russia. By the way, is that your operating system's wallpaper? LOL!
Nah, that's not my OS, lol. I think it's the default of nitruxOS. But I agree, anon.

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is hakase the best programmer?
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>in 2012, Facebook introduced a super easy way to sponsor your content – “Promote Post.”

When will this wonderful feature hit 4chan?
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facebook is fucking based
>When will this wonderful feature hit 4chan?
Go away.
This is already a thing, you can buy (You)s by posting desktops

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From a technology perspective: how do we fix the shill problem that is destroying the web?
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ikr. all these obvious paid linux shills on this board.

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lisa su (2).jpg
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What does /g/ think will happen to all those 8700K kiddes when they realise Intel wants $599 for their first 6-core mainstream chip, and it won't be soldered? Are we looking at potentially the biggest autism meltdown in tech history?

They've waited so long for Intel to deliver, and Brian is about to fling shit in their faces to thank them for their patience.
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I honestly can't be happier with my 1700X, no matter what the shills say. Great for multitasking.
I saw a retailer price slip of $380
Means Intel had more than their 60% margins on their previous 6 core chips.

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>Breaks into your home
>Installs Gentoo onto your PC while you sleep
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I can live with that
>Already use Clover
Gee thanks a lot
Do you sleeped for 18hr?

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Yeescan Logo.png
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From scanning QR codes/barcodes to generating code and from saving scanned result to sharing it; YeeScan app has so much to offer; It is easier for me to save scanned result for my future use. This app is very versatile. I would recommend this to friends. This is a new way of revolutionizing the way every business serves their clients. Check it out.


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Link to pirated version, to prove you aren't a shill, m waiting.
Barcode Scanner from ZXing Team > YeeScan QR code scanner

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Now that Iridium doesn't update anymore the second best browser is Brave
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Brave sucks on desktop
fuck off shill
>Brave sucks on desktop

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apple is buying james bond. if they succeed, what kind of spy gadgets will Eddy Q come up with?? thanks %g

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They'll probably use real Apple devices and shoehorn their features into the plot (e.g. using their phone-tracking feature to find someone).
the look on the old couples faces get me. they must be thinking you pair of fags.
>using their phone-tracking feature to find someone

if they use apple maps he'll be on an international flight just to cross the street

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>Be me
>handlet, want a small and comfy phone
>fall for iPhone SE meme
>first iPhone, enjoy it, not as bad as I thought
>2 days before new iPhone release
>apps start crashing all the time
>starts getting laggy
>performance suddenly worse than my old shitty samsung
>see pic related

Okay, I gave Apple a chance, I deserve this.
Honestly, fuck that shit, I'm fucking done with Apple.
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i had an SE because i got it cheap AF. didnt get laggy but hated all the little things missing like webm support, back buttons etc
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I got the 128GB version for less than 350$, pretty good price/value imo, if it wasn't for Apples middle eastern tricks.
I use "The Chan" which is the iOS equivalent to Clover made by some russian shitposter who posts here, supports webm perfectly. I don't really ever use webms outside of 4chan, at least on my phone, so this wasn't issues here.
So you didn't even update your iOS and you think apple made your phone slow on purpose? You're retarded. I have an iPhone two years older than yours on latest iOS 10 and it doesn't feel laggy or slow at all.

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When did you grow out of hating Java?
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When I started making 150k with it.
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You could pay me a mil to program Java and I would still hate it.

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Why dont start a change.org campaign so intel gives power to user to disable intel me?
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Please scoot on back over to Reddit.

Send me your money, and I'll develop it for you OP.

OP is right for once. Anyone saying otherwise is CIAnigger NSA shill.

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>tfw fell for the Ryzen meme
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What do you not like about it?
its the same intelfag that keeps posting this thread every day
he doesnt have a ryzen
Ryzen is not shit it's just pure shit difference none my point idc

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