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Remember when smart watches were going to be the "next big thing?"

Next up: VR
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I like my Pebble though. It's smart, it's functional, it looks good, and it does everything I want and need it to.
>tfw i was thinking smartwatches and vr will be niche from the very beginning
The reason why most smart watches failed was that lack of the ecosystem. Apple's worked well, it had a huge customer base, which many didn't have. You can say how shit Apple is, but their ecosystem is growing and as it grows it gets better.

>Inb4 isheep
At least they are happy.

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Webm's now work with edge in build 16251! hurray now we can shitpost on a windows native browser without bloatbots like chrome and firefox.
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>still doesnt work on safari

why is apple so dense?
Because they live in their own little world of digital standards which is subpar in support and the sheeps will sure not mind that. So why should they
holy fuck finally. How are things on the insider rings? considering moving to it

asking this here seems like suicide but i need a better vpn so anyone got any pointers?
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>bought the new macbook
>Literally returned it the next day
How can anyone consider this laptop useable in any way?
>Shit keyboard that feels worse than a touch screen with haptic feedback
>Shit touchpad that's too big, not sensitive enough, and grips the skin as you try to move your finger across it
>So thin I could feel the stress and minor flex when holding it with one hand
And don't get me started on how difficult Apples fucking OS is to use.

Dropped that shit hard and went right back to my t230. Worst experience I've had with any laptop yet.
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couldnt you have tested it in the faggot shop before buying???
>Can't use a dead simple UI in macOS
>Is unable to adapt to change

Sounds like you're just not suited to deal with technology, kid.
>Returned it the next day
You did good. I tried one in store and am so glad I discarded macbooks in favor of my probook/elitebook years ago.

Currently on a probook 470 and it's so much better than any macbook I've seen on the market.

>Dead simple ui
You've either never used MacOS or never used windows.

Apple tried so hard to be different that you can't even cut and paste files on a mac. It's a gimped piece of shit OS.

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Is functional programming worth learning? I don't think so. I mean, there are not many job offers.
I've seen one Erlang offer compared to 20 of Java.
Is it a meme, right? Haskell is even worse, no one uses it in enterprise.
Or should I learn it because it will be future? Scala? Elixir? Tell me /g/.
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Good programmers don't constrain their knowledge limit by choosing what's "worth learning".

All it does is that it shows you are not interested in programming.
I need money, mate. I've been learning C++ for 5 years now and I made few games in it using SDL, SFML and OpenGL so my portfolio is there on GH. But I feel like I should learn FP, however some part of me says "it's not worth it, you can't pay your rents for programming in Haskell".
it's a meme
there are only two paradigms that will remain in future: OO and procedural
there is no need to use anything besides this because either you make software that is based on something in real life (Object-Oriented) or you just tell computer what to do (procedural)
functional programming is more like hobby, funny to use by mathematicians to write useless papers, not really valuable in real life

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We need to talk about these "tech" tubers who are ruining the technology industry.

They are shoveling trash to the unwashed masses due to them being bought up by corporations, when will it end?
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What the fuck is that image even supposed to convey
What exactly do you expect us to do about them? Its not like we can gather them all in one place and then kill them all.
Is this what your brain is like on /pol/

In all seriousness, though, what's wrong with pandering to the masses? It's not like it affects you in any serious way--at least, getting rid of said "tech tubers" isn't exactly going to solve the problem.

Although it does astonish me that people like LTT can make a living out of piecing together computer parts like legos and calling it "building a computer". The AMD/Intel/Nvidia/Whatever dichotomy is also stupid, since all big manufacturers are bullying their userbase in some gross, irredeemable way.

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So, have any of you ever tried TrueOS? It's the operating system formerly known as PC-BSD, now a rolling release system based on FreeBSD-CURRENT. Just curious if there are any opinions out there about it, since /g/'s consensus on BSDs seems to be that they suck for desktop use, and TrueOS is a BSD that aims directly at desktop use.
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/g/ hates it because they think it has bloatware
I believe it's better than FreeBSD but inferior to openBSD
Regardless it's better than debian/mint/
Let me guess you can't define what means "better".
tell me 3 reasons why it's not better than Mint/Debian other than muh DE

Why isn't linux powerful enough to use the APFS,

APFS supports 65bit inodes
has exstendable block alocation
and one Nano second time stamps

btw even the apple watch runs it as well as iphones, yet not a single linux computer can do it
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also APFS supports native full disk encrpytion

mfw the apple TV unironically has better security than anything linux computer
Apfs is proprietary technology. Only apple Operative Systems can use it. This so obvious no one wasted his time pointing out at it.

Fortunately I have nothing to do...
cute girl

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What's the current state of ereaders?
I don't find reading from an LCD comfortable at all for long periods, so I've been strongly considering picking up an eink reader.
However, impressions have always seemed a bit mixed.

I have the opportunity to get a Kobo Aura HD for $100~, this model is a number of years old now, but the updates have only added things I don't care about like waterproofing. Is it otherwise still a good option?
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If you want it to just read books, your standard kindle paperwhite will do everything you want and last forever. Yes you can drag and drop pirated books. You can also email them to the Amazon service and they will sync the pirated books across your devices if you don't mind some botnet.
If you want to do other shit with it buy whatever comparable brand that is cheapest.
I came here to say basically this. Just get a paperwhite
The paperwhite is actually annoying in the fact that the new top of the line kindle looks sexy as fuck (but absurdly expensive), but I won't ever have to replace the paperwhite until I smash it or whatever.

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>Lowest Speed is 100Mbps for $69/mo
>Only other option is 300Mbps for $120/mo

Is this the most retarded company ever?

Fuck monopolies.
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I get 32 kb/s so fuck I'm in. Not only that but it goes out constantly.
Spectrum offers 50/5 and 100/10 in my area
I went with 100/10 because 5mbps upload is pathetic in 2017
I support them offering decent minimum speed, though I wish it was cheaper
Such is life in usa
Also Spectrum here. I got 100/10 for $64.99

I don't even need that much but they only offer me 10/1 for $49.99 (lmao)

I used to be the 3/1 ELP but I couldn't handle that shit no more, it was grandfathered in so I can't even go back if I wanted to

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>There are people on this board right now who still use a CRT Monitor
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All content produced pre-2000 should be seen in CRT, especially in PVM. If you want to see it in a digital display, enjoy your awful aspect ratio and bad refreshrate.
fuck off normie scum
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>tfw using 1360x768 tv as monitor
>video card glitches every once in a while and everything goes blurry until I toggle virtual super resolution

/mkg/ - Ducky Channel edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Use the buyer's template
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)

previous thread: >>61580930
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>New PBT keycaps aren't getting here for another 12 days
I've never tried them, but everyone keeps shilling them. What's the first thing you guys thought when you got to use them?
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Sold my pok3r and minila.

Using mxboard 3

Wat now?

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>professional companies use apple desktop computers despite their very shitty price to performance regarding workstations

Mods pls delet the other thread it's glitched out or something
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computers are cheap
Unix development environment and apple gives corporate discounts
That's a cute doggo. Mind if I save it?

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This is the current state of Intel.
Press F to pay respects.
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wtf i hate intel now?

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How are they getting such vastly different results?
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ram speed?
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>overclocking the 3's, but not overclocking the 7350k

This guy isn't even hiding it anymore
That's because the intel jewpoo will burn down your neighborhood if you overclock it.

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