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Has /g/ ever written an interrupt routine?
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Yes for uni
Yes for fun
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>I see that youre using DWARF

When are you switching to Reddit instead of filling captskas for yoshimitsu?
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>redesigning it's website

Has that ever worked?
200m just to redesign? JS artisans are expensive though
The only reason I shitpost here is to train the robots that will kill everyone.

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>eyesight has started to deteriorate in the last year

Is this down to using a computer for 12 hours+ a day, every day?
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No, it's a bunch of factors, where genetics is the most important one.

There's no correlation between how many hours you spend looking on a computer screen and how your eyesight is affected. There's only a small correlation between near-sightedness and amount of time spent in sunlight.

see if your monitor uses PWM
I don't know, ask a doctor, what the fuck?

If anything just get a new pair of eyes, you were born at the perfect time senpai

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How will googshills recover?

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>giving a shit about mobile phones in 2017

KEK, shitty fake technology pushed by intelligence agencies.
>ex google VP
he's asking to be "recycled" like that other google VP that mysteriously died
How much better?
Also, just buy a camera if you are into photography. Cellphones are crap at taking photos.

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all of them tbqh, just depends on the temps you want to achieve

120mm 60c
240mm 52c
360mm 45c

ty desu. I will be powering quite a beast. Might just go for the biggest option, I just hope it isn't too noisy.
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> Buying a CPU that requires water cooling to work normally.

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>hackintosh doesnt work flawlessly unless you have an intel/nvidia system
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Why do you want to use Mac OS anyway?
Is that a fact?
I'm buying AMD with AMD next time then
Anything to distance myself from those faggots

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why does windows 10 get so much hate? i think it's the best looking os out there

>simple clean design
>good combination of professional and stylish

compared to osx and linux

>le gaussian blur meme
so beautiful!

>looks old and pleases niche autists who like windows 95 design and vaporwave
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what do your parents or friends when they visit you think about those images on your screen? do they consider you "normal"?
not op but
>having friends in 2017
who cares?
just upload the wallpaper already.

Why do people say apple is shit when it is one of the most valuable companies in the world?

Just doesn't make any sense to me. If they'd be so bad, then they'd not sell shit, right? Explain yourself (g).
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Idiots buy what looks good and fall for brand loyalty
Many businesses base their success on consumer ignorance
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>Starts with 256 GB of storage

>MacBook Pro
>Starts with 128 GB of storage

>paying more for less

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Wanna break open my old Toshiba to steal the motherboard, Tried to open the screws but the rest is closed with this weird CIA circle screw which my screw driver can't open
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Then either find something that does fit, or drill the screws out, come on man
post screw image faget
This. If you don't care about the laptop itself just crack the case open however.

>he doesn't use Internet Explorer exclusively

fucking pussy
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Enjoy lack of html5 standards and exploit of the week, loser

Internet explorer isn't FOSS and also not available for my operating system.

Now what?
>he doesn't use FAT16 as his filesystem

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What's the best software and encryption method?
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Depends on what you want.
For speed and moderate security AES, some other algorithms are safer but take way more time
There is a reason why AES and RSA are most commonly used
>other algorithms are safer but take way more time
Such as?
Good old truecrypt before NSA went in.


I'm running XP sp3, and I'm having a problem where the Windows wireless manager can't find any available networks, but third party WiFi managers can.

It started after I updated the rtl8187 driver, but even a rollback won't let windows find wireless networks on its own.

What can I do so that the wireless zero configuration tool finds wireless networks? I don't want to use the Asus wireless manager.
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windows 10
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>I'm running XP sp3 and something doesn't work

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Should I clean my keyboard?
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Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe; however, fuck yourself.

A keyboard costs $10-20. You buy a new one instead of trying to clean this mess.

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>when you have so many tabs open in Firefox, and so many bookmarks stored that you must switch to Opera to casually browse the internet
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Buy more RAM
Firefox is such garbage. I have to restart the browser at least once a day or my scrolling will get laggy.
or you know just start another profile or use incognito

but anyway thank you for shilling opera today - 2 bows of rice have been send to your mainland address

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>e-commerce sites (paypal, amazon)
>social media (facebook, instagram because I'm stalking my ex)
>pirate media

When did this become the entire internet for me? I used to visit fan sites and discover new websites every day.
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Because there is no space for creativity on the internet anymore
Because your fansites are on Facebook now

If you want to discover new places on the web you should try link aggregation websites like reddit.

I know this sounds like bait but it really isn't.

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