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So brightness is represented by a sun, "night light" is conveniently also a sun and "quiet hours" is the fucking moon.
I can't be the only one who finds this retarded, right? There has to be a better way to design it these tiles. How would you fix it?
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I would stop asking normies and autists how to design an interface.
do not disturb mode is also a moon on ios, microsoft is just aping that.
windows doesnt have design since vista

since this thread is shit ill ask my own question
which is better:
>dark theme, high brightness
>light theme, low brightness

What does Intel mean by this?
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"i9" is marketing bullshit they were never planning on doing until Ryzen/TR appeared. But we all already knew this.
3300 MHz = 3.3 GHz

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new meme: evil CS grad
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> requires specific knowledge of ascii

I get: it ascii has a lot of features. No need to dwell on it
Have fun with your memory leak
>A fucking itoa function
>Using recursion

M8 that's not even tail recursion. The compiler won't optimize the stack frames out.

Wait. This is bait.

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Ive had this set up for a pretty long time. I play adventure games like, farcry 4, gmod and dying light. My computer is pretty good with them, here are my specs ;PP :
G920 Logitech
Mad catz
S.T.R.I.K.E 5
3 screens
Nvidia GeForce 1060 6gb,
Asus Strix gaming.
Intel core i7, 4790 lga1150
watercooling captain 240ex.
MSI military class 4: b85-g41

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Nice bait. Get the fuck out of our board.

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Well meme'd
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This is the torrent. if anyone was wondering,
And yes, I AM downloading the flac torrent with 400 GB worth of this shit, but nobodies fucking seeding, it's slow as shit.


>Electronic devices should be robust and easily repairable -- and laws should encourage or enforce this, members of the European Parliament said Tuesday.

>They want to end the planned obsolescence of consumer electronics devices and software -- which are often also used as business tools thanks to the consumerization of IT.
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Feels good.
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>telling others what they should do
Once a communist, always a communist.
reminds me of those lego phones from google there are modular, a noble idea sure but wont it stop progress if regulations become to restrictive/difficult for the average layman?

Let's settle this once and for all.

Should one turn off the computer ( Laptop or Desktop) off at night or not?

>Or are you lazy and just put it in sleep mode?
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im a firm believer that you should turn it off
but because i want to boost about my uptime in fetch threads, i put my laptop to sleep
using a laptop? turn it off
using a desktop? turin it off too
Loonix and Wangblows don't flush disk cache before sleep. Enjoy your data loss if the power goes down while the system sleeps.
>power goes down on laptop
>laptop switches to battery power

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Why do protoncucks bitch about google not showing their site in results when you can't even use their website without allowing multiple google scripts in your browser?
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What "google scripts"?
>making sites

God why

Also you are now aware that your mouth is full of tongue and you're breathing manually
It's clearly disinfo from either a competing service or the government.

>in 2017
there is literally no reason for you to use .gifs in the year of our lord 2017
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I agree. Gifs are ridiculously inefficient at compression, and the quality is always awful. I hope to see its death within a few years.
I've got a reason. I've got lots of gifs saved.

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DAZ Loader.
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Well yeah... you might be a cuck fag and get it from shit sources.

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>Bottom of google search (I don't own a google account btw)
>shows my exact zip code "From your Internet address"
>look up my IP in geoip db, doesn't even show the right city but the city next to it
>well ok, I searched a bunch of places in my vicinity in google maps, maybe it's just the cookies
>open incognito tab
>still displays my exact zip code
have botnets gone too far?
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>using Chrome
>using Google
>not browsing in private mode only
You completely asked for it.
Your processor itself is probably botnetted. Just give up and accept it anon.
You should be using duckduckgo for searches. Google is compromised as fuck.

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and you cant stop it
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Good. I want in on the business of jewing normies the fuck out of their shekels.
at least it's not bmwf smiling with their jewcero
I'm glad they're fucked now.

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My fellow negroes,

it is with a weary heart that I must bring you news of the recent death of my phone. While the circumstances are not important there is no doubt that I shall need a replacement. Being an alien in the small city state of Singapore I do not know the best channel to acquire this kind of technology.

In my homeland of Germany I was using a price comparison site (geizhals.de) that was by far the best and ruled the lands but here a Google search yielded only shady looking websites. Another way would be to go to one of the malls or Sim Lim square but I don't know if they actually offer reasonable prices or are there just to scam customers.

Please answer swiftly for my life without a phone is miserable and the few friends I have started abandoning me.

Yours Sincerely
OP, the faggot
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It slipped my mind to mention that I have already laid an eye on the OnePlus 3T so I do not need any consultation. I merely want to get the lowest price on a new (not fake) product and while also getting some kind of guarantee in case the phone brakes after one week.
just go to a xiaomi story you dumb cunt

When the fuck was this implemented?
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I don't see it.

Are you using some external 3rd party tools to modify youtube? If not, its some experimental thing they're rolling out in certain regions.
No Just have stylish for the dark look, I did try again with that disabled and it still works
I've had that happen a few times. Incredibly inconsistent.

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When will there be multicore micro-controllers?
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In the distant future of 2006.
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yeah but why can't I find one on the market
That wasn't what OP asked.

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