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Why do poorfags like Apple products so much?
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why do woman love makeup so much?
Why do niggers love watermelon so much
Woman love makeup because they can look pretty with them, poor people love apple because they can look rich with them

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Speed Test/NBN General


>NBN Co has revealed that one-third of all active fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) services are currently incapable of achieving a downlink in excess of 50 Mbps.

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and they call burgerland third world?
We were meant to get 1gbps upwards in 202x

Now we're getting this at the same price
>We were meant to get 1gbps upwards in 202x
That's what the press said; pure hype and speculation.
The NBN has proved itself to be incapable of supplying bandwidth on time and under budget.
The main reason is the deal Steven Conroy did with Telstra. This is the guy wao wanted us to have a Great Firewall to keep porn out, remember? He also gave Telstra a sweet deal on all that copper wire in the ground so that the NBN had to use it or waste billions.

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Does anyone here own one of these? Would you recommend it?
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It's bretty good, but better phones exist and the curve on the screen edges makes screen protectors annoying

Could care less about screen protection, and atm I'm looking at this and Xiaomi Mi5s but can't seem to find them on any eshop where I live atm. Does the Xperia get hot fast? And is its camera actually good or is it a meme?

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AMD and Intel are duopoly of x86_64 patents. AMD and NVIDIA are duopoly of desktop GPU patents.

Stop being tools and hate and love all of them equally.
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Truth. Im so tired of the fucking fanboy wars on here. Same for the browser wars. Who gives a fuck what your fap machine uses, as long as you use it.
>fanboy wars

Strange, I don't see pro-Intel posts here on /g/

Just anti-Intel and pro-AMD posts bordering on shilling

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isac's fourth pc.png
3MB, 3072x1080px
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Sorry for Windows 10. I don't really need it for what I do with the pc, but I like to game once in a while.
>he posts DASKLETS

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I actually just turn that shit off in task manager
The Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display doesn't have this problem.

Does pretty much everyone here fill out Google captchas as accurately as they can? I feel like those who claim otherwise are just a vocal minority.
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I have a pass because I'm not a poorfag.
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>not just using legacy captcha
>calle calle

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>American website recommends laptop as great and affordable at $799
>EU prices start at 1500€
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$800 is not great and affordable, that's low end gayming laptop tier, if a regular old laptop is costing that much there's probably some stupid gimmick to it
Get a job and get paid like a real eurofag you nigger.
>$800 is not great and affordable
>the absolute state of magnetic tape Thinkpad RMS Communists

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Any of you /g/uys running quad monitors?
Would a single 1080Ti be able to support quad monitors at all? I'm thinking of a gaymin monitor (1440p or 4K + 144hz) + 1440p 60hz monitors...
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Roll cuz interested
Yes, 1080Ti will support 4 monitors perfectly fine.

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>Uses Ubuntu
>Considered the greatest programmer ever

Why should anyone use autistic linux distros again?
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The other distros have been compromised by CIA niggers.
Because they want to.
Good thread, btw.
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Device for porno consumption for $300 or less?, will be used in bed and couch mostly.

>decent headphone amp
>preferred if not bother
>no LG shit pls
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lenovo g4, cheap, powerful and reliable. got it fpr 170€
>inb4 smartphone

Still waiting for LG to give me back my repaired G4. In 2 weeks from now it'll be 6 months since I sent the fucking shit

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>install gentoo
>have to compile every program from source on a 1ghz single core
..... i fell for the meme didnt i
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You do realize you can enable downloading the precompiled binaries in portage, right?
Enjoy your botnet.
>chooses to use a slow, outdated computer
>bitches that it's slow

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Why should I use emacs over vim? It's so complicated. All I need to do is write notes and code.
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vim doesn't come with a terminal emulator, that's the main reason I use emacs.
But if all you want to do is text editing, vim should be fine.
if you need to write notes, org-mode is your friend

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Hey, /G/

I just got an interview for a penetration testing job. I don't know jack shizzle about cyber security.

The interview is In 12 days. What can I read to prepare myself? Is there a "How to hack for the man for dummies" book? What are the most important principals that I should start with?

I am 24 and before this I have just done tier 1/tier 2 tech support, qa, and web dev. Help me nail this interview so that they will teach me thier secrets.
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install kali and learn how to into google
What do you mean by "into google"?
You have to be a part of /g/ secret meshnet IRC to find out, I'd link you the starter zip if you manage to get on though.

My handle is 2fly2die88.

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>be me
>two year IT degree
>barely any work experience
>chasing Comm Studies degree now

Okay, so to start off, I'm currently going after a four year degree in Comm Studies because I've been told that advancing in the IT world will eventually require a bachelor's or higher. I have about a year and a half left so I guess I should just finish it even though I can't really stand the program anymore. However, regarding the IT world, how am I suppose to find an entry level job or internship when most of the stuff requires experience?

What should I be doing to progress into the IT realm? Certs? Quit chasing Comm Studies meme?
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The IT field has become like the mining industry during it's boom. The only way you get into it is either by a. knowing somebody else already in and high up or b. by being migrant on visa working very cheap and very long hours.
So are you telling me I'm screwed basically?

Please elaborate...

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