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How can i have 2 simultaneous audio audios playing at the same time?

This should be a simple thing to do these days with many people using multiple screens.

Im trying to watch a stream on one screen with the audio coming from the speakers and have a game on another screen with audio coming to the headphones. How can I do this simple thing?
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Install JACK and QJackCtl
Open QJackCtl
click "patchbay"
connect audio inputs to audio outputs
Im using Windows
There's a program that lets you set audio out for each process, can't remember what it's called

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I've switched from chrome to brave a day ago. It's actually good and not a piece of shit, basically stock chrome with adblocking/httpseverywhere/script blocking toggles. It seems you can't add exceptions to the filters so you just have to disable ads on something like pornhub for it to work.
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Chrome > Firefox > Brave
gib link to that poll pls

Global intelligence agency Stratfor says that encryption is currently holding back efforts to fight terrorism. Should the US follow Australia's lead combating encryption? They are not above using torture and harassment to, as former president George Friedman puts it, see how the world works. I remind you that they have close ties to defense contractor Northrop Grumman and technology implemented by microwave technology company Litton.

The FOUNDER of Stratfor:

World LEADER in RNM:

"VP Counterterrorism and Corp Sec":
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You can't ban math. Pic related is the pinnacle example of this.
why is it always a jew
So they want only criminals and terrorists to be able to use encryption?

Leaves the rest of us a little exposed, don't you think?

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>tfw too stupid and too much learning difficulties to get into linux and use it effectively

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what are you sliding
Just start with something easy, then after a day install gentoo
That's why you choose a distro and DE that meets your needs and with minimal terminal reliance.

There are a ton of them. The usual dummy questions have been answered on the various forums before so should you need to rely on something in the terminal you just copy and paste the command.

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do you know how to solder processors /g/?
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As in solder the heat spreader?
You mean reflow, anon.
I love cpus, and soldering them

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I bought the thing on amazon and totally forgot to check to see if has one. I can't find the exact model so I don't know
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Kill yourself you dumb nigger

Sage, sage, sage!
Yes, they all do.

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Who here hates this cringy faggot?

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Why does she sound so fucking retarded.
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Congratulations you won!
I hate you OP and probably the Niger in your picture too but I don't know him

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Hey /g/

My computer currently running a desktop with one 4GB ram stick. I plan on buying another . The problem is my friend told me it has to be the exact same model stick otherwise it won't work. Is that true or does it not matter as long as it's 4Gb?
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Depending on your motherboard, RAM type, RAM speed, and the phase of the moon, it may or may not work. Sometimes it works but you get system instability. Sometimes you only get single channel memory speeds.
It's fucking ram, don't do stupid shit and it'll work. Though if the sticks can run at different speeds it will usually run at the slower speed of the two, or sometimes everything will break (depending on your mobo and shit).

If the speed and type matches up you can basically go nuts. Get three sticks of different sizes from different brands and enjoy your 6.5GB ram
Your friend is wrong.

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A novice here asking a question. Skip the following paragraph if not interested in irrelevant backstory.

Long story short I got a laptop for university and decided to go balls deep and install a linux distro without trying it out on a VM. Firstly, tried ubuntu which was the worst decision in my life. Compatibility issues and overall disgust made me switch to something else. This time it was Linux Mint. I am very happy with the distro, it is perfectly compatible with my Dell Latitude, no errors, all keys responsive and the cinnamon DE looks great.

Now to the question. What is the actual purpose of the terminal for a normie user like me? I know you can access directories, create files, monitor stats and install software but you can do the exact same thing using software and package manager and navigate using a mouse and a keyboard.
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As much as you want. If you are interested in scripting or ricing or whatever it becomes a necessary tool. It can be really fun and more efficient than guis by a mile (have to rename a bunch of files based on their previous names/md5s etc)
but anon everyone knows the main purpose of the terminal is to run screenfetch
>What is the actual purpose of the terminal for a normie user like me?
Actually, terminal is much more efficient and you can automate long tasks.

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>Vega reveal won't be livestreamed
NDA lifts tomorrow.
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Why do windows 10 users always get so triggered by linuxposters?
If you don't need your privacy why do you need to prove yourself Anon? Do you, may i dear to say it, have some dignity left that is... somewhat intruded?!?! :o
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No games on linux.
Get rekt linux fegits
I use Linux for some stuff, Windows for other stuff. For me, it's because I know a guy who is an enthusiastic Linux advocate but he uses a smartphone and he has a Facebook. So really I guess I'm more angry at the hypocrisy of it all.

Can i get a quick rundown on Google Analytics? thinking about using it on my website but i don't trust google
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don't do it Anon, write your own script if you need some stats
It's good but since you're paranoid just use Piwik.
*blocks your analytics script*

heh... nothin personnel... kiddo...

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What should I do with these 4 laptops before I through them away (btw there batteries don't work.)
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donate them to goodwill
this must be bait
should have sold them to bestbuy

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Hey /g,

I got this Oracle DB with a bunch of data connected to a Java Web Application, and a table with usernames and passwords. Unfortunately the passwords are hashed, I think...

Here's one of the passwords of the column:

As far as I know, it seems that Base64 to encode the password, because every single one have "=" or "==" at the end, this usually happens because of the padding mechanism in Base64. However, I couldn't encode this in a proper way (i.e: could not obtain original plain text).

Any help on this?
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You are trying to decode, not encode.
Might be using a different character set, do you see any / characters?
just install kali and spam every skiddie tool you can possibly find
probably start with rainbow tables idk
Hmm, I tought of that too, actually I tried >>61630716
Hmm, I'm fairly new with this. Do you think hashcat can do the trick in, let's say, one week?

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Best sources to teach myself to be efficient in linux as well as networking? What proficiency would you say I should be at in order to list them as skills on a resume?
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install gentoo
Security+, Network+, and CCNA should help with networking, though the certification test are expensive ($300 each). Pick up a book for each (Security+ one was $35) or find the PDF
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>tfw I always get memed

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