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>just restarted my computer after continuous use for 3 months
>only a few tabs open right now
>a few programs open but that's it
>So clean, organized and spacious
>in 2 weeks there will be 100+ internet tabs, 12 programs, 16 file explorer tabs open that I'm too lazy to either bookmark, screenshot, or simply close
>after a while it gets too much, need to reboot
>repeat every 2-3 months

Does anyone else do this?
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No, because I'm not retarded like that.
Nice blog post my friend.

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How do you remember which word to use for each language when importing libraries? import include using etc
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google how to import in [language]

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I don't use my phone a lot for talking. I might skype with my family overseas once every few weeks but I rarely get normal phone calls unless it's somebody selling something. My phone, a Lenovo P90 is sucking more and more every day. I'm looking at either getting a tablet with voice capabilities as a really big phablet. Here's what I'm currently looking at:

Xiaomi Mi Max 2
Huawei Mediapad M3
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Hello sticky, my old friend, I've come to read you once again...

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Now that this shit is made by Avast, what alternatives we have to make our speccy thread?
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You could just tie a noose around your neck and end it all.

Just a suggestion.

>6 months after Ryzen release
>still no Ryzen support on speccy

fuck that program, they charge money for it but can't keep it updated
Spotted the avast user.

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Sir/Ma'am im a 16 years old guy and im really bad at math and im good at fixing error files in my PC.
Should i take BSIS?
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Underage b&

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I need to get admin access to the tomcat interface in order to modify the JSP, im thinking about doing it with a bruteforce method but i have no idea on how to set it up correctly.

The other workaround i can think of its attacking, somehow the JSP app, i have acces as a user, but only to the JSP app. I read somewhere that i can upload an exploit, but it seems confusing.

>tl;dr, please help me find a way to get access to the ApacheTomcat host or help me get inside the JSP app.
>inb4, yes i google it around
>Yeah im a fag n00b
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tl:dr How to find an appropriate amp for my subs when I have no idea what the watts RMS are, and am new to audio tech in the first place

So i bought these old subs for cheap from an old couple that don't need them, but they work well when I hook them up to my home system. I want to put them in my car but from what I've read you need to find an appropriate amp to the subs watts RMS. They were apparently made by a small family company that shut down back in the 90s, so no info online that I could find, and there's nothing printed anywhere on the subs or case that I can see. How should I go about finding an appropriate amp?
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It says HART right on the box. They made some decent stuff back in the 90s but sold out the name and the 2000s+ were cheap crap. open the box and see if the magnets say California ,USA on them. It should also have the max and rms wattage on the label.
honestly, anything over 600-700 watts should be alright, assuming you don't go full basketball american with the dB. I've got a shitty 50$ Dual 400 watt powering a single American Bass 12 in my Cherokee and it doesn't even heat up much.

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Node 6+
MongoDB 3+
Linux (to run properly)
There's not much to do.

Just put the files in the directory you want it work and call "npm install".

That should install all necesary packages.

Change the urls defined in public/js/base.js to your own urls.

You will also need MongoDB installed in your computer, and for everything to work correctly Hue should be running in a Linux environment as it depends on some Linux calls like rm, wget, stat and find.

There is no need create database tables, all of that is done automatically, MongoDB just needs to be installed and running.

To run it locally you first have to start 'mongod' then go to the bin directory and run 'node www start'.

To run it properly in production you will have to configure Apache or some other webserver to use a reverse proxy. A vhost configuration for Apache (apache_vhost.conf) is included in the code. Then I suggest using 'forever' to control the Node process.

Note: To claim the main room you have to use the password in config.json i.e '/claim password'.
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your port 80 is closed waddup with that
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I unironically want to visit Canada, but cold weather is a nightmare to me.

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ITT: We discuss technology.
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Intel BTFO, just wait for ryzen :DDD
let0s nt
install Gentoo

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I was using my new laptop that came preinstalled with windows 10 and browsing with firefox. When I accidentally clicked on the name field here on 4chan it suggested my real name even though I don't think I've ever willing given firefox or microsoft my real name. I don't even think I've entered my name into this computer yet. I don't even know what was offering up that suggestion. How'd that happen? I'm afraid of botnets now.
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Chrome knows to keep some level of anonymity here on 4chan, so in my 2 years of using it, Chrome hasn't done that.
Be one with the botnet. Life is so simple. :-)
Install Fedora. The installer is insanely easy to use and the distro itself is insanely underrated. For the desktop get XFCE or MATE if it's it's a low end machine and KDE if it's higher end. Thank me later.
You've never filled out a form with a Name: field with your name in it? It saves those for autocomplete. Whenever it sees a Name string on a page with an input form on it, it'll suggest it. Pretty sure you can turn it off on most browsers.

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hey shitlords I just got an "iphone SE" for my daughter how the fuck do I put shit on here?
How do I access the root directory?
I open it when it's unlocked and there is nothing there!

fucking apple
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Give it back jamal
Install iTunes on your Windows 10 machine. Sync the 3 file types Apple allows you to put on your iPhone and enjoy in blissful ignorance

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So I got work in a small construction consulting business with 20 or so office staff doing CAD work and such, and I kind of oversold my computer skills (I took a CS class in R programming lel), and now the boss is asking me to sort out the office setup for better efficiency.

I need to pick-up some small business IT support on the quick. Extrapolate your onions please.

t. Regards.
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Can a ISP provided router still see your traffic even if you use VPN? I am using optimum provided router. Anyone know anything?
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If it's encrypted HTTPS, no.
With nothing - ISP can see every webpage you visit
With https - ISP can see every website domain you visit and about how much data is sent
With VPN/p2p network/Tor - ISP can see what you are using and how much data is sent
>He thinks he has any privacy

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