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Can we get some /g/ related papes?
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current wallpaper
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currently using this.
I program a lot at night so its comfy
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I've got it!

An app that tells you when you're dead.
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I wish I had an app that told me when you were dead
you're already dead inside once you use the botnet
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Fantastisch idee!

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So I am on the last year of MSC on Mechanical Engineering. My MSC is about energy like thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and that kind of stuff, and that is the area that I want to work on (I hate Automobile Engineering).

So my question is: What programming, if any, should I learn? I already know a bit of Python and was thinking about taking an online course on Data Science. Is it worth or should I be spending my time learning something else?
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>please tell me what to do I don't want to waste my time!
>on 4chan

just learn python lad
Better your ptyhon, learn matplotlib and numpy. VoilĂ  you're set for serious data work.

Look into Jupiter notebook as well
Old and crusty mech e, who also did thermo and fluids. Fuck all this new age shit. Learn c/c++ and be able to do embedded stuff. Back in my day, java was brand new and it was that or c++. I chose c++, and it has done me right for 20 years and is just as relevant now as then. With webasm it is going into the browser too.

If you are gluing shit together, maybe python has its place and is faster to write, but if you are doing anything deeply algorithmic, it is the same slog in any language.

I have a Sony Vaio VPCEH1E1E.
It has the B940 pentium dual core cpu ( 35W ).
Mobo has the HM65 chipset.
Official site doesnt mention anything about cpu upgrade.
HM65 chipset supports up to i7 2640M at 35 Watt.
If i buy the 2640M what are my chances of it actually working?
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99% that the CPU is soldered and you need a BGA rework station to install the i7.
It's not soldered. I checked.
>If i buy the 2640M what are my chances of it actually working?
if you buy from random chink reseller the chance of it not working is high.

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Hey /g/
Found these at recycler.

Which things should I take home?
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take the keyboard and chuck the rest of that shit back in the trash
The keyboard.
As much as you possibly can. If you can only save one system, make sure it is the XT.

Fuck you.

Is this shit worth it?

What can you do consistently with it that doesn't get old?
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if you train it right it'll cook and clean for you.

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Which one is the best DE?
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The only good DE is not having one at all

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Linux is great if you have no life
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go back to facebook and stay there
I get paid to use Linux. Enjoy flipping burger and playing manchild games, microcuck



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My kernel panicked just now.
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Dumb frog poster should've used windows 10 creators update build insider edition build.
Well give him a hug and tell him everything will be okay.

Poor thing
windows doesnt have this problem

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How do I buy my computer parts from out of state online so I don't have to pay over $200 in taxes?
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Here is the part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LQGYD8
I live in California
Have someone else buy it in a no-tax state and ship it to you. Nobody will argue with that. Expect to pay $200+ for shipping that stuff again though :)
Should I just buy it all on ebay?

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How good is Brave?
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>Donald Trump's browser
Right-wing Firefox by a homophobic bigot.
But Is it good?

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Why hasn't the document been leaked yet? It's been 26 hours for fucks sake. I want to see what libtards are getting triggered by.

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Someone get this dick suck back to /pol/
Just google it lmao

/g/ isn't your safe space you incompetent cock gargling trash,

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>70 mh/s
better buy one the second they go onsale
is that good or bad? i haven't messed with memecoins since "dogecoin" was relevant

Why do all the unemployed autists on /g/ that unironically have naked anime girls as their wallpaper hate Java?
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I really makes me wonder.
because it's a dogshit pajeet language for people too dumb to manager their own memory
it's a bad language

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What's a good feature phone for the US? I'm looking for something to use on USmobile that has a decent video camera. Also feature phone general.
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What network does this 'US Mobile' operate on?

It actually seems okay.. sprint or something?
This one is by far the best, guaranteed:

I think you got turned around and replied to the wrong thread. Sad.

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