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Can /g/ pass this IQ test?
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Top right. Am i smartest?
that's a blank square and incorrect
It's nothing special to pass an IQ test. Having an high IQ is the desired result.

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I have a samsung galaxy s7, model sm-g930p.
Just noticed today that the battery has started swelling and is pushing the sealed case apart from within.
It's literally 2 weeks out of warranty.
What all do I need to repair this myself before the phone explodes and burns my home down?
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buy a new phone

that's why it failed 2 weeks out of warranty in the first place
stick a flathead screwdriver and puncture the battery before it explodes
then go and buy a phone with a removeable back and exchangeable battery like the V20
Are you trying to kill him?

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Hi /g/ I've got a problem with my thinkpad t420 running on arch linux. When I login the audio works for about 30 seconds and then after that my speakers just go silent. My earbuds work just fine though.
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install gentoo
you ever wonder what that birds thinking? Or any animal in a reaction image. Do they know? How do they feel?
install templeos

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Welp, it has been about two weeks and no Terry. He must have lost video/YouTube privileges for some reason. Maybe the drum set was the final straw with his parents. Or maybe there was a death in the family and there is a change of his living arrangements. Whatever it is, I hope he comes back.
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I thought his YouTube was taken down months ago?
I forgot about this man a long time ago.
His official YouTube account, yes, but he continued to upload mp4 videos to his website. Someone set up a new YouTube channel and uploaded them. This is the most current:


Videos a month prior to these are on this channel:


Apparently someone on these boards has the entire archive (or close to it) posted somewhere.

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Best reasonably priced in-ear headphones?
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taht's a cute cat
also specifically what kind of money are you talking about when you say "reasonably priced"
Anything sony is usually legit. No matter how cheap. Look for ones with multiple sized rubber inserts, it makes a difference in sound by alot
Fiio F5

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Fuck Android. Updated yesterday. This shit is pure garbage.
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Why are you surprised? it's fucking android.
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your saviour is near :^)
>steve jobs theater
What a fucking egomaniac faggot

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When are AMD and Intel going to learn from the mistakes of x86 with all these patchy instruction set extensions(FMA3, the AVXs, MMX,BMI,ADX,SSSE3,etc) and finally move the world onto a new architecture for the better where things like exclusive CPU-features can be detected in a standardized way rather than cpu-id wars and SIMD can be implemented without worrying about old as fuck backwards compat shit like mmx and such like that.
A world where x86 is just like some "intel integrated" coprocessor shit beside a brand new architecture to make the transition easier and where cpu manufacturers don't have to bend over to operating system needs.

It's time we move on before it cripples us any further. Endless backwards compatability will slow us down.
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ARM will save us
What's the most powerful ARM processor out there.
Are there any 16-core ARM processors?

Fix your shit.
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How does one reach tech nirvana?
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Temple OS
By using their technology to listen to einojuhani rautavaara
When you stop caring.

Is it possible to make a 3d game engine in HTML?
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Please, get out.
Install Gentoo

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Does anybody actually unironically use emacs? How do you edit text without a mouse?
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what tiling wm is that?
>How do you edit text without a mouse?
you use the keyboard
>How do you edit text without a mouse?
Are you actually retarded?

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You sit there programming that little computer of yours while this guy made 45 million playing with fucking spreadsheets

What went wrong?
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People gave this little faggot 45 million?
slinging bullshit has always been the most profitable skill
That is a nice cat.

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Are thre any alternatives to onenote?
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Google Keep.

You are welcome, friend.
no anon.
nothing comes close to onenote.
What does onenote even do?

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I run my primary PC over Steam Inhome - Which will let me use the peripherals of my HTPC - I'll then just use the HDMI cables signal to get 4K60 FPS.

Now I updated my driver. Whenever I run games the screen will turn black for a few seconds, this will also happen in the game, when I open menus or fall out of the map in Warframe / MEAMP. This issue is really annoying.

Is my cable defective? Reinstalling didn't change anything. This problem exists exactly since I updated that driver.

I'm running a 1080 Ti and WIndows 8.1, the HTPC has a GT 530.

>Picture not related
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does that guy not realize the moisture from a bathroom will kill that setup
>Implying he needs to take showers
Had the exact same issue but just with games with the latest nvidia driver , I rolled back to the last one and not bothering until a newer one is released.
A friend had the same issues but she wiped all her previous updates and did a clean install of the latest and it runs fine

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version control and programming socks
courtesy reach-around when plowing a cute trap
Push node modules to repo

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