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>want to do some shit in c++
>cant be that hard to put it windows
>install a c++ complier
>add it to path
>try to compile the program
>try some fixes but its not having it
>try another one after uninstalling the old one and that does the same thing as the one before
>install visual studio
Based Microsoft saves the day again.
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MSVSC produces slower, more bloated binaries and embeds software with spyware. There is no point of MSVSC now, plain and simple

>b-bu-but muh intellisense
Language server protocol has been implemented in all major languages and this is why M$ ported that shit to Linux compatible MSVCode
I never did much C/C++ programming in DOS. Mostly just Turbo Pascal, QuickBasic, and Assembler. Part of it was because my first C/C++ experience was with a 32-bit flat memory model and I was hooked immediately, so I could never go back to C/C++ in DOS even though I had Turbo C++ at the time.

Been programming in unix/C++ ever since Linux/slackware became available.
>Based Microsoft saves the day again.
>from Microsoft-related problem

Can someone help me please i sneezed blue gushers juice and i ruined my music player what do i do now?
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How many blue gushers were in your mouth?!
Have you tried turning it on and off again?

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I need a external HDD hub. I dont want to buy a new case just to fit more HDD but I need more space. Does anyone got links to some external cages i can use. (preferably amazon or newegg and no more expensive than $150)
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They're called enclosures and docking stations. The difference is whether you want to quickly swap or just leave the drive in the "cage" for a while.

Get a USB 3.0 HDD enclosure or docking station. And make sure it's big enough. 2.5" enclosures are for small laptop hard drives.
alright thank you

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And you tell me gno lenix is for productivity? As soon as I started it I went like, I don't like this i don't like that, so started programming, and did nothing to my project.. And it's the same experience I would get from winbdows(it runs just as fast or even slower)
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You should just stop blaming eveything for your own mistakes, are you leftist? If yes, kill self asap.
Haha, no I'm not blaming. I just prefer Windows and i wished to bait, I tought I could get plenty of e-gfs
You have a mental problem or two, correct?

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So this is the power of billion dollar endowment..
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Can't wait to see it 5v5 a pro team.
I wonder how the bot operates more late game though, is there a way to obtain it through the workshop or something?
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all hype
> Look at youtube video and take note of the sheet restricting what the players could do vs the bot.
> Wasn't DOTA
> 1v1 with literal hit for hit matching chars giving advantage to robotic actions and response time
> No intelligence or strategy involved
> Players eventually broke the bot by doing something it didn't see
> As there is no intelligence in these systems, the bot just say there like a dummy and got rekt
> Indeed the kind of shit you'd expect from a person who over promises and under delivers and fills the void w/ hype
> To drum up hype for them, he was on the air early that day w/ his usual end of the world AI must be regulated pronouncements

All together a joke that no one in the industry takes seriously.
Oh and they likely trained this dummy bot for long periods of time using much more computational hardware than the pre-trained computer they rolled out on a cart.

This is the kind of bullshit you have to resort to when you've got nothing of value to show and have a dumb statistically driven bot.

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Tech predictions thread.

Lenovo Thinkpad A475, 14.1"
CPU: AMD Raven Ridge 4c/8t @ 3.1GHz
GPU: Vega chipset, gf1060 performance
RAM: 16Gb
Screen: 1440p IPS

Screencap this and get hyped.
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What codec pack is recommended now that KCP is gone? Also, opinions on ReClock or SVP for animu watching? If recommended, what settings should I use
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Angry mpv people will come, brace yourself, meanwhile go to svp, download the free version.
When you install, click in so madvr gets installed, play, enjoy, wait for mpv people to link you to mpv general try it, see if you like it over mpchc pre-configured.

>Also, opinions on ReClock or SVP for animu watching?
Retarded shit. Don't use it.
K lite

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>Robertson had licensed the screw design to a maker in England, but the party that he was dealing with intentionally drove the licensee company into bankruptcy and purchased the rights at a reduced price from the trustee, thus circumventing the original agreement. Robertson spent a small fortune buying back the rights, and subsequently refused to allow anyone else to make the screws under license. When Henry Ford tried out the Robertson screws, he found that they saved considerable time in Model T production, but when Robertson refused to license the screw design, Ford realized that the supply of screws would not be guaranteed and chose to limit their use in production to Ford's Canadian division. Robertson's refusal to license his screws prevented their widespread adoption in the United States, where the more widely-licensed Phillips head gained wider acceptance. The restriction of licensing of Robertson's internal-wrenching square may have sped the development of the internal-wrenching hexagon, although documentation of this is limited.

Thank them for not letting the world use superior screw drives.
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>literally a square inside a circle
How can shit like that be even licensed
> got backstabbed
> spend a small fortune
> never trust people ever again

welcome to capitalism with big gov
>American education

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>plug Ethernet cable to modem
>you are now connected to utopia.net

what do
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Wonder why I'm on a domain squatted URL.

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>Need a new job
>Don't feel confident enough in my coding to do much of that right now
>Only thing available is call center and tech support over the phone
>regretting my CS degree every day I see this

Tell me it gets better at some point
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keep learning coding
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Just get a programming work. You'll learn in the way

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It is a searchable command palette for gtk apps called Plotinus.

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No I have a mouse.
No I have a life
looks nice, should be integrated to GNOME

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*fails your build*
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*doesn't care*
She's what I like to call an "all-in-one"
why for did she fail your build

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Looking for a wireless spycam that could last and record up to 3 to 4 hours of video. Any hint?
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I know what you're doing. Don't.

If you really need a DA to stamp out papers that fast then go see a good lawyer.
trail cam with wifi2sd
use a second-hand android phone.

if you disable the ringtone, you could even dial into it remotely.

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how relevant is this book today
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How is it possible that the amd TR processor is ONLY 9% better than the intel i7 7700k processor, when it costs 700$ more?
That's outrageous.
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Cores&threads> clock speed
>price /preform is linear
>217% faster multi-core speed
Userbenchmark very heavily weights single core performance, followed by quad core performance when computing "effective speed". Very little weight is placed on anything more.

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