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Could be real, could be fake. You decide.
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how is the 1080 Ti such a big jump from the 1080 anyway?
Moar ALUs.
Like 1k more ALUs.

>Lenovo Thinkpad Helix
>super cheap
>convertible to tablet
Where's the catch?
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>convertible to tablet
>super cheap
Pajeet they're probably not paying you much to astroturf, but you can do better than this.

How do they fit 128GB of memory onto something smaller than a fingernail? I know there are 256GB microsds too.
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it's impressive for sure

but after finding out the details you'll be less impressed

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Are there any legitimate uses for TempleOS?

Is it easy to get online with Shrine? I've been wanting a really minimalistic browsing experience and it looks interesting.
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Its useful for learning OS development
The code is a fucking mess. You may think he's intelligent. HE. IS. NOT.

Okay, with Mozilla going down the shitter, what are some good Thunderbird alternatives?
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Thunderbird isn't maintained by Mozilla anymore
Is Nylas mail any good?
Citation needed?

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hey /g/
i just found this thing at my grandmas house.
what does it do ?
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2 Channel Signal Generator.
Google tells me it's some alternative medicine bullshit that sends out frequencies to scare away germs or some shit.
Could be a heart pacer monitor. How about ask your grandma. Monitors are written in forth, by the way.

What the heck is this thing that popped out of my thinkpad? Is it a baby thinkpad?
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yes, it needs to be kept away from any sunlight, keep it in cold dark for a new thinkpad.
Anon, you aren't supposed to stick your penis into every hole you find.
Did you ever accidentally jizz on your thinkpad? If you did then you got it pregnant, and that thing you're holding is the child. Make sure to feed it lots of IBM stickers so it grows up to be big and strong.

Why do people say type c audio sounds better than 3.5mm when is the same signal just re-routed to a different port?

Is the placebo really so strong? I even tested it on my phone and it's the same sound quality to my ears.
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if apple made it = its better
if you dont accept that youre just poor
>Type C
I think you're just too poor to afford glasses Anon. Must have spent all your welfare money on that iPhone of yours...
People are generally stupid, hence they say stupid things, OP.

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You have 0 (ZERO) seconds to explain why you use Windows.
There is literally no excuse
>b-b-but muh games
GNU/Linux has a great selection of games, if you spend the majority of your time gaming, you are a child.
>b-b-but muh video/photo editing
There are excellent FOSS alternatives available. I know you're going to defend your proprietary garbage like goyshop because it has a few extra features, maybe if you cared enough you'd implement those features into the FOSS alternatives instead of giving up your freedom for the sake of convenience.
>b-b-b-but MUH JOB
If your job forces you to use software that doesn't respect your freedom, start looking for a different job.
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Why not use a locked down Windows VM in GNU/Linux, retard?

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who here /windows xp/
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wtf i love windows xp now
Only through a virtual machine.

Use Thunderbird.
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I do.

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My Router needs to be Resetted every 30 min to work...
What I tried to fix the problem :
Buyed a New router
Checked all Cables
Try every internet settings Static Ip, etc.
Help me.
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This post makes me sad

you are beyond help
Is that seoul right?

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Why EVER use .NET or C#?!?!?!
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it's good
Because paint.NET is great
unpopular opinion: well written and maintained c# is godlike to work with. OOP makes dealing with other's code so easy.

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Is there any worse technology this century than self checkout?

>welcome please scan your loyalty card
>please scan your items
>place your AVOCADOS in the bagging area
>>move said avocados in bagging area
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>an annoyed staff member swipes their card to unlock the self checkout, not checking if you were trying to steal something
Why the fuck do these mini Satan's fucking REQUIRE you to put your shit in before scanning the next item. You never need to fucking do that with a human REEEEEEEEE

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What Kind Of Programmer Are You?
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Whenever I see right, I know they're a virgin.
i never indent.

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