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I like Chrome, but I hate how it renders fonts, especially on 4chan. Random example here.

Top is chrome and you can just tell it's worse. Feels like the font is slightly thinner and obviously "wider". How do I fix this?
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pls help
Nobody is going to help you with Chrome, dumb botnet-poster. Use IceCat or Waterfox.
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I'm incredibly bad at programming, despite my math background. I am trying to write a basic IRC-like chat application in Scala but it's taking me forever, how the fuck can I improve?
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The only way to improve your programming is to do more programming. Practice makes perfect.
i'm bad, too, and i don't even have such a background.

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*uploads and tags you on Facebook*
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[DMCA takedowns loudly]
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>having a facebook account
>tag 10 people who are dum as FUCK

>20000 replies

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The new botnet is almost here


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delet anime
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found the song :^)

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Yo, I can get my hands on one of these Antminer D3's for 2000$. It seems ridiculously profitable. where I live, at the current difficulty, I would most likely get my ROI back in about a month. This cant be true, surely? How is it this profitable? what am I missing?
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But also, how much does your power cost? If it's well below the global average then that's your competitive advantage and the reason you can profit. Well, that and the strange confluence of circumstances surrounding the Bitcoin Cash split.
Power cost. If you have super cheap electricity go for it.
for "super cheap", read, "free". You're competing against datacenters full of these in China that get 100% free (gratis, free beer, zero-cost) electricity. Several of the bitcoin mining operations are located where they are because the commies put a giant hydroelectric dam somewhere, pissed people off by destroying their homes, and then to buy off the local population, give them free power.

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So, /g/, I hear this is free from bloat and telemetry. What do you think of it?
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just get windows 10 LGBT

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Hello guys. I seriously tried everything and I finally realised that I do get GMail notifications BUT they have to be addressed to [email protected] and not [email protected]

I've tried every fix I could find on the internet but I am left clueless.. maybe you guys could help me. Thanks in advance.
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>he unironically bought samshit
Is there something better besides some chinese companies?

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Recommended Tor sites?

aside from the hidden wiki, popular ones I've been suggested include:

Uncensored Hidden Wiki
SilkRoad V3
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Do you want to buy some weed, anon?
didn't alphabay get busted?

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is a slow hunk of junk
JetBrains blow them out of the water and also works on all 3 OS's
>all 3 OS's
Linux OpenBSD and Plan9, right?
but is it free as in freedom?

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And has it actually helped you do something productive?
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I want there to be quite outside but the chicata bugs are so loud and make odd noises.
Tried it a couple times, but ubuntu packages are just easier to copy paste from online.

Anyone got a link or something to this?

There were a few posts a while back on /g/ showing how to encrypt data into a zip or something like that, split it into thousands of QR codes, make that into a video and then upload it to YouTube.

They called it QRTube or something like that.
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the time /g/ made this i think they called it shill tube or something, can't find the github tho
thanks, found it

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It's not even funny anymore. Fuck anybody using js.
In what kind of situation would I need this?
Negative zero can signal underflow in an IEEE floating point number.

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I Just woke up. Is it ok ti Just letto some trusted botnet in?
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yes, it's fine.
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See? Who is this botnet cuscino my word? Stop changing my word pls. Ok tvb botty
I kind offerte vhave AN avversione for Facebook

How do I mine an alt coin that has no miner available?
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have to do it manually
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Well I can at least use the CPU?
Pen and paper

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Ahaha, good one
that's a power moustache right there
nice joke pajeet xdddd

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