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What language do you use?
How long have you worked on it?
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>What are you currently working on, anon?
Becoming a billionaire

>What language do you use?

>How long have you worked on it?
All the time because unused time is wasted time
Pfft... I'll never tell
>What are you currently working on, anon?
NEET currently, working on a stock trading bot to make money for me while I play games. Hopefully that'll be enough to cover the cost of cryogenics when I die.
>What language do you use?
C# for many years, but recently Rust.
>How long have you worked on it?
A year or so I guess? I get distracted from it sometimes.

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>Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate
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>Dumb FrogPoster
>Not in sudoers file
>This incident will be reported

How shit is your font rendering? What particular style do you use?
>pic related, a rather obscure font I came across recently

Post screenshots and rate others.

Let's try and share some helpful, general advice in regards to all things font. Critique others and play nice.

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It's shit because I'm on Windows, obviously.
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what font is this

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about 2 weeks ago my PC started being REALLY slow and i have low frame rate in almost every game. I did defrag the HDD and used ccleaner and nothing is getting too hot.
sometimes the PC also turns itself off or stops completely but doesnt turn off.
pls hlp

my pc:
Intel Core i5-6500 Skylake, Cache 6MB, 3.2GHZ
Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB (2x4GB) 2133Mhz DDR4
GTX 1070
Motherboard is ASUS H110M
Corsair CX500W
WD Blue 1TB 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD10EZEX
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>/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.

>I'll take rules that really don't matter for $100, Alex. So stop complaining.

Have you tried DDU to uninstall video drivers, then do a fresh install of graphics card drivers? Also make sure your PSU can handle everything.
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remove windows and install gentoo.

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Current state of windows
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Never happened on my machine (tm)
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Happened in my machine(tm)

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Used dolphin browser on Android to open a link to an imagehosting site, the image from that site is deleted now.
How do I get the picture again, do I check cache?
Should I get a root explorer app? where search for it
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How is this possible?
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?? erryone does private registration, i guess th ey pay royalties
It's a comment from the internet so it must be true.

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Hello /g/

Why is everyone using WinRAR?
isn't botnet af?

kind regards
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>Why is everyone using WinRAR?

I'm pretty sure everyone uses 7 zip
Yes, winrar is for old kikes.
thanks for this thread, switched to 7zip but forgot to remove winrrar

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I started to update the firmware, but then the watch has run out of battery. now it's just a useless piece of plastic.
Is there any way to recover it?
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You gotta flash it and reinstall it
Considering Huawei phones don't even have a dev scene I highly doubt the watch is going to have one.
Leave it charge for a while

My samsung gear fit 2 takes forever to wake up after the battery is dead

They put a lot of protection into those tiny lipo batteries.

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What went wrong?
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It becomes free.
legacy APIs
poor API
dumb khronos nigger promote sepples libraries for programming with opengl, like glm.

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does anyone know how many of these things survive and if so, are there any in the hands of private collectors? 'cuz when these things go into museums they dont come out.
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>painting it that ugly aqua blue
if it didn't belong to the navy, it's extremely shit taste
>Trusting hue and saturation of a film snapshot.
>Not being crusty old replaced and outdated like relic machine in pic.

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>going away next weekend
>Want to book spa
>Look at hepburnbathhouse.com on my phone (OnePlus 3)
>Website is crap
>Move to laptop
>Open chrome
>Type "hep" in search bar
>It auto-completes to hepburnbathhouse.com

What the fuck is this?! The laptop isn't even mine, I don't have any of my accounts signed into it. The botnet has gone too far this time.
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Same wifi?
Yes. I didn't think it'd work like that though.

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ITT: We're on Hacker News
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ITT we're 4chan
What do you do?
>Front end web dev
What is your favorite website?
>Me and my fellow hackers want to stay as up to date as possible

So anyone knows if there is a way to do this shit? I've being researching for hours and my progress has been from 0 to shit
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Wrong board
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My hotel lobby has a tech lounge. Of note to me, a long time windows user, is that it had an iMac in it. Not a new model, it appeared to be a few years old.

But nonetheless, I was very impressed with the computer. The design is much better than any PC, the screen appears to be better quality, crisp and high quality. The OS itself is also superior in design.

Then you step up to a 27” 5k iMac and you’re basically on a different level. Don’t believe me? Go into an apple store and try out one of the 5k iMacs on display. You will notice it is a far superior computing experience and is truly a premium product.

Why is this - why is it that apple just appears to have the most ultimate luxurious premium personal computing experience?
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how do I shot web
You already posted this ad before. You think the userbase permanently changes every week? No one believed you then and no one believes you now.
>Don't believe me? Go into an apple store
Fuck you. We already know the Apple store has Apple computers. What you need to do is take a picture of your hotel lobby with the older iMac included, with a timestamp of course.

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