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Hi guys quick question. Is one bar of 4G preferential to having 3 bars of HSPA or as I heard it called 3.5G? Thanks.
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I've always noticed way better connection on LTE vs 4g, no matter the signal strength. I can't imagine how much worse it is for a third world connection like HSPA
There is no simple answer to that.
Signal strenght is not only thig that matters, quality is important (like how much resource blocks are ok) and you need to remember one thing people usualy forget - you need to send acks for all data you receive, so your upload path also matters a lot.
You need to test it, no one can tell that remotely.
LTE has lower pings, thats for sure.
>I've always noticed way better connection on LTE vs 4g

LTE is 4G (not exacly, but generaly it is considered as such)

Is the new build of Firefox nightly finally faster than Chromium? I like the features in FFox and lack of Jewgle botnet but I can't justify using it when Chromium is so much faster/smoother.
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>I like the features in FFox
what features does 57+ have that chrome doesn't?
the cool screenshot thing and the ability to use NoScript, there's probably more.
noscript was abandoned and is insecure as fuck you shouldn't be using it even on a shitty browser like firefox
Using chromium's built in blocker is much more effective

Censortube back at it again.
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That's bullshit, YouTube comments being horrible is an Internet tradition. It's just not the same if you scroll down and don't immediately get angry at complete retards validating each others' bad opinions.
How can I find that video? Thank you.
This. I was watching a minute earth video and it said that differentiating man and woman is difficult. Knew the comments would be good.

Is there a /g/ IRC?
pic unrelated
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there used to be. not sure now. they're pretty pointless.
the last one died out, don't think there is one now
there are several and all of the old ones are still there

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I need to get a cheap laptop for uni even tho I already have a powerful desktop. What are your thoughts on this one? I was gonna do the thinkpad meme but I can't.
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>4.8 pounds
>for uni
>4.8 pounds
extra heavy
i like em thicc

the weight doesn't bother me too much, almost all the laptops I've seen with decent specs are heavy

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What's the best laptop i could get for 150eur? I want a comfy thin potato that i could browse the internet and shitpost on /g/ with
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Memepad X220
Don't buy a shitty laptop. You can get a good phone for that price instead, that's good enough for shitposting.
good goy

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I'm supposed to get some new cage nuts for one of our racks.
However, it doesn't take standard ones - instead it has some strange rails where you have to clip the nuts in.
I have no clue how they are even called.

Any help?
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/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
Try to find the rack's manufacturer - maybe an ID plate near the bottom - and look 'em up.
looks like they're the ones used in flight case 19" racks for music hippie stuff (which you can just slide in some rail to any non-standard position, unlike with computer/patch racks)... try a music store where they sell crap for tours and studios, not the usual server farm retailers.

Have you ever gotten an error when compiling code? If so, what?
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>Have you ever gotten an error when compiling code?
Nothing, ever. If you get errors while compiling your code, you're a retard.
What the fuck is the point of this thread?

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what was all the fuss about a couple of days ago? Did they relese a new version or something?
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IDK, eclipse is okay
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You mean that they put Ceylon to dea... err I mean to the Eclipse foundation?

Where are the /g/ bingo?
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some small liberties taken but I left plenty out, not sure why having debian for a year is comparable to arch or gentoo as it's basically ez mode though
It is imposible to build a pc under 10 dollars

How much /g/ options do you value whilst probably you will never use them?
I was generally enthusiastic about the AMD Athlon CPU's back then.
64bit-architecture quite spoke to my imagination.
Thing is, to be honest,
I had a S939 system for years. Upgraded it somewhat from athlon 3000+ (single core). 1Gb.
athlon 4800+ (dual core) 3Gb and dicked around with linux 64 bit and installed windows 64 bit.
but in all fairness, during all the years i used that system. I never really needed that 64 bit architecture.
Off course nowdays I do need it.
But in all fairness, it was a useless option for me.
Same for SLI/Crossfire. Although I run two HD5670's in crossfire, i'm pretty sure any 20$ card will outperform them like crazy. Especially since crossfire doesn't work for quite some applications/games.
As you guys can probably guess i'm a very moderate user that doesn't spend much on my pc.
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>you don't need it until you do need it
well duh
I can guess English is your second language.
Thing is, buying a 64 bit system in a time where you also buy 1 (One) Gb of memory is a bit futile.
Especially when the maximum amount of memory for most motherboards is 4Gb.
Upgrading to 64 bit OS when you only have 3Gb is futile as well, especially since at that time 100% of the software i (amateur) used was 32bit.

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hey /g/entlemen,
since im such a noble person i am planning to go around the city and offer free wifi with advanced login functions and also free unvolutary tech support to people. For this i need a laptop. Now, because im not plannig to spend alot of money on one, i'm asking you for a advice, what processor speeds should be sufficient for my plans, what features i need in order to be able to host a wifi network (im okay with an usb wifi stick but idk maybe some laptops work better with this than others) and what manufacturers or other features i should look out for/avoid. Also i would be interested in what laptops are supported better by the kind of linux distros im gonna be using.
This aint a tech support or consumer review request im just asking for your professional opionion (if you dont have one stay outta my thread) since im not really happy with the kind of reaults i get out of google.
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>free unvolutary tech support to people
Unless you're a masochist, you really don't want to.
>doesnt understand irony
>doesn't understand irony

Why are the Phone Losers of America the greatest phreaking group of all time? How the hell have they been able to keep taking advantage of technology for so long without getting burned out after 2 literal decades?
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And here's another quarter, just cause I like ya.
because they are more pranksters than phreakers
They were pretty solid phreaks back in the day, although times and tech change. It does kinda look like they reinvented themselves as prank callers to stay relevant.

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there will come a time when toilets become part of the botnet. what you eat, what drugs you take, where you are... that's right. fast DNA profiling will be able to pinpoint you everytime you doo doo or pee in a toilet, anywhere.

The upside will be that these toilets will save lives. Early detection of all sorts of sicknesses will help people and their doctors tackle problems before they get out of hand.

when the toilet botnet is real in 12-15 years are you going to get in on it or are you gonna learn to relieve yourself off the grid?
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Get in on it, since I don't live under a totalitarian state.
It's already begun.


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Anyone knows what scure browsers for iphone are there?
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It's an iPhone so always insecure.
Define "secure."

Regardless, the closest you'll likely come is Brave, as you can block ads, fingerprinting, tracking, scripts, etc. But all iOS browsers need to be based on Safari, so you're limited on "secure," depending on your definition.
What you're talking about here is privacy, not security. Both Android and iPhones are inherently violating privacy because they are proprietary products and ask for many things, including your information, have a GPS and so on. When it comes to security, an iPhone is a bit better off today due to a better access control mechanism, but both are easily broken. A large shift in the way CPUs are made has to happen for any of these phones to be secure, but that wouldn't necessarily make them not invade your privacy.

Get your definitions correct if you want to be taken seriously, anon.

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