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*blocks your path*
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>restore bios defaults
>disable secure bios
time to install gentoo
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mfw you cannot disable secure boot

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Why is this still the best GUI editor?
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Runs on C++ and not memescript.
Also breddy gud community package support.
It's slow as Atom once you load a couple packages though.

>letting people write modules in Python was a mistake
I guess if you use poorly written ones, but I've never had it run that slow. Also Atom crashes anytime I try to do regex find and replace stuff.

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Hi g/ I was wondering why would someone buy a tablet? Smartphone's and laptop's(ultrabook's) have everything you need. Okay i understand if you need it for work or something but other than that waste of money.
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they're good for young kids
no, they're really not

Hello /g/

Is the acer predator xb241h a good gaming monitor? i have a i7 7700k and a 1080, is this monitor good enough or should i get someting better?

what CPU and graphic card would be good match for this monitor?
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Are you a time traveler from 2010?
1440 monitors whit g sync are too expensive for me right now and i dont want a 4k 60hz.

thx for ure useless answer anyway

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Hold it, partner.

PROVE you know how to write code, or else this frog SHOOTS YOUR BANDIT ASS.

Calling the Sheriff a dumb frog lands you in the one year in the town jail.
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sudo rm sheriff.jpg
) {
printf("Hello World", 0);
dumb frogposter

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I can't wait to meet RMS someday. I'll ask him something about "Linux" which will surely send him into a spiral of rage, as it was reported that even a prepubescent 11 year old who wanted to migrate from Windows to "Linux" was verbally abused by this childish goblin. I'll proceed to ask him why we don't call it GNU/Gnome/Linux, or GNU/Java/Linux, because GNU only comprises of less than 10% of a Linux-based operating system. I'd proceed to explain that the value of the name "Linux" is similar to the transition from thefacebook to Facebook, it makes it more accessible to the masses and sounds nice to the masses. I'll walk away with a smug grim and Stallman struggles to hold back his tears, trying to compute some way to retaliate but failing to do so because in the end, he knows I'm right.
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what do you think he's doing on that little computer of his
He's answering mails that's all he does on his laptop
Something entirely unimportant, that no non-autistic person would feel the need to do while out enjoying nature.

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*updates in progress*
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win 10 is forcing me big update again and again

I already tried it once month ago and it was updating 30 minutes and then failed because of gpu driver !

i don't know what do
>restart to install updates
>windows needs to [even more] install updates
*blocks your workflow*
*teleports behind you*

Heh.... nice try, Gates, but I'm 3 steps ahead of you.

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Applecucks will defend this
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>you're going to update to our new version of the bother whether you like it or not
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At least they get updates. Android phones, on the other hand, get updates when you buy a new one.
Even the expensive Samshit housefire-tier phones don't get updates.

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>ryzen threadripper

Could they have picked a more awful name? They really should've called it something like super ryzen
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Sounds like the ultimate shitposting machine.
Go on 4chan. Rip threads.
>Super ryzen

Super dooper fast lightning quick ryzin xDDDD
metal gear ryzen

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What are you working on, /g/?
Previously >>61763350
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first for 'grammin' in the ood
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>Hear all the Nightly hype
>Attempt upgrade
>Update fails, I have to reinstall Firefox completely
>I do this
>Firefox forgets all my history and bookmarks, and Firefox Sync fails to remember them.
>Newly installed Firefox is not on Nightly.
>Edit it to nightly AGAIN

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Windows? Found your problem
Who said I was using Windows?
>be you
>be retard
>people with IQs higher than their shoe size tell you about thing
>fail to thing because are retard
>whine online about the experience
I can hear the screams from here

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i'm telling mom
It's not connected to the internal network.
Googler detected

The current top 3 distros for daily use. Stability+Security+Friendly
Salix, TrueOS and Devuan
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Stability: Gentoo
Security: Hardened Gentoo
Friendly: CloverOS

Install Gentoo

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I feel like I am begin strangled by google. What are some reliable and trustworthy email providers out there?

>inb4 cock.li
Can't really put that on my resume

>inb4 self hosting
I need it now and I am very poor
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protonmail is alright

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Hey /g/, why are you not using best distro?
pic related
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because my taskbar and window title bars kept disappearing. even though it was probably cinnashit's fault i'm still blaming it on debian. fuck u.
I'm actually using debian but I want to switch to something more 'free' and cutting-edge
Fun fact: Debian is fully free.

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