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What's wrong with this setup?
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Nothing at all
it exists
It will overheat cuz that case sucks.

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Old thread: >>61246538

What are you working on, /g/?
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Thanks for using anime picture.
Is that the elusive programmer (male)?

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Nene needs help about programming, can you help her /g/?

void Destructible::ReceiveDamage(float sourceDamage){
auto resolvedDamage = sourceDamage;
for(const auto& debuf : m_debuf) {
resolvedDamage = debuf->ApplyToDamage(resolvedDamage);
m_current -= resolvedDamage;
if(m_currentHealth <= 0.f){
m_currentHealth = 0.f;
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Stop being so smug and maybe I'll help.
She's cute when she smug so no.
nenecchi should use a cute programming language like lua

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What's the most SJW programming language and linux distro?
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Get this bullshit off /g/.

I come here to talk about tech, not argue bullshit political agendas.
>I come here to talk about tech
sweet summer child
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>be you
>be outside of /pol/ for once
>still want to talk about sjws

Worse than autism

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>youtube videos slow as fuck using chrome and can barely buffer
>go to edge to see if it's my internet acting up
>the same video loads up perfectly
So is chrome ass or something because I thought it was the best browser out right now. Should I make the switch to something new?
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>best browser out right now
Enlighten me, anon.
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>watching videos in a browser

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I'm on T-Mobile in USA.

My 6P powers itself off constantly. HuaShit refuses to RMA it, I bought this trash about 5 months ago on jewddit.

No clue what to get. HTC 10 is $300ish used, LG G6 is $400ish used, S8 is around $550 used.

Not sure which to get that will last at least a year.

Thanks /g/ays for the help.
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Try iPhone? Are you too poor?
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your condition.jpg
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>buy a used lemon off reddit
>get burned
>wish to spend five hundred and fifty fucking dollars on another used phone when you can get a new one for less than that
I Have the HTC 10 and I love it best phone I've ever owned by far. my brother has the S8 and really it isn't worth the extra money

what do you anons think about the iphone 8 so far?
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Is the design official yet? I fucking hate that design leak. I just want a fucking good phone no fucking GIMMICKS but no.

>bixby shit
>meme edge screens
>no bezels because lets bump shit on the side and block the screen with our fingers all the time

I don't want it, just make a good fucking iphone and I'll buy it. Normies can stop buying iPhones for fashion if they don't like that the design never changes or whatever.
I like this bezel-less design, looks better than any of the Samsung edge things, and the Huawei one. I like how there's still a slim bezel so you don't accidentally touch the sides of the screen.
I'm also glad they got rid of the gargantuan round button at the bottom that was taking like 20% of the front face space

Now we only have to wait for a chink Android clone.
REALLY looking forward to them integrating Touch ID directly into the display as it will finally make the Plus model more pocketable.

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If you don't have one of these, you're not a real computer person.
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Tell me you don't get a boner.
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>not a real computer person
Feels bad man

Hey /g/ I found this Ipod on the ground and I don't know the passcode. It's an Ipod 6 is there anyway I could get into it without hard reseting it?
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Give it back, Tyrone
Return it to its rightful owner, DeShawn.
The owner is gonna track it down through find my iPhone

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다운로드 (3).png
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*blocks your hacking*
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*blocks your employment*
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Actually cloudflare is replacing 90% of IT department.

Small offices don't need IT department unless their business is related to it.

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what's the difference between using archlinux and turning debian/ubuntu server into a desktop SO with proper packages?
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the logo you can show using neofetch /s
the aur/debs
The amount of time you have to invest.

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pic related
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nobody cares about your shitty phone
ur fault for buying some chink phone
Just return it

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in need of a good/reliable VPN preferably free.

thinking of using hide.me

better suggestions?
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>good and reliable
pick one

I mean, better than nothing, I guess?

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Is the day of the rope for the degenerates in the tech industry soon upon us?

>A month ago, (((well-known programmer))) Coraline Ada Ehmke was fired from her (his) job at GitHub.

>When it happened, she (he) knew she (he) was going to want to publicly speak out about her (his) frustrating time at the company, so she (he) did something that people rarely do: she (he) turned down the company's severance package. To get the money, she (he) would have had to sign a non-disparagement non-disclosure agreement, she (he) told Business Insider.

>She (he) thought she (he) was improving in that area and achieving other goals that put her on track for a promotion. But instead she (he) got a bad review, was put on a "performance improvement plan," and fired shortly after.
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Is this the same tranny from that Opal project?
We did this yesterday, check the archives.

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>buy 1080ti/titan Xp/vega
>literally paying for nothing since there are no 4k/3440x1440p at 144hz
>the ones announced won't be coming for half a year and will cost 2 grand or more

What is the fucking point
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None of those can do even close to 144hz at 4k. Cant even do 60hz at 4k.
no what?
I'll take "What are older games" for 200 please.

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