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>Pentium G4400
>GIGABYTE H110M-S2V Intel 1151 DDR4 2133Mhz VGA Motherboard
>MSI GeForce GTX1050 2GB OC GDDR5 128Bit Nvidia DX12 GPU
>Crucial 8GB Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 2400Mhz CL16 1.2V PC Ram

How do these sound for a budget gaming rig?
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Replace the Pentium with a Ryzen 1300. Get 1050 Ti instead of the non-Ti. There's a general for this, check /pcbg/.
In my country, ti 1050 and Ryzen 1300 is pretty expensive
destitute, actually. also >>>/g/pcbg/

>fell for the thinkpad meme

What the fuck /g/ i poured water on my thinkpad to show that it has drain holes but now the keyboard number keys don't work anymore.

>Mfw keyboard replacement is $50+
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You're a faggot
You deserve it
Also bait
You've got to drill the holes your self.

Go buy a bag of rice and leave it out in the sun to dry.
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Dumb fag
U didn't use milk
Go back to itt technical institution
Like all the normies

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Is this worth buying?

I already have a HTC 10
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Just wait for the iPhone X
there's basically zero reasons to buy any other phone now that the KING is sitting on its rightful THRONE
>iPhone X
>no fringerprint scanner

fuck that. now that I've used it i can't go back to pleb face scan
Why would you even want that? Get a OP5 or XZ Premium.

What are some uses for old laptops and tablets that you guys have? I've got a bunch laying about and want to use them cause it seems like a waist but I don't really have any ideas for them
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Embed tablets in wall and make your own smart home
1. Put GNU/Linux on that shit and run some servers or something

2. Learn how to spell 'waste'
>Seed boxes for torrenting
>Clean them up and show them off for E-peen points
>buttcoin mining
>sell them
>put in anus

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Shut up
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*cricket noises*

Oh /g/, never change. They only respond to what they want to hear
>bumping your own thread
>*cricket noises*

fucking hang yourself nigger
/g/ pajeets and tyrones BTFO again.


Sublime Text 3 is finally out of beta!


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It's been beta for the last 15 years
a bit too late to the game lol.. we already vscode now
Without a terminal version it's useless.

>- New icon

Where is the Slush and Poppies theme gone??
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>Where is the Slush and Poppies theme gone??
Into the trash where sublime kek belongs
can you switch the fucking sidebar to the right in this one?
you mean you want it on the right side? haven't seen a menu entry for that

Got a call from some asshole teenage kid the other day. Wants me to build him a gaming PC and he has all of 250$ to fund it.

This is what he's getting:
Phenom II X4 -- 2.4GHz
AMD HD6700
2 x 500GB HDD (RAID 0)
Win10 LTSB, cracked
17-inch 4:3 Dell Monitor
Generic Mouse and Keyboard

Only game he wanted to play is American Truck Sim, which runs fine. Honestly for what the little shit is paying, he's getting a steal. Normally I don't even help people like this but I hope he learns.

Anyone else ever throw together budget rigs for poor people?
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hid some dumbfucks thread today.
0/10 bait sage
What's bait? If you're thinking he would get better components for the money, obviously you don't understand that I'm making a profit off some kid I don't even know. I'm not giving him a good deal or an amazing gaming rig. He's getting a PC that I had to put time into and he's paying for that.

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We don't need anything fancy. We don't need awesome sensors and crazy measurement devices.
All we really need Is a modded cellphone with a decent battery life and a means of sending data back. Although a simple balancing mechanism, would make for a better video.

Our goal is simply:
To see if we can
To see if we can get away with it.
Cause as much havoc in the process.

We have many resources on 4chan that we can pool from.
Like-minded people who can help us do the impossible. We have the numbers, we have the intelligence, we have the combined knowledge to make this happen. We will obtain the impossible or send the media into a panic trying!

Why the fuck not? There is a good chance they will shut down the threads before we even get to fire the rocket. But by that time we'll have already caused enough havoc to laugh at the headlines.
But who knows, what if we do get away with it?
Why the fuck shouldn't we attempt this clearly insane idea?

Share any thoughts or ideas.
Yes, I am aware this insane lul. However, it is not so insane to say we can't do it.
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[This update albeit rushed, I just wanted to give us some kind starting point. While I continue to look through the original thread and research on my own. Feel free to use this, or change the formatting anyway you see fit]

The Starting point:
>Step 1. For right now our first goal should be creating a more secure webpage for sharing ideas and discussing things which are borderline illegal. If not out right illegal.
>Darkweb would be a good platform for this.

Some of things we'll need but not limited to:
>1. A safe platform to work on and communicate with each other.
>2. A method of labeling anonymous people as (newfriend, trusted, mathematician, physicist, chemist, metal worker, supplier, ect.)
>3. An open chat, a trusted chat, and team chats. This is for when we later are more structured and have groups of people working on specific aspects of the project.
>Chan boards aren't out of the question if that's what everyone wants.
>4. A way of saving our work/documents while restricting access based on aforementioned labels.

Note: If there is any security conscious people, people with a deep understanding of anonymity, or deep-webdesign. Your input is much needed on this step. We need to make sure the safety of everyone involved is at our upmost priority.

[Lastly, please avoid doing anything that could compromise your identity while we get this site up.]
/ 卐/141372058
This is completely retarded and will only bring in more normalfags who came here for epic 4chan memes
>this starts working
>Mid process some faggot youtuber mkes a video about it
>This place becomes a fucking nightmare to browse,let alone the rocket threads
Nah im cool famalam thx

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why should I use Clover instead of Overchan (fork) that's maintained?
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Doesn't work on 8ch or other imageboards
clover doesn't even support other chans
Floens says it will soon.

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Google's image search algorithms are on point.

Can you reverse image search it and see if this is a fighter jet?
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use yandex. It is better.
File: Capture.jpg (193KB, 1543x954px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: asf.jpg (181KB, 1554x1079px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What a joke. HOW can applefags still defend this?
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What am I looking at ?_?
the icon on the left is cut off by the camera nodule
just buy 1$ DLC to fix this

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They're just mocking us at this point.
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I gave up on these meme browsers. I just use safari on mac and edge on windows. As long as I can install adblock on them, they are good enough for me.
4,154 matching results :^)

Admit it. If you were smart enough to use Linux, you would.
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Im not
So I use Ubuntu
I'm retarded
Thanks god.
I'm not that smart and still use it.

Have you ever stolen or shoplifted something /g/ related?
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Give it back, Dyrelius.
no because my name ain't jamal-tyrone de-la-taniquanishka
I've read about people scamming amazon to get free shit but I'm too scared to try it. Would be nice to get a free tv or something.

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