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Do you believe in secret nazi technology /g/?

btw, not a /pol/ thread
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US rocket launch 1950s.
"5...4...3...2...1...Oh, not again!"
I think that American "success" stories after the war were mostly because they were bending the narrative in their favour
The Nazis are the good guys if you're being purely scientific and judging history from a technologist's perspective.

What would happen if you applied thermal like in pic related?
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you would get throttling and thermal issues anyways
You'd, get 60 FPS, for about 60 seconds, then the thermal throttling would kick because you didn't cover the entire surface area of the heatspreader like a dipshit
You'd get le upboats on /PCMR/ xDDDDDD

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need more Windows in /g/eeland
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Parents gave me a mediocre laptop for basic college work for when I'm not on my desktop.
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i'm a dumb tool and I don't know how to post on 4Leaf, but let appreciate some Openbox

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So i was looking at this website called gnu.moe, and i found some pretty disturbing stuff.
not going to greentext this shit because it would break rule 1.
this is some real what the fuck shit. Turns out this guy is a finnish pedo and writes his stories out on this site.
i just wanted good ncurses programs :(

(i posted this in /fglt/ earlier, i am not spamming mods i swear)
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Ewww, good find anon. That's some next level pedo shit right there.
He seems to be one of those lainchan #childlove faggots.
It's the blog that's supposedly hosted on the lainchan vps?

Appleman is an idiot.
>free speech is only good if it protects MY opinion

t. /g/ and SJWs

Intel Pentium G4560 Cannibalizing Core i3 Sales, Company Effectively Kills it


intel is by far the worst company of 2017
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But muh HTPC shit

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Fedora 26 when?
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I've found them:
Check em.
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Epic dubs.jpg
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What kind of magic is this?

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>women's backpack
Literally every women has this fucking bag. What is the deal with this ?
If you are in any way a women in any alternative culture (that is anything that is not an obvious whore) then this is the perfect bag for you and all other women in public transit

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are you Powerusers?

Who here does emacs(vim) here?
its really the most superior way
to have the usability of emacs
and at the same time dumbing it down to vim level intelligence.

>inb 4 bait

Emacs x Vim = <3
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>using a term coined by Memesoft
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I've been using vim for over 10 years, mostly because I can't figure out how to close the fucking thing.
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Rate my comfy vim setup

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Is this the biggest scam of the tech industry?
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No, just compilers and devs too dumb to take advantage of it.
It's not. It's just something that is not utilized by modern software
Free market fixed it, it's useless apparently.

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Has /r/technology been /r/politics with a thin veneer of technology since the beginning or did it become this shit after?
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It's been several years now.
go away for the love of god
Why should we care?

>mfw all of those barely used second hand graphics cards that are about to flood the market
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I go to /g/ to escape /biz/. Make it stop

Fucking hell, /biz/ is hilarious. It's like a textbook case of how to doing everything wrong in investment.

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How do I find the hidden databases on my Mac that are storing all my information and key strokes?
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You can't and won't because they are hidden in temp files which are quickly sent off to Apple and given to the botnets before being deleted.
They go directly to the cloud.
sleuth kit grep

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Bragging thread

Post your specs, post a benchmark, get all of that shit out of your system.

i7 - 6700k
GTX 1080
16GB of RAM
Crucial M.2-2280 SATA

It's a powerhouse
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Sage and hide, guys.
nice font rendering lol
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Not that much difference for a fraction of the price, tbqh senpai

>thinking that git and github are the same
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Who are you quoting?
There isn't anyone who thinks that.
Oh there is, yesterday I've found a job ad with one of the listed being:
> Familiarity with version control tools (GitHub)
Though it was probably just written by some fucko in HR.

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>tfw code monkey
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Code monkey get up, get coffee
we warned you about java
you should have listened
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>tfw programming penguin

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