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Hey dudes,

I've been programming professionally for a few years now, but I can never think of anything to make with my skills in my own time. Mostly PHP and Python, with web design and JS.

What do you guys like to do with your skills in your spare time? What sort of projects do you like?

Side-question, how do you personally go about selecting new projects?
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Install gentoo
Obviously I install gentoo.
If you're going to do projects on Linux, your first project should be setting up a fancy OS. Install Gentoo.

Okay anonymouse people why do you hate google?
Google made great search for us so we can find a lot of stuff, academically, porne, programming etc

Google made us good google translate so we could communicate,

Google made great android phone that communicate all of us?

BUT WHY??!? Why you are racist? Racism is bad, we men should be good to each others and help weaker if we are strong.

I know why you don't like adnaseme because google is blocking hate speech and hating blacks, indians and other people is very bad.

We are homo sapiens and we should stick together, don't allow that 4chan stereotipes be true like not having vegane in your life and hot girls.

If you all guys had good girls you would never be these hateful so we man should unite and slay as much possible beautiful girl and enjoy peace and freedom.You should hate TRUMP AND RACIST people.

peace to all of you and I hope that you will stop your tunnel vision.
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What Nigger?
Nigger is bad word for blackman.

Stop making stereotypes true that people here don't have vegane and coding skills.

We are programmers that love good technology like microsoft c c# etc . not racist like you.

I feel sorry for you.
I almost got a stroke trying to read this

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Basically i heard a strange studder sound in my earbuds and my computer crashed and now it wont turn on without being in safe mode with networking, if you can help me fix it i will paypal you 20$ just leave ur paypal in ur posts
heres the crash info
"Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP2: FFFFF8800F24F02C
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
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windows question.png
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Donate it to the EFF.
Posted here because their forum will take days for response
Nobody from here is going to know what all that shit means. You can google just as well as us, and I'm guessing you already have, and realized that there's no answer.

You want an answer faster than that? Use a multimeter, and find out what's wrong.

Can someone explain to a complete noob the advantages of a Thinkpad vs any other laptops?
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Older models are cheap nowadays and with a small hardware upgrade they can be made to compete with modern, much pricier machines.
Oh and they're reliable.
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The price, the ability to gut spyware, and their indestructibility.
There aren't any. Just buy the most expensive macbook that you can get, and buy everything through itunes goy.

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please tell me one of you /g/tards has made a batch photo resizer for windows. and please provide a link to your github.

the board /g/ is confirmed for technologically retarded if you haven't
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install imagemagick and create oneliner.bat
drag&drop image on .bat to resize to 720p, saved in a "resized" subfolder

convert %1 -filter Lanczos -sampling-factor 1x1 -quality 100 -resize 1280 ""resized/%~n1_resized.png
Xnview plus shell component.
why the Lanczos filter?

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I am the technology faerie. I can grant any wish as long as it is related to technology. I have given you, anon, three magical wishes. What will you spend your wishes on? Choose wisely.
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destroy all technology
install gentoo
i choose unlimited wishes

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Hey there /g/, poorfag here. I want to repair the audio jack on the usb board of my Lenovo laptop, but I do not want to give out 30$ for a part that I can re-weld at home.

Is there a way to find the exact type THT jack used for this board somehow? I can weld, but I have no idea how to find this component.

Pic related: the fucked up jack.
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It's called soldering.
Order a female jack from aliexpress and solder it
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Sorry about that, English is not my primary language.

That was my first idea too, but I wasn't sure about wether the exact type/brand matters or not.
I know this one has 6 pins. Don't really know if

I was thinking about replacing the microphone jack with the audio jack too, since that one is still intact.

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What year is this?
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>he doesnt use an RSS reader plus youtube-dl/hooktube to watch JewTube videos
>He streams his TV Shows
That's not even an episode of the show, retard

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Hello /g/, I don't usually post here.

There's a situation and I suspect my wife might be cheating. Now I know this is probably an annoying post to make here and idk this boards views on this, but where should I start if I want to keylog her computer?

I want to log multiple programs (browser, skype, etc) and I'm really not sure where to start or which links to trust. Wouldn't wanna get keylogged myself...

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Can someone at least tell me to fuck off?
search google for revealer keylogger, should be fine for your needs
You can find something on nulled.to.

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What is the best option, value wise, for an older laptop with a higher res scren?

I have a thinkpad x230 now and want something with a higher res screen. Ignoring 1080p mods on older thinkpads, what is the cheapest best option?

I'm thinking either some obscure panasonic let's note model, or a surface pro 3 or 4
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Old == shit screen
Oh, something small. Like max 13"

Yeah usually, but the reason I said "some obscure lets note model" is because those are basically thinkpads but with 1600x900 screens in some models.

And my old I don't mean ancient, just wondering how far back I can go (literally just to save money) while hoping for a better screen.
x260 with hd screen

Googles got jokes
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that aint google. it's some pajeet trying to hack you.
>body sensors
what the fuck?
The Apple iPhone 7 Plus doesn't have this problem.

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talk anything about youtube
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The site suxx lul
No one uses youtube fag
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what are your likes dislikes of linux distro Ultimate edition
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looking at that just gave me cancer. Its not 2007 anymore OP
it's always 2007, anon
what is that cluster fuck

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Anyone have a guide or site that let's you definitively test a new computer from everything to CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. to make sure it's not a lemon?
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1. Build it
2. Starts?
2.1. Yes
2.1.1. Good
2.2. No
2.2.1. If you have a beeper Listen for the beep code, consult mobo manual If not cry and go to the store you bought at and hope you can test.

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I don't play AAA games or use Adobe products, should I switch to a Linux distro? Currently on Win 7. It's a fairly old build but can run most games with low settings. Will I see an increase in performance?
The main reasons I want to swap are possible performance increases, distrusting MS, and having always been interested in all the different distros.
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Linux is not for gaming
linux is a pretty fun game
it's pretty hard if you don't use guides though
I'm fully aware that it was not designed for gaming, but shit loads of people still run linux and play vidya, so.

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