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What are some quality headphones for around $100? im not tryna blow all my money on stupid hearing
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Logitech G430
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Electronics with mostly semi clear plastic
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not 2000´s but does this count?
Yes :^)

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How exactly does Facebook decide who shows up in your chat side bar (above More Contacts)?
>GF was always there
>Piss off GF and break up
>GF no longer showing up on side
>Few weeks go by and now she's back at the chat side bar
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It's in the order of people visiting your profile. The person who last visited is on top.
Yeah that doesn't sound right at all.
We were using chat one day, while she was on my side bar, I said something that pissed her off, and like magic she suddenly wasn't on my side bar at that moment and for the next few days. She was still my friend, still followed, nothing changed, she just wasn't there, and now she's back on there, out of the blue, and usually near the top.

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>muh Ess Jay Double Yous
>muh time wasted learning C++
>muh freedom to write shitty, insecure code
/g/ literally and unironically on suicide watch

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Good, C is outdated trash for neckbeard weebs that think they're edgy for using an outdated language.
>tfw you're paid $120K/year to program in C
Does it use RLS yet?

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Are VPN's just a scam?

Every "good" one is under the jurisdiction of every privacy ignoring country or run by some sketch fucks who give away your information
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>Are VPN's just a scam?
must be hard being this stupid
So what VPN provider are you shilling today?

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My crush doesn't feel the same about me. What under $20 technology can I buy to heal this feel, /g/.
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A fidget spinner
a tracking device, tazer and some duct tape
Fidget spinner

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Do you reuse your PC parts for future PC builds? What have you reused so far?

I've got a TV card from 2005 that still works as well as a 250GB HDD from 2006 which I only use for storage. Both of them have gone through multiple builds.
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DVD drive is the only thing really, no need to ever buy a new one.
hardrives , gpus , ram , cases , powersupplies

everything that does not get upgraded or replaced gets carried over , the rest gets stored for future / backup builds
>no need to ever buy a new one.
I have. IDE drive, SATA only mobo.

It sits unplugged in the case because I don't want to buy a new drive and I lost the slot cover ages ago.

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What about architectures?
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Where's RISC-V faggot.
swap x86 and ARM
put alpha in an even higher tier
you do know how this meme actually works... right?

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>supercapacitors still haven't replaced batteries
What is going on?
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>that old video is deleted from youtube
>complete radio silence since
> I'd rather have dropping voltage rather than a constant one.
wew lad
>i am thirteen and i never heard of energy density

Good webpage and/or videos to start learning about programming, and what's the best to start Java or C++?
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learn C, not C++ (though there's nothing wrong with C++)

just that C is "simpler", it has functions, variables and structures.

java and c++ have a bunch of bullshit like object inheritance you won't need to deal with for now.
Start with Scratch so that will teach you logic programming.

Then move onto C so you learn to actually program typing code yourself instead of dragging blocks.
Just any tutorial or book. What is required is your efforts, not the best book ever.

What did rms mean by this?
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free software, free food!
it's that simple.
This is RMS in his natural environment. He decided it must be a nice time to take his socks off, pick off a callus, and consume said callus.
everything (everything) that comes from rms is so valuable that it must not be wasted

you man-child kidos all day silling for an obsolete language like C, repent right now.

picture much related
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even better: use go and don't waste your time on hisssssss
Real problems begins pythons could be 50 to 250 times slow C.
>those mental gymnastics

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I've been building my own rigs for the past two decades. Never have I even looked at a buying a pre-built machine. But this Corsair One has my interest peaked. These modern day pre-builts have come a really long ways. I think if I added up the total amount in parts the price is actual fair. I think the main thing you're paying for is the custom corsair cooling job. Has anyone else ever been tempted to buy a pre-built rig?
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They're increasingly attractive if you're looking for a lot of enthusiast-grade components. You can find a lot of OEMs and boutique shops out there who will put together a powerful rig with reputable parts. But of course when they pass along the savings of their bulk orders, they also pass along to you the expense of their labor and profit expectations.

On the low end, like the kind of PCs I use, these companies don't even bother. Not enough room for turning a profit without prohibitively high price tags. So the alternative is pre-builts from big box retail stores. And there we're back to the old "cram garbage components into a case, sell to unsuspecting parents."

I guess my ultimate question is this: if you're enough of an enthusiast to want the higher grade machine, why would you shy away from assembling it yourself?
>if you're enough of an enthusiast to want the higher grade machine, why would you shy away from assembling it yourself?
Not OP, but I can say it certainly doesn't fill my with joy the way it used to. It's now just another obstacle between being able to use it. In the past the building was as enjoyable as using it. Nowadays I don't have the time and see it as a chore

They have to be pretty special anon and its only recently some designs have eclipsed what a diyer could do

particularly this... i just think this might be my next computer

t. audio guy


>integrated LTE
>will be able to stream Apple Music and Spotify to AirPods wireless earbuds

How do you feel about this?

Will Smartwatch be finally be of some use?

>inb4 Samsung Gear had LTE first -- the software was dogshit, and Samsung didn't have compelling "I'm showing off my cool techs" (e.g. Look, I'm streaming music without a phone) scenarios to market to normies
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>10 minute battery life

Apple Watch 3 will have at least 24 hour run time*

(typical use as defined by Apple)

(battery life may halve after 60 charge cycles)
I mean, my Watch 2 already does a lot without my iPhone.

>WiFi connectivity for notifications and app usage without a nearby iPhone
>download Apple Music playlists to the Watch
>bluetooth connectivity to headphones/etc.

I just use my Apple Watch and some pair of workout earbuds when I go for a run or kayaking. Works great tbqh

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>Dude what's your server IP?
Oh, it's 2001:db8:85a3:8d3:1319:8a2e:370:7348
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>DNS doesn't exist
>IPv6 short form notation doesn't exist
that's what dns is for autist
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>What is DNS

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