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So....Firefox just went full botnet? Sucks that you haven't been using the true red-pilled browser. Let me show you a thing or two kid....
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opera vs chropera.jpg
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I hope you're not talking about Chopera? Or is it Chinkera now?
>use a browser incorporating a literal, self-described botnet, rather than a figurative, paranoid neckbeard tier one

No thanks.
You mad im on that 12.15 version tip?? I bet you're pretty mad.

Hey /g/,

do you have any windows 10 email client recommendations?

>inb4 why do you still use email
my mom bought a new pc and she needs an email client for professional reasons kek

>looking for something that has a layout somewhat similar to the og vista email client (pic related)
>free and/or open source

Anyone know good email clients?
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Mailbird, just the free version. It's good, it works. What else do you need.

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waddaya think of this guy?
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fat Communist piece of shit that eats his foot
Is that the guy who played Robert Baratheon?

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Bogdanoff (1).jpg
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All you C++ brainlets don't understand that C is better than C++ in every way possible but video games.

You should only use C++ for video games and that's it.
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why videogames?
Because op is a flaming faggot
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>C++ cucks will NEVER have a stable ABI
>C++ cucks will ALWAYS have convoluted piece of shit standard
>C++ cucks will ALWAYS have to deal with a bloated language

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Was this a good meme? What do you guys think?
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>lol le meme everything is le meme xd DAE meme? OLLOL MEMES XDDD!!!
Fuck off reddit
Literally fight club but with computers instead of fighting. It's such a blatant rip-off.

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really nigga.jpg
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>workmates create a Facebook group
>they ask me to create a FB account
>don't want to because FB is Satan, but do it because it can be useful
>the day after creating it, find out I didn't write the password down
>click on "Forgotten account?", follow the instructions
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>not using password manager
God damn dumb stupid cat
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tenor (1).gif
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s sry

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PLease help.gif
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hellow, how i do this?

i've a shitty hewai g600 or something with 4.4 andriod can i update it?
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You're not C.C.
android can't update

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Me and a few other anons have come up with a "fantastic" idea. Net zero still offer free dial-up internet. Using the covergae finder on their site, we discovered what numbers we could call. We just purchased a 3.5mm to RJ10 adapter, as well as a RJ10 to USB adapter. Our plan is to use the NetZero client and start the phone call at the same time with the cell phone hooked up to the auxillary cord, to the 3.5mm adapter, then from there we have the modem connected to the RJ10 adapter, the audio from the phone gets routed to the PC, allowing the computer to communicate with NetZero, giving us slow ass dial up internet access ove the cellular network. Pic Related
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It isn't worth the time and effort. The pcm encoding used over cellular networks limits the analog signals used in dialup and effectively lowers the thoroughput to maximize the amount of available slots for multiplexing. Cellular is just not designed to carry dialup.
This and also cellular networks have signal degradation (just like all wireless networks) so packet loss exists.

It's not worth the effort.

Although if you want to continue to do it for educational purposes or whatever do it over wi-fi calling to ensure that you have the best possible strength. Of course this is kinda silly because you'd need existing internet, but it still could be fun to do as an experiment.
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>using a 56k connection that's being broadcast through a faster internet connection

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Well /g/, what's your excuse for not using pale moon?
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I use Icecat which is truly FOSS and recommended by GNU
because iridium exists
The same reason I don't use CoffeeScript

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You can't deny that sometimes overnight you think about the Xbox one X, and how it will be one hell of a beast.

>Hurr durr more games on PS so PS is better
The amount of games on consoles depends solely on the console power and marketing
>Hurr durr no it doesn't you fucking faggot, PS has always had it's clique of gaming companies and anyways will have them
Well the Xbox 360 was much better marketed and slightly more powerful then the ps3 so you tell me why the ps4 is any different
>Hurr durr consoles never compare to the #pcmustardrace
Yes, everyone knows that, but they're much harder to setup and put together. A 3-year-old could figure out how to pay on a console. It's also cheaper.
>In a few years the new console will be outdated because PC grows too quickly.
Yes, but it'll take a few years for a PC to be more powerful than a console for $500, mostly because of the Bitcoin problem.
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wake me up when it gets good exclusives, right now the best combo is PS4+PC.
games are not technology

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How can I boot from a USB.?

My hard drive got fucked up?

It's a 4gb btw couldn't find anything on Tom's hardware
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>My hard drive got fucked up?
So did it get fucked up or not?
A four gig hard drive
It did got sorry I'm on mobile

How can I do it please gentooman help me I just want it for read PDFs browse 4chan

I have a 4gb USB

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>New reader mode allows users to turn any page into black background with white text with the click of a button

These useless adjustments are actually useful. Why is this bloat chrome so good?
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Vivaldi is competent developers working on a shitty foundation. I'm not saying they get it right all the time, but it's one of the better Blink based browsers out there.
Wow firefox have had it for a while
using Vivaldi is like if you installed Firefox and used it but instead of being slow as fuck its actually fast and usable

I'm sick of KDE. It seems okay in the big picture, but there are so many things bugging me; litterally.
What DE is best for a coherent desktop experience?
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Xfce. Although you should wean yourself off DEs - they're not needed, nor is the "desktop experience" and other buzzwords computer illiterates like to spew.
I tried a tiling WM for a while, but I would like to stay on a DE. Sometimes I just want to use the system more comfortably one handed.

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On a scale from 0 to 10, how botnet is Windows 10?
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like the naming implies - 10.
Unironicaly, 10.
zero being infinity?

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Would it be a mistake to install Gentoo as a beginner? Is it really that intensive, or is it doable?
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Anything is doable if you have the time to fix your mistakes and read everything
Follow the guide and you'll learn some things on the way. Keep trying until you get it right. If something doesn't work, figure out why.

You'll be all the better for it.

It's possible, it just requires a week or two of free-time and the patience of a goddamn monk.

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