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How do location aware dating apps store the locations of its users so that it can show people how far away they are from each other? Do they use some standard database, like SQL, or some kind of database optimized for constantly changing data which does not require long term storage?
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that's a very vague question you're asking
I just want any kind of answer, really. I'm trying to make a location aware app myself, and I have no idea what kind of options to look at.
>Any time user logs on check their location
>Update MostRecentLocation column on User row

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/mu/waifu and best browser
how can i refuse
brave is still shit on desktop

fuck off shills

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>work at gas station, no post highschool education
>learning about Karnaugh maps for a game I'm playing
>know some programming
>realize 30 hours of working at a gas station can buy a state of the art CPU that literally decades of invention and human achievement have been spent to make

I'm not worthy of modern technology /g/, I'm not using the miracle that exists within my case in a way that justifies the human triumph that went into constructing it.
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Then do something about it. Even if you don't learn to program, learn to make 3D models or produce music. The only limit to your success is you, anon!
I couldn't make a pencil from scratch, would probably take me a fuckton of time and money to even try. Yet it's dirt cheap to buy a pack from anywhere. Specialization is amazing. Really gets you thinking.
Stupid frogs

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>tfw switched from windows to linux mint on my laptop
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fuck offfffff
You will be back in no time due to bugs and a complete lack of professional software.
How's your battery life

Is there a good browser extension/addon out there to block this shit?
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Use 4chan Gold™
Theres an option on this site to use old style captcha
the new captcha system is pure fucking cancer
>hurr durr lets use captcha to solve our endless street name problem

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Mozilla thunderbird is absolute shit for RSS feeds. I need a good feed aggregator that I can run on my server that's easy to manage and isn't written in python or java.

>just write one yourself

Any suggestions?
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newsbeuter with a ttrss backend
RSS Feed Reader for Chrome.

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Hey /g/, I have to come up with a software project for this semester which would be something people would want to buy and use daily, maybe even subscribe. I can't come up with anything can you guys please help
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Make an addon for a webbrowser, maybe /g/ will pitch in and use it if its good enough
Not your homework board
it's just coming up with an idea you prick

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Why has tech succumbed to cultural marxism so hard? Are there any influential tech companies left that have conservative workplace tradition where you wear a nice suit and go to a serious office that isn't a fucking playpen or is it literally all rehabbed loft office flannel-with-a-tee-shirt faggotry now?
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they are easy and high paying jobs and jews said that they need to hire mentally ill fags too
because its a new emerging industry and conservatism opposes change
Liberals from east and south California.

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>design website to be perfectly functional without javascript
>still purposefully only show a blank page to anyone who blocks js
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>Build website
>Require uses to update their browser unless they're using Chrome
As someone who works for Google, thank you.
As someone who doesn't appreciate being told what browser to use, I won't bother using your site. Stupid frogs

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Your boss wants to see you in his office
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>having a boss
good wagecuck
YFW when I go in the Bosses office and fart in his chair, while his secretary looks on, and laughs. True story,btw.
This happened last week actually
>get anon in here
>boss is on phone with outside IT
>oh anon is here he will take care of it
His laptop thermal throttled or died or something and reset all his display settings. Fixed it in a few mins of trial and error (docking station+dual screens was fucking it up) and unchecked turn off display when lid is closed.

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Hey there guys,

I work as a technical support agent for Web.com and I have an exceptional knowledge of domains, DNS, email troubleshooting, and technology in general.

I did however speak with a gentleman tonight regarding a block of our companies IP addresses appearing on a blacklist.

One domain, with email provided by us, was being flagged as spam when sending to a particular domain with another company. GoDaddy.

I advised him that the email was being delivered successfully, and that he could whitelist this particular domain name to prevent the message being delivered as spam.

He was insistent on the fact that a block of our IP addresses were on this global blacklist though, and we should work to get them removed.

I spoke with my supervisor, and he insisted that the issue lies with the recipient's email provider and not us. He mentioned something about the way that this person obtained these IP addresses that appeared on the blacklist, and told me that they were irrelevant to the problem.

He attempted to explain to me how IP addresses work when it comes to sending email, and for the life of me I could not wrap my head around it.

I apologized to the customer for not having more knowledge about how they work, and reiterated what my supervisor had told me. "The issue is not with us, it's with the recipients email provider."

