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What are some portable programs to put on a flash drive other than firefox?
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Portableapps dot com, either directly download the thing or use it as a reference.

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>Android throws away the blobs
>Replaces them with even uglier (2D) emojis
>Apple comes with great looking 3D emojis
>You can literally make your own reaction in realtime, and even record animation including audio

Any chance google will make something like this for Android 0?
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Can you imagine pissing away millions of dollars to create and rollout these things?
Do project managers for these things have daily existential crises?
why isn't there a regular face one?
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Google will probably follow suit.

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why don't you faggots ever make interesting threads that aren't just bitching about how people won't circlejerk with you when you blog about your shitty hello world programming projects nobody gives a fuck about
I'm curious as to how so many people on /g/ like closed corporate-favored products from apple? Aren't you guys all about open source shit, making up your own stuff, handling it all by yourself? I really don't understand.

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>want to ask a girl out on a date but don't know her phone number
>she doesn't have a GNU Social account
WTF am I supposed to do?
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press the sage button
>tfw having trouble finding out which linux distro this girl im interested in uses
If u ask her if she just have a mobile phone instead GNU SA it would be just ok...

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Are you telling me that my only choice is between the expensive shit that has no gimmicks, AND the cheap ones that is full of gimmick features? Is there anything else besides Apple and Android?
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just keep learning until you know what the fuck you're talking about, then you'll know what to do
Install gentoo

So why has everyone ignored the fact that this thing can monitor your emotions and could possibly influence your behavior via targeted advertising?
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Because applefags are literally retarded.
Because buying an iphone means you care not for such conundrums
Man, this new episode of Black Mirror is getting pretty good!

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>install gentoo (a distribution without systemd)
>close the lid on my laptop
>it doesn't suspend
>install Ubuntu GNU/LInux (a distribution with systemd)
>it does
Why aren't you using Ubuntu, /g/?
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because muh botnet
Laptop lid closed functions are in some conf file, just find and edit it.
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Systemd is a good product, it makes linux just werk. There are legitimate concerns about it, technical and ideological and I support the development of alternatives.

But most of the noise is just that, noise. Few people make a real, thought out argument against it, instead its just >muh botnet >muh lennart

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What's the best place to move to in terms of what you're allowed to do online and why haven't you moved there?
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>cheap internet (20$ for 1Gbps)
>torrenting is semi-legal(downloading stuff for personal use is legal, uploading is not, but they don't give a fuck)
>no data caps
>Germany ahead of the US
Holy shit how incredibly stupid is your list? You know we can be jailed for facebook posts against immigration here, right? German internet is a fucking concentration camp.
I wonder (((who))) made that list

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back buttons.jpg
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this is the pinnacle of ergonomics senpai

>doesnt get in the way of holding the phone on the sides
>index finger rests in this position while holding the phone anyway
>fingerprint reader can be in the middle with the volume up and down next to it
>dont accidentally press one button on one side while pressing one on the other side
>all the buttons are closer together

after owning an LG G4 and now having a phone with the finger print reader on the back i constantly wonder why they couldnt just put the volume buttons on the top and bottom of the reader, it just makes sense why don't more phones use this deisgn?
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Close, but the V10 perfected those buttons.
thats the perfect button layout
>Why don't other manufacturers use this design
Some intellectual property kikery is preventing most manufacturers. Chinks don't give a fuck though, and had LG been the top dog then they would have copied it a long time ago. But alas, the whole world is still under the influence of the poison Apple.

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LMAO this shit is fucking retarded, why does anyone want this shit?

>need to charge your phone
>put it down on a charging pad
>has to be in a very specific spot to work
>sometimes you cant get the position right for so long you just plug it in
but the biggest problem
>you can't use the phone while its charging because its stuck face up

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I can't wait until I'm able to plug in my phone and charge it like 100% of the other electronics in my home. Someday.
im wondering why this is a selling point on phones because if youve ever tried it its garbage and more inconvenient
Not to mention this technology and others like it are being shown to cause cancers and a host of other malments. Youve been warned.

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How do you use malloc ?

int *variable = malloc(sizeof(int) * length);

int *variable = (int *) malloc(sizeof(int) * length);

int *variable = malloc(sizeof *variable * length);
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Option 3, and anybody who says the other two (especially option 2) is retarded.
use calloc

on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does a game ran at 1440p look on a 4k monitor? is it 720p on a 1080p bad or is it much better?
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does /vg/ have a monitor general?
can someone please just answer this so i dont have. to take the risk of it looking like ass on a 4k monitor?

Sup /g/ I'm about to finally cut cable after convincing the wife it'll be cheaper and she can watch all her drama shit online. Just curious though, any good sites to watch live tv for free? I'm aware of Kodi, but I doubt she'd be able to figure it out without nagging me every time she needs to use it.
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>says there are free alternatives
>doesnt know any alternatives

walked yourself into a corner there

good luck, every "watch free tv now" site is garbage
learn that torrent life brah. want an invite?
I'd be down for an invite. I've used torrents for like the past decade but have always been a scrub and stuck with piratebay.

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how would (You) fix it?
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I wouldn't do anything, it's perfect already
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This and I would have upgraded from 7. I am far too autistic to ignore that stupid fucking notch. It's all I see.

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Let's talk money! I work at a very large company doing programming. My degree is not in computer science, I taught myself and I still have plenty to learn. However I am very well regarded and provide a lot of value for the company. I think I easily deliver more than $150k for the company but I make less than $50k with some good benefits.

I see colleagues around me being promoted for meme reasons like being women or minorities but are otherwise useless. For this reason I have a ton of work to do and am constantly stressed and overworked. My company has a Vice president of diversity and the CEO is an outspoken sjw.

I plan to start my own company but I still need a little more time before I feel ready. Is there anything I can do in the short term or do I just stomach it and continue working hard to get even better?
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inb4 404 and no replies
Maybe in you're last few months there try and do more of the business stuff, if you're planning to make a product lookup a book called the mum test, will help you test the product idea
I plan to start a company doing largely what I am doing at my current work so in a way I am already testing products on my company's users.

Forgot to say I write SQL, JS and an obscure server language mostly, but I know some Java been doing some android apps. I wish I could get better at it but I wonder if I am spreading myself too thin. Since I am not a programmer I wish I could transition more to a business role and hire good developers instead.

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