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sup /g/ just rescued pic related from the side of the road, should i sell it?
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Yes sell it before it gives you AIDS
Maybe on fleabay.
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Top fucking kek

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I hope you guys aren't using 3rd party addons and apps to block ads on your devices.

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Why not just use Hostsman?
>not using a PiHole
because I don't have to install anything. I put those dns addresses on my router and all my devices connected to it are adfree just like that.

topkek, sounds gay desu fa.m

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Who is the most palatable techtuber and why is it Tech Deals?
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I don't know who that is but I like that lady. MobileTechReviews I think? Last I watched she hadn't given into the cookie cutter "how to be a pro YouTuber" garbage.
LGR is pretty good if you like random old tech and games. ASMR tier voice too.
I like Luke Smith

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Which is more secure for 2FA?
SMS or Google Authenticator?

I read that if someone compromises the server for the site you are authenticating, they can predict your Google Authenticator keys indefinitely, but some people believe that Google Authenticator is more secure because there have been instances of people socially engineering mobile providers to get a new SIM and "stealing" the target's phone number and account.

So which is it? Hijacking someone's phone to me sounds a lot more complicated, time-consuming, as less payoff than compromising a server and thus having all accounts, so which is better in actuality?
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Google authenticator. No one has ever had their account compromised while using it. SMS happened to a ton of big youtubers a while back.
SMS only as secure as your carrier's ability to not change your SIM to any bloke that says that they're you.
Google Authenticator is much more secure.
yeah go with google auth. I use it works great. i use duo to, not as great.

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Hiro said we could have one (1) thread to discuss the meta of each board, so let's talk about the obvious problems with /g/.
First of all, AMD BTFO and JEWTEL HOUSEFIRE threads are unproductive and accomplish nothing.
Pajeet & SJW threads belong on /pol/.
Finally, attention-whoring faggots & crossdressers do nothing but spam threads with their faggotry, and should be banned.
Anything else I missed?
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An Hiro said you're a faggot and should kill yourself.

That's pretty meta.. right?
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why is this thing so confusing?
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Probably because you don't need to use it and you're trying to anyway
Because it tries to do functional style side effects in a language without monads.
It's really not. Just follow their dumb rules and you'll have less of a chance of shooting yourself in the foot you fucking newb.

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How to deal with lag in online games? My internet service is 10 mbps(third world country, I know) and, while it works fine most of the time, I can't play any online games while someone else in the house is watching youtube/netflix/anything else that takes a lot of bandwidth.

Is there anything I can do about it? A friend told me about doing QoS changes on my router, would that be a good idea?
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Tell him to fuck off while you are playing you gaems or buy a separate line for yourself.
Going to be getting a new router and modem. For router was thinking the Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 or the AC2600.

What's a good modem? I really don't know much about this stuff