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Just got myself a free monitor.
Any good /g/?

Acer GD245HQ
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give it back jamal
Is it that shit?
Give it back!

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no android devices allowed
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hiro plz ban this thread type
if they ban screenfetch threads they shuld also ban /bsg/ and speccy threads
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"I have a low opinion of Gentoo GNU/Linux.

Gentoo is a GNU/Linux distribution, but its developers don't recognize this; they call it "Gentoo Linux". That means they are treating me and the GNU Project disresepectfully.

More importantly, Gentoo steers the user towards nonfree programs, which is why it is not one of our recognized free distros."
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The neo-/g/ also has low opinion of Gentoo Linux because it's too hard for them, they can't cope with compilation time.
>implying neo-/g/ even knows how to compile anything

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What if we banned generals so the catalog could be different than yesterday, or a week before, or a month before, or a year before?
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it would be like /b/ but /g/ because no containment breads
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what if we only post speccy screenshots in this thread?
>windows 10
kill you're self

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>Maybourne puts the beer back and removes a wrapped floppy disk taped to the top of the fridge. He walks to the table and sits down, turning on the computer.
>MAYBOURNE: "If anyone tries to boot the computer up without this disk the whole thing fries."

Is this really possible? How would you do it?
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If disk not inserted some wires are connected to the hdd, and it fries
plus 2 grub(or grub like)
1 on the disk, that boots the computer
1 on the hdd, writes the drive full of shit
Use your imagination, ffs

Which DMM is best DMM

>Yellow case or bust
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any you pay more than $500 for

you're not a poorfag are you?
So this isn't good?
I bought this for 25 from a friend. You jelly?

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So does anyone use onionshare?
What is your opinion on it?
Is it useful?
How is it compared to other file sharing methods?
Do you know any alternatives for anonymous file sharing?
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You fucking missed the best chance to say "oponion on it" you nigger.
Have a sense of humor

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Getting a new mechanical keyboard, for the majority of use being gaming. Want something reasonably silent so preferably with Cherry reds or silent red switches. Would get a scissor-switch but there are shit-all models with decent price/good layout. $130 budget tops

Prove me that a Corsair STRAFE Cherry MX Silent isn't the way to go

Also Keyboard Thread, show us your boards
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I like taking 9,456 nigger dicks simultaneously.
congrats friend
Razer products are best

It happened folks!
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>Korean businessman guilty of (bribery/fraud/embezzlement/[business related crime])
Not really news.
We did it!

A little bit of justice, at last!
One down, [entire population of south korea] - 1 to go

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So typically when trying to speed up my PC I go for a walk down a few different roads. Fiddle with security and privacy setting to squeeze some more bandwidth and reduce my upload. Open up the installed programs and delete anything that has found its way into my installed directpry and the open up task manager and have a browse if startup manager is in check and look for any unfamiliar processes. If all of this fails to yeild me positive performance increases then i will usually reformat.

Now occasionally I see adds online (when add blocker doesn't do its damned job.) offering system optimisation. Now I'm a firm believer that anything esier comes at a cost but im generally curious as to if there is any decent non buggy, virusy horseshit programs that do all this nonsense for me.

Leave comments of the programs you recommend, possibly a link and a quick review or just give it to me straight if i'm dreaming
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Consider a situation where your question was about making money. Would you believe that, if someone had a way to make millions overnight, they would share it with the public? Probably not.
Now look at your question. You've done reasonable things to keep your system running properly, but are considering clicking an advertisement somebody paid to have put up, offering the "easy trick".
In short, it's bullshit.
There isn't a single program that can do something that you can not.

That said, if you are looking for an "easy" way to stay on top of it, then there are relatively safe programs that can make life easier. That said, if it fucks something up, it immediately makes your life that much harder, as it can cause severe breakage in certain circumstances.

The only program I would trust on Windows is CCleaner. On Linux: Bleachbit.

That said, I really would recommend doing it yourself. Better to spend a couple of extra minutes once every 6 months or so than to cost yourself hours and hours trying to repair what breaks.
gentoo works pretty well

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Whats tool(s) do you use to disable telemetry, cortana, look it down, etc.

I'm trying "O&O ShutUp10" at the moment, but I'm too lazy to test open ports or traffic going through.
Its a pretty good tool as far as i can tell, though.
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A GNU/Linux based OS.

After this look into that official way to "disable" telemetry which some faggots are shilling here. Then look into the IP addresses windows connects to passively, it's already been posted. Block those on your router.
But if you cut out Store and Xbox, you are going to miss out on the Autumn Minecraft HD update :^)
[spoiler]Thanks for the guide[/spoiler]

Ok, so, this anon says this:

"__I had crossfire Asus ROG Strix 8GB RX480, and sold them together for $800. I decided to buy the EVGA FTW3 1080 Ti (on sale admittedly) for about $700__
__So essentially, I got paid $100 to get a 1080 Ti."__

And, I know he is not lying because iknow a lot of people with simmilar stories ranging from rx470 4gb up to rx580 8gb , but they all landed with gtx980ti,gtx1070,gtx1080 & ti for price of middle low end gpu.
My point is, even when AMD catches incredible lucky break, they literally have huge new market willing to pay up to 100%more( and they buy in bulk from 10gpus up to 500gpus at a time)their cheaper gpus , nvidia is one who is making the real money.
People who work in AMD are morons, there is no two way about it, if they cant profit from this point blank bulls eye shot,they really should bancrupt.
All they had to do was to release rx590crypto edition(slightly refined rx5##, or just optimised for mining on the hardware side,changes really dont have to be massive for miners to gobble them up,with clear indication that this gpu is for mining) with samsung vram,adequate drivers,dual bios,better heat resistors ,some 30% higher hashes and obviously up to 100% higher prices and shit would sell like hotcakes , they would get praised by miners and gamers. And then release Vega as really cheap gaming gtx1070 and they would break nvidia in 2 moves.
Maybe i dont see the big picture but if i can come up with this (and imnot really smart), wtf. Is their strategy dev. department comprised either from stupid people or from nVidia spies?!
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lel grabicz grads. . .
are you stupid?
you expect me to read all that shit nigga?

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Samsung had only one advantage to Apple.

They just lost it!
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>mfw normie phones
>They just lost it!
fill me in

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>tfw browsing /g/ right now on 1080p nu-thinkpad
>meanwhile 720p old thinkpad users think they're getting a more authentic thinkpad experience
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Wrong board
Num keys are a waste of space and time
Just like your entire life

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I tried real hard to find some data on the effect, speed, anything on "comp-lzo" but I could find nothing.
Only know that:
> it is automatic if enabled
> it results in the same amount of packets

So yeah, not much. Searched Google of course, but there was not much on the internet.
Basically... is it worth using? Does it actually speed up connection IF the data is compressible? (For example, web browsing. Does it help even though even my toilet paper uses HTTPS today?)
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compression dipshit
LZO is a compression algorithm designed for real-time applications, which puts an emphasis of speed over compression ratio. Its use in OpenVPN is not meant to speed up the tunnel connection, but to compensate a bit for the overhead of the VPN protocol and encryption scheme, given that it compresses each packet individually, which doesn't help too much even with compressible data like plain text, because proper compression algorithms can work with many megabytes of context.
If you read into the documentation, it's still safe to enable at all times, because it only adds one byte of overhead per packet in the worst case and is automatically turned off for a while if a sequence of packets turn out incompressible (--comp-noadapt option).
> I don't know jackshit but I must shitpost
10/10 shitpostscore

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