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>he claims to follow stallman's word
>he doesn't use one of his recommended GNU+Linux distributions
What is your excuse? You aren't using Arch, or god forbid Ubuntu, do you?

Anders Brenna [CC BY 3.0 no (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/no/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons
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I'd just like to interject for a moment. You app- oh, nevermind, carry on. Thank you for respecting the photographers who respect your freedoms~
Also Parabola.
>You aren't using Arch, or god forbid Ubuntu, do you?

But Parabola (based on Arch) and Trisquel (based on Ubuntu) are approved by Stallman.

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Any recommendations for a browser that isn't a botnet? Not interested in Tor or discussing Tor so please leave that for a different thread.
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Palemoon. It's FOSS and has tons of extension support. also it's purdy /oldschoolcomfy/ imo.

>inb4 what about muh smartphone app
>he uses a joogle fagdroid/ Ifuck, counterintuitively small, celluar modem tablet
>he doesnt exclusively use a pre-paid burner flip phone
>he doesnt have a purpose built GPS
>he doesnt just keep all the "smart" applications and activities reserved to his Linux laptop connected with a 4G Dongle
>he doesnt use a shitty <$80 4G, decent sized tablet exclusively for business purposes if he really needs to
If you insist on being that goy, Brave for phone

also *cough Tor cough*
is ungoogled chromium safe
BRAVE is /biz/ certified.

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>28 years old
>computer programmer
>runs an illegal website that makes research papers available to everyone for free
>destroys business model of incumbents in the same space
>has to hide from authorities to avoid getting extradited to the US

is there any female that's more /g/ than her?
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incumbent admitting defeat
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> /g as fuck
> would wifey because she has such a brilliant mind and heart.. fuck these roasties
> background pic is from SF..
Seems she enjoyed the sights and shitvalley before they put a line out on her
>runs an illegal website that makes research papers available to everyone for free

actually this bitch deserves to be in jail, that money pays the schoolarship of many good IEEE researchers.

I've had my computer desk for the last 6 years and it's starting to show it's age. What is a good looking, minimal desk? Also, any tips on cable management?

Please note: This desk in the image is ugly.
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that looks like the linux of gaming desks
Tastes in desks are individual.
I prefer just a long flat surface rather than multiple levels. Sadly most desks are cheap shite like the OP image.

I would suggest the Ikea Bekant corner desk (160x110cm / 63x43 1/4" at deepest end) but noticed the ludicrous price in the US ($529 compared to £190 in the UK)

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botnet bingo 4.png
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How deep in the botnet are you, /g/?
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HTML botnet? CSS botnet?
Java botnet?
perl botnet?
>chink botnet
>closed source adware browser

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is there anyway I can lower my CPU temps without having to get a CPU cooler? I have an AMD 8350 and during games it will last about 30-40 min before the temps steadily increase until shutdown. The room the PC is in is pretty cool so I don't think it's due to that. And yea I have cleaned the case and re-applied thermal paste. I could do that again but I don't think it would help. Any ideas guys?
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Underclock your CPU.
>without having to get a CPU cooler
what do you have now?
how low you think? it's currently at 4.2ghz how low would u recommend I set it at?

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can you help me with this?
I know Java programming
I am also learning Angular
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where are you from?
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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What are your thoughts on physical media, especially blu ray or music CDs? Is it doomed forever, or can there still be a use for it?
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I like it as a way of having ownership over a purchase: no (or limited) DRM, no format shift restrictions, no bandwith consumed, no remote deletions, higher fidelity formats whatnot.

Being able to burn files to a disk and hand it off to a person without having to worry about getting it back was a nice thing.

Having libraries take up space though, and that can be an issue if it becomes big enough.

Right now, in clapistan, there are no consumer rights when it comes to digital purchases. There is nothing to stop companies from nuking your account, purchases, and other whatnot arbitrarily. Competition is keeping digital sellers honest, but if they ever collude, it is game over for consumers.
I regularly use those optical discs because it's cheap and simple solution for me. (Local library, rental shops store them, etc.)
DRM --> >>>/trash/

I’m thinking of getting my iPad Pro professionally cleaned at the Apple store for $99. Is it worth it? Has anyone done this?
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Worth every cent.
I even tipped the genius $50 for his superb work.
This is bait.
This is also bait.
>being too poor to afford top-notch care for your Device


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Let's pretend you want to do something HIGHLY illegal. Does /g/ think VPN chaining can hide you from the NSA 100% if both servers are outside their juristiction in unmonitored countries? Say NordVPN chained with BlackVPN?
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How big is your collection of sinks?
Couldn't the NSA just hide themselves too

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Is an i5 6600k / gtx 1060 6 gig a good configuration if I want to stream, or do you think I need a better processor?
How do I kick someone from an existing call ( not from the group chat ) on the new version of skype on iPhone ?
I have an i5-2500K with a 780 Ti and I can stream perfectly at 1080p with 60 FPS.

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Can I use internet explorer on linux?
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No, this is a proof that linux sucks. lmoa
Assuming op isn't baiting, I'm pretty sure you can run at least IE8 or 9 in WINE.
Why would you want to?

I Linux for ethnics?

hi, 4chan. I've been seeding linux distros for a while now. Looking at the peers its always a bunch of third world nations. Is that the linux's primary demographic? poor people? WTF torvalds.
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Well it is a free os.
Probably a bunch of people going through a VPN or seedbox.
I'm a straight white male in a first world country and I use Linux

Let's settle this. Who is the better programmer, West coast or East coast?
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The /g/ NEET with Arch on his Thinkpad, obviously. Work is for wagecucks.

Thanks, Google.

Nexus6P by the way
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Flash a better rom
replace battery
>tfw you were about to buy a 6P at launch

Glad I dodged that bullet. Shame for all the batterycucks though

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