The customer pushed back and said while he doesn't agree with what my supervisor was telling me, there were some things that he could do on his side to resolve the issue.

1. The email was successfully delivered, so I understand that the blacklisted IP addressed are irrelevant in that sense.

2. Our blacklisted IP addresses remain on this global blacklist, but my supervisor could not seem to care less about that fact.

Question: What the fuck am I missing? Why shouldn't we be working to get our IP addresses removed from this global blacklist? Why is my supervisor insistent that the issue lies with the recipients email provider?
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Check spamhauss or something






















other people





>hurricane Harvey
>50" rain overnight
>no internet
>using mobile hotspot

Trying to conserve as much money as possible being that I'm in a transition of jobs. Using lynx to try and browse 4Chan here and there but it's shit tier when it comes to posting/replying. Is there anything I can do or am I just a fag?
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Just use uMatrix to block all images. Also block javascript globally.

Thanks anon.
Reminder literally no one uses elinks for normal web browsing outside of taking "rice" screenshots to try and look like a hacker.

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Is an e-mail based chat application viable?

>everyone already has an e-mail so you don't have to sign up
>standard, established protocol
>you can self host if you're worried about privacy
>3rd party doesn't have control over it
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Seems pointless when compared to actual P2P chat protocols.

Also a "normal" conversation would most likely trigger most services throttling and spam measures due to the amount of mails getting sent back and forth per minute.
Not to mention
>protocol backwards compatibility means if you start trying to use it as chat you'll fill some poor guy's inbox
You mean like a mailing list?

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Idea :

Community involvement app:

Like-minded users connecting with each other in real time, based on various categories of interest, by sending invite-notifications to each other. Examples to connect could range from local sports, finding a church buddy, college kids seeking a study buddy, musicians connecting, singles looking to date, to general hangouts. Detailed & verified user profiles will safely identify who you’d connect with.

There’ll be a friends list & long-term Groups to stay connected, for future hangouts & discussions. For temporary group-centered activities, temporary cliques will be also be available.

There’ll be categorized local events posted by local services, along with groups & individual users. Each event will display a list of all users notifying they’ll attend, to help establish connections. Dedicated message boards for each event, adding events to your calendar, & sharing events with fellow users will be features as well.

The app will eventually evolve into a proper local community-centered social network. These later features could involve a real user created local service & selling/sharing economy & tipping system, fun community challenges, local news, competitive tournaments, local public video/photo uploads for expression & to document, trending activity feed, amongst others. Giving you a stronger connection with people, businesses, & places in your community.

People effortlessly connecting with each other in real time, along with having an outlet to fully engage your local community has yet to be explored, & could be wildly successful if simply & cleanly designed.

[email protected]
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The ambition is for this app to become a widely used community assistant tool, using a wide array of features to empower yourself, and become further connected with your area and the locals in it, along with the greater world.

An app that gets people to connect with each other and the area they live in doesn't exist. If designed well and stays innovative in being the best tool and social network for local communities, the company would be very valuable.

We'll start out with it being based on the connecting people together, and will eventually expand as success grows, similar to Facebook starting only in colleges, then high schools, then the world. It'd take a larger team and budget to have a lot our app's features available at launch.

An incomplete list of features this app would have are as follows:
Exclusive cryptocurrency

A real life currency tipping system (in form of cryptocurrency & real bank account)

Job finding feature


Creative local economy

Sharing and selling goods, rent space, etc

Specialized features & tools for varying industries and services - ranging from hair salons, restaurants, car dealerships, sports, education, video games, hospitals, doctors, tutors, etc

Community challenges

Tournaments that involve competitive interests

Local events

Content Creation

Personalized activity feed

Posting and broadcasting pictures and video

Twitter-like posts

Discovering users around the world

Directly connecting with people

SOS/Request help

Messenger system

Facebook style timeline.

App center

Tools for developers to re-order the app's entire layout and settings in order to make use of created app

Saving pictures, video, content creation, events, Services, users, and everything in between.

Friends list


Concert finder

Live concert viewing

Many of these are more detailed in separate notes
hey that's a cool idea that's gonna be my next project
>and the kitchen sink

Go back

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What is the best way to learn C++?
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just code bro
By doing. Look up /g/ programming challenges, and start with the easiest one there.
write a progarm u tink wud b intredasting

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