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>What is Matrix?

Matrix is a free, open source, and decentralized chat platform.

>Why should I use it?

Matrix has all the modern features of Discord while also making encryption available for user privacy and allowing for users to host their own instances. It's fast, free, and easy to use!

>Where should I start?

Check out our new public gateway at https://totallysafe.website today.

Looking to deploy your own? Check out the Synapse Github repository at:


Want to share your room or make new friends?

Use https://matrix.to to generate a link and post it in this thread!
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Matrix is yet another shitty irc replacement.
It's better than IRC though.

Granted, most things are better than IRC at this point, and IRCv3 has little going for it.

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What are the best itunes alternatives?
I just want to put music on my phone without having to deal with more apple bullshit.
No asking /mu/ because they are faggots.
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any device with storage should expose a fucking filesystem or at the very least implement a protocol like MTP

anything else is pure distilled cancer

there's your answer OP
Gaypohne let's me access pictures directly, i think.

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Thoughts on robot vacuums?
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cia nigger
Install Source Mage in it
Useless gimmick. Doesn't clean as good as proper vacuum. Wastes energy and is annoying.

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/gee/ what smartphone should i get? (max budget €500)
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Wait for pixel 2
iphone 6.
Either an iPhone or a "pure Android" phone like a Nexus.

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>haven't use utorrent in 6 years
>finally download it again to see the /ptg/ meme
>have to immediately hide ads
>ui messes up after I hide the ads
>pic related
>takes 3 minutes and 25 seconds to download one episode of anime

>download qbittorent
>no ads
>takes about 2:02 minutes to finish

what do you guys use utorrent? it's awful. the only thing holding me back was the stall meme and it never stalled once.
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absolutely botnet
Only retards use utorrent right now. It is beyond terrible.

Deluge is ok.
Is there a single person on this planet that ever bought a pro version of a torrent client

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What email domain starts with @e****.com????

I lost my fucking password and cant reset it because i dont remember my fucking email

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die newfaggot

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For years, I've been interested in doing some sort of IoT DIY project...
...but I'm all out of ideas.

What DIY IoT projects have you guys done?

What projects would you like to do?
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i just bought a house so i'm starting to dream up little device projects for it - mainly simple shit like putting temp/humidity sensors in all the bedrooms or controlling one of those electric curtain rails

not quite IoT though, i'll be keeping such things as far away from the internets as possible
make a internet connected broomstick with interchangeable internet connected broom heads and an online service for keeping track of sweeping stats

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Am i retardet or something?
I followed whatever the internet told me, i put the website i want blocked in there i saved it ,, i changed it back to read only ,i restarted the browsers and nothing

Can any of you help me i am stuck and i kinda need it?
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You don't include the https, just the name.
Also, whatever you're trying to do is probably not going to work.
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changed it and i can still access the site

i just want to deny someone access to a single site and i used youtube as a placeholder to test things out
Unless that person doesn't have admin, they can unset readonly and take out any hosts file rule.
Proxies and VPN's are also a thing.

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Will computing ever go back to being about scientific advancement rather than just being a convenience tool for the masses?
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What does that even mean?
>Being this much of a brainlet
It still is about scientific advancement if you're smart enough to 1.) Find a job for it 2.) Do it yourself, fag

I'm guessing no one reading this thread can do either.

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How do I shill my 4chan related programming project?

You can find it here btw: https://github.com/yottu/yottu
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The idea is good but not something I would use. I would use an efficient CLI interface for 4chan though. It's the reason I have my browser open like 90% of the time so it would be great.
Nice work Anon! Looks really nice, and seems like a lot of work.

But, python.
from X import y # like a million times in each file
Thanks! This is my first Python project so expect more things like that. Do you only need imports once?

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Ryzen owners, what clocks are you getting on your CPUs?

Name your CPU, motherboard, memory, frequencies, and voltages
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Asus x370
3312 Mhz cl 16 17 17 33
4011 Mhz @ 1.3825
1700x asus b350m-a [email protected]
2400mhz lpx
1800x [email protected]

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Ask a web developer that was just fired anything
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how did you fuck that up? what did you do?
Do you consider yourself a "javascript artisan"
Take the poo to the loo this time, okay Pajeet?

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/g/, i just finished sololearn's C++ course.

why am i not able to make real software yet?
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Well there's more to it than that. You know how to static and dynamic link libs, git, unit testing, CMake, data structures, algorithms, security...
where the fuck do i learn all that and why don't they exist in coding courses?
Make a simple game.
Towers of Hanoi will do, if you don't know which game concept to pick.

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What? The tech world is full of lames? I hate it ever day.
I don't need to hate irrelevant worthless things that have no influence on my life.
I couldn't watch more of 10 seconds of the video, but I don't have a high tolerance for autistic people in general.

At the end of the day you gotta admit Microsoft really nailed it with XP and 7
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I gotta admit you deserve to die. Dumb summerfag
Windows was never good.
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>nailed it


>has been on a steady decline since


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