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I am addicted to the Internet
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retarded thing to say like:
>I am addicted to telephones
>I am addicted to electricity
>I am addicted to gps
>I am addicted to taking the bus
the internet is a way of communication like phones or buses a way of transport, you arent addicted to the medium you are addicted to something in the medium
I'm addicted to my LAN.
i am addicted to porn, downloaded from the internet

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Hey guys i have some questions about cash machines, bots and things like that. any idea where i can get answers?
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When you're there ask for a guy who names himself "Mr. Poo", he is am hacker expert and he will help you to find anonymous.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahaha so funny
4chin is for 18+

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Holy fuck I just installed a linux dual boot to see what all the talk is about. I just had to install about 10 packages to get fucking graphics card drivers. Am I missing something here? What is the appeal unless you're programming?
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it just works
>10 packages

I don't see what the problem is...? Every package manager I've used automatically installs dependencies. Besides, any distro you should be trying should have a utility for installing graphics drivers. Why didn't you use that?

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pc gaming was a mistake
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The more I play games, the more I hate most other people who play games.
Hosting your own gameserver and having to deal with people that join also accelerates that process.
Ha ha! Men and their dicks!

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why aren't you developing your own botnet?
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jews made me not do it
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do you want to be a >U S E R your entire life?

So. I'm heading of to college in January and I was looking at some laptops to buy but i cant decide.

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Or if any of you have any recommendations besides these two that'll be great.
lmao OP you don't want to turn up at your first lecture with a 1337 gaymen laptop. Everyone will think you're a man child and avoid you.

Just get a MacBook like everyone else will inevatiably.
But macbooks are cancer

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piece of shit.png
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There has got to be something better.
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There's nothing.
what even is the thing you circled
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The vaginal face is butt-mad out of this planet because he can't shitpost faster.

So, I am a content creator, and I am going to be processing 4K, 30fps, Color Graded footage in Premiere Pro sometime in the future.

I am looking for something that won't bottleneck dual 1080 ti graphics cards and a 4k capture card from black magic.

But also, I do a lot of multitasking. The most tasks I would be doing at once would be streaming, gaming, rendering footage, uploading footage, and running background tasks like skype and steam all at the same time.

Would AMD Threadripper be too overkill for my situation?
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install gentoo
What does Linux have to do with any of this?
install gentoo

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Every day on /g/, /w/, and /a/ I see people showing off their desktops and discussing in depth things that I don't understand at all. They all understand how to use Linux just as well, if not better, as I understand Windows, but how? How did you all get to the point where it's fully functional and not just a daunting scramble of terminals? Is it a reward for people who spent the time learning programming in high school and college, or can any schmuck spend a day googling bash commands and be able to use it?
How did you all get from where us plebs are to where you are now?
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Install gentoo
install gentoo
install Gentoo

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Why is single threaded performance so important for gaming? Battlefield 1 is a game that actually uses all of Ryzen's extra threads and it still gets demolished by the 7700k.
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nice bait
The default core usage is not 8.
Most reviews doesn't know this because they don't play games often.
>DX11 in 2017
>not upgrading your life with far superior DX12 performance

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Rust Programming Thread
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Why does a $500 flagship AMD CPU from 2017 have worse single-threaded performance than a $320 Intel CPU from 2011?
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heil hitler
Um, threadripper is their flagship, try again sweaty.
>ryzen beats the competition in cpu-z benchmark
>cpu-z update released
>this is no longer true

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>7nm low power chip
>5.5in OLED near bezeless screen
>water resistance
>Wireless charging
>Quick Charging
>Dual carmera
>4k 60FPS video
>stainless steel rails
>Longer Battery life

>no headphone jack
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>$1100 for a phone
I mean, who falls for this shit?
How many mAh!
Do you even know who the CEO of Apple is?

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Why do I never see anything solaris related posted here?
Are you really just a bunch of ubuntu users?
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Because what's the point of Solaris-family OSes in this day and age? Even Oracle doesn't want to bother with them.

This isn't the mid-90s, Linux is very good these days. If you have some objection with it, or just want something with ZFS integrated instead of as a module, then there's FreeBSD, which is also very good these days. What's the case for picking anything Solaris over those?
Linux is objectively trash.
Daytime in India I see

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> New Sexy icon
> super snappy and fast
> Highly stable for nightly

enjoy your botnet plebs
> inb4 muh non botnet chrotradium
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Will it kill my SSD again?
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>> New Sexy icon

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