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is sudo prouncunced 'SEWW DEWW' or 'SUU DOE'
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fuck. it's probably sudew since it comes from super do but i always say sudoe
well voodoo is "veww deww"

imma assume sudo is just "suu doh"

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Eurofag here. Amerifags how do you even use smartphones on mobile networks with those data plans? I snatched 7 GB of data just today. There is no way to actually use the phone and stay in those tiny limits. What is the secret??
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unlimited data cap for 15 usd
>Amerifags how do you even use smartphones on mobile networks with those data plans?
With our unlimited data plans?

Gee, I dunno


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What operating system is the most suitable one for a beginner? BSD? Linux? Plan9? TempleOS?
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define beginner
Non-programmer Windows user
Probably ubuntu still.

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I'm a friendless neet learning to program and i realize that if i ever want to build anything of significance i'll have to work with other people.
Where do I find non nu-male cuck programming bros?

Feels like 90% of programmers fit the above description, maybe it's because programming is an inherently feminine activity.
it would explain why programming socks are so popular.
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we're your friends, you faggot.
like and subscribe to /dpt/, maybe check out your local Linux users group.
I'm studying CS now and can confirm. I'm going to go into security, servers, networking in a program attached to the military.

I think that's the best chance of not pulling my hair out having to deal with generic homos.
/dpt/, IRC, maybe local stuff.
programming communities are very strong, shouldn't take you very long to find a place you enjoy, e.g. some language's IRC channel or something

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It's 2058 and the CIA in a partnership with world governments successfully set up microchips on at least 65% of the world population. Said microchips are capable of intercepting brain waves and converting them to binary data which is readable by the government agents. You have just discovered the truth because of a failure in your chip which was caused by a signal transmitted to it by a device owned by a rebel group who is trying to free the population however, hours after they contact you and explained everything that is going on the CIA finds where their hideout is located and eliminated every rebel in their group. You're home alone and all your devices are compromised, what do you do?
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install gentoo
Nice LARPing faggot
>windows 95

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How does wifi on bus work?
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cellular network > roof antenna > your stupid phone
The bus has a really long extension cable, each time the bus stops to get a passenger, it automatically retracts and connects to the new connection.

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Is it the future of Linux on a desktop?
Is it usable now?
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>no USE flags
>no easy way to install xorg without login manager
First change that, then I'll give it another shot.
>trash interface with close minimize and maximize buttons
>massive fucking 32px titlebars
>massive fucking 8px borders
>trash color scheme
>not gentoo

0/10 distro, would not use.

can't wait until Guile Scheme starts eating the Kernel and we get an emacslinux

Why are thinkpads so praised on /g/ ?
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Keyboard,durability and performance.
> real reason /g/ buy cheap thinkpad from eBay
cuz they have amd cpu's
They're the BMWs of notebooks.

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an ad blocker makes you feel like a cool haxor?
Sorry I meant emacs

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Is Rails dying? Has Ruby's complete irrelevance outside of CRUD web development sealed its fate? Github activity is down, it has dropped to 11th on the Tiobe index, down to 12th on IEEE Spectrum, most gems are abandoned, and the primary Ruby implementation has lost most of its funding and only has a part time skeleton crew working on it.
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Single page apps killed most boutique languages like ruby.
the witch is dead! the witch is dead!
So whats replacing it for CRUD apps? Node and GO?

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how does /g/ beat the heat?
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through the power of technology
I take off my programming socks
by beating my meat

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/Storage/ thread

>How much space do you have?
>What brands do you swear by/use?
>Any RAID fags?
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Each of my drives is a different brand:
>Crucial 1.1TB SSD
>Seagate 1TB HDD
>WD 1TB external HDD
>Kingston 128GB SSD
>Samsung 4TB external HDD
128GB Plextor SSD

64GB mSATA SSD, forgot the brand
500GB 2.5'' WD HDD

basically an old laptop
16GB Samsung SD card
1TB internal 2.5'' Seagate HDD
2TB external Samsung HDD

also random old drives scattered around, probably totaling less than 2TB
1 Samsung 850 250GB SSD
2 WD Black 1TB HDDs

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What the fuck is wrong with my browser?

All videos on youtube, twitter, facebook, etc are all fucked. They play audio fine but the video is really fast, like a fast forward on steroids.

>reinstall chrome
>same shit
>reinstall firefox
>same shit
>reboot PC multiple times
>same shit

My other PC and laptop are fine, just this one is for gaming so its on windows 10 shit
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sudo apt-get install gentoo
Did you also remove all files including config files when reinstall?
install windows 10

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because I'm not a degenerate fossturd
Last time I've tried it it was pretty unstable, I've experienced frequent crashing.

Hopefully it's improved since then.
does it finally support greasemonkey scripts?

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this is what Facebook™ users think of kode
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>facebook users being incredibly dumb and jumping to conclusions

nothing new
>children being forced WTF?????
Do you actually know this guy?
I guess I'll have to rewatch it then

I just looked it up on my animelist and I gave it a 7. The average score is 8.

Why is this anime even popular? It's so forgettable that I don't even remember the plot besides from "boi goes to fantasy world"

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