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>sync an iphone with itunes
>itunes disconnects all my USB devices forcing me to restart to regain functionality
Holy shit, I have never encountered a program so broken to the point where half the time it doesn't even work but actually fucking breaks your PC when you use it. Apple is a fucking joke.
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The same happens on Mac. Apple once blamed Windows updates for iTunes issues on Mac OS.
Found your problem.
uninstall that shit.

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>year 2017
>still can't have a FreeBSD desktop without any screen tearing
I should have kept my graphics card from 2005.

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I want to switch to FreeBSD but there are a few things that keeps me away:
1. Ryzen CPU patches haven't landed yet, the powerd will cause problems
2. Polaris GPU, I don't know if they work on FreeBSD yet
3. I actually use VS Code/Atom. Though I could easily switch to Sublime text

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I have a 2TB external HDD I use for storage and backups, and for some reason it only lets me use 866GB of space, leaving all the rest into 2 Unallocated Spaces. (see pic)

Can I combine these unallocated spaces with my allocated volume without having to format or lose files? I can't move the files off the drive for backup/storage, this is my only drive bigger than 320GB.
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you just need to format those unallocated spaces, but you can't merge them because they're not together

formatting the whole thing would be optimal
But I can't lose the files on the one usable partition. Those contain years of computer backups, software dumps, and graphic design projects for multiple high dollar clients (bands, YouTubers, law firms, etc)
but still formatting the empty space will give you access to that unused space, there's nothing there

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I'm building an Ebook library and have been looking for sources to download/scrape pdfs epubs etc. So if any of you know sources for downloading ebooks, I'm interested in any genre.
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For academic purposes libgen is good, for all other English books irc is great but you have to be not retarded to use it.

Don't want qantum computers cracking your secrets? remember, there are tasks that those handle really badly, for example compression.
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>Crack password on quantum computer
>use regular computer to then decode your password locked .zip
>someone is going to utilize a small towns worth of electricity to cool a chip to absolute zero and then have an engineering team convert my password data into qbit readable data
Yes because you didn't share all your good porn with them.

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why aren't you using amazon aws you plebs

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is fucking great.
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because fuck amazon. host your own you shit
i do as well with ovh
How much does it cost to use Amazon AWS? Does this mean I can get a free VPS & remote storage that I can use for whatever? Or do I have to pay a shitload of money for something I can do for free?

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Alright, so I'm heading to chinkland for the next three months which means that I'm in the market for a VPN that'll work there. I've done a bit of research and narrowed it down to ExpressVPN, Astrill, and PureVPN. ExpressVPN looks like the big one (and probably shilled the most) while Astrill seems to be the one recommended by all the expats. PureVPN is ofc the one in the /g/ wiki.
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express looks like a jew paying tech sites to shill them. id cross that one out.
one of the people who went last semester used it and said it worked fine, but it does seem like the kike of the bunch. I'm leaning towards Astrill just I'm not sure how effective PureVPN is at getting through the great firewall (vpns are always being blocked and the more popular ones like astrill get hit first)
no you get pia

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I found the Terry Davis of the art world (sort of).


She talks to god, and god tells her what to paint and how to paint.
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This isn't technology

Call me when she writes a compiler
she compiles pigments into pictures
how can we get them to go on a date, and record it?

hey /g/ just moved to a new apartment rate my set up
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A thread died for this

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Whats the best hax?
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Is this the beginning of something big or a false-flag?
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Were it to actually be the beggining of something, you're like a week late, anon.
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meh, im unimpressed
i bet i could make one of those using a neat (neuro-evolution of augmenting topologies) approach
calculate fitness as a function of time, distance, and the velocity over time
doable if you simplify the shit to give him knowledge of controls of his hands and do q-learning algorithm to optimise the use of the controls

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>tfw the update screws your Python projects... again.
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whats a python?
Mods >>>/b/

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>take the last 4 months off programming to do "research" on better techniques, APIs, etc
>time comes to start coding again, fixing old shit
>dont want to anymore

w-what do bros
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realize that coding is monkey work

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I think this is something we can all agree on.
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Hating on MacOS is passé. And TempleOS will never amount to anything.
I can see you are not in the intellectual category since you are able to post here

Is the Acer Aspire VX 15 really worth $800?

I plan on getting a laptop for college and gaming. I know you guys are gonna tell me to build a PC for gaming but I have plans on moving and having a PC would be difficult.
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it's ugly as shit
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