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Will there ever be an intelligent chatbot /g/? What technology is closest? Microsoft's attempt with Zo (Tay's successor) simply created a mental infant with an incredibly restricted filter(pic somewhat related). The best I've found is the Mitsuku chat bot, but is there anything better currently around or coming soon?
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I was fucking around with Zo and I showed her a picture of Terry A Davis and she said that she "Didn't want to talk about politics"
Well it's really hard to make. But even if we did achieve that, what use will it have?
shits and giggles
like taytay

Android Fanboys

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It is true that android is first platform to get 20 core device with 16GB of RAM then proceeds to lag the fuck out to oblivion anyway while getting its ass kicked by 2 core iPhone.
What about Mediatek?
>anything the ends with tek


Still the king after all those years
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Now that I finally flashed/modified my Nexus 6, I personally think that thing is back on top.
I want to agree and disagree at the same time.
I still have it, with Nougat. But on the other hand, it's starting to suffer from bloated software that devs make nowadays. Many apps that ran flawlessly back in the days, now eat a lot of ram.
And I can't say its screen is great after being spoiled by Samsung and their AMOLED screens
>using a phone with a screen to body ratio under 85%

This uses 20% of one CPU with one tab watching Twitch.

Vivaldi uses ~ 80%, same with Chrome. Firefox is 60%.

Combined with uBlock advanced mode + JSBlocker, this seems like the best browsing experience.
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What fucking CPU are you using holy shit.
safari is comfy af
only problem is webms
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>not piping your twitch streams through mpv and chatting on irc

I have an old ass i5 2500 (stock speeds) and my cpu usage is almost nothing right now. Fuck using the shitty web player in your browser

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>Finland have Nokia
>Korea have Samsung
>China have Xiaomi
>Japan have Sony

and russia has ???

why are they so useless at developing tech, you would think they would have at least one decent handset eating into western markets by now
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Whole country is pretty much unhabitable plains with few towns and villages closer to medieval times than to modern culture. Also with corruption being part of every aspect of life, they should be glad that air is free to breath.
you mom

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Why aren't you using the best distro ever /g/?
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ho ho
Because I'm busy using Debian with cinnamon.
You're missing out.

Remember to wear striped socks and eat raw hot peppers to improve your programming abilities! What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62369794
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void* based generics are strictly better than macro based generics
I don't get the peppers meme
Eat one and try programming. Then you'll understand.

/g/ eternally BTFO
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and where is the btfo? he is saying that doesn't have the "patience" to use it
even the most simple distro, Ubuntu, is impossible to use. the only people who use Linux are basement dwelling virgins. Actually software developers use Windows, the professional OS.
>Ubuntu, is impossible to use.
how braindead you have to be to think like that
>Windows, the professional OS.
sure thing dude, go to shill somewhere else, do you even try?

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>no ctrl+f thread
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>no shitposting thread
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what exactly does one post in a ctrl+f thread
>use qutebrowser
>no / thread

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I want the gaymer niggers to leave this board immediately. Every fucking day I get on this fucking technigger board I see stupid motherfucking faggot gpu benchmark threads. fuck you assholes, and fuck your mothers with my penis.
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t. assblasted nvidiot with 3rd-degree burns on his face

your gay suck my peepee lol owned
How to get more FPS with my battlestation?

Honest thoughts on Windows Defender?
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i use what work mandates me to use only when work mandates its use
I'm sure that botnet defender will harden your botnet just fine
It's adequate Windows protection if your an average person with Common Sense 2017.

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Is there realistically any reason to upgrade from Windows 7?
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just be yourself
Even if you want to stick to the botnet, Windows 7 is still the best way to do it, at least until support ends.
There isn't any reason to upgrade to 8/10, and there are no reasons to not do that either
The main reason why someone would want to upgrade is if you need the features that those upgrades offer, win8 introduces the windows store for a centralized way to get your software from (it also went to shit after w10 release, no more apps are developed for 8), then in win10 you have the dx12 meme, actual color emoji support, and a solid upgrade for start menu
Whenever you'd like to upgrade is up to one's taste, no one is forcing you to do anything and if you're fine with what you have then please keep using win7

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The normy perception of hacking is a meme. Stallman describes hacking as playful cleverness. This in of itself is not malicious. On the other hand, CRACKING is meant to deliberately compromise a system, steal data without approval, install malware, and so on.

Again, only the general public's perception of hacking is a meme.
Bump, want to know this too
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What do you even fucking mean by this? Are you questioning the exact definition of hacking or questioning if hacking is real?

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>coding in vim

Fucking tryhard nerds. Why do you guys always feel the need to make things harder on yourselves for no reason? Just use a normal text editor like real programmers. Stop being edgy.
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Show me where on the doll Vim touched you while you were K0d1ng, son.
Vim is easier.

Editing text is easier in vim than a plain text editor like nano because I have to press fewer keys to perform the same edits. To delete four lines, I can simply press 4dd How do I do that in nano or notepad.exe?

Vim is also easier than an IDE. IDEs shove a bunch of buttons and menus in your face. All the useful features that IDEs have, like auto-completion, exist in Vim as plugins. Plugins you only install if you need, and which don't clutter up your screen with complicated GUIs.

If you want to use something other than vim, that's fine with me. What you use doesn't bother me. Why are you bothered by what I use?
its just a specialized tool some swear by. Why are you so butthurt op??

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>6'' edge-to-edge display
>Snap 835
>both European and North American LTE bands (even supports weird bands only Sprint uses)
>min 64 GB flash storage
>min 6 GB RAM
>$500 starting

Where were you when the chinks won the smartphone war?
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>no headphone jack

I'll pass on flagship phones until this meme dies.
>speakerphone is utter trash
ah yes, a smartphone that can't even fulfill its most essential purpose
>he still makes phone calls

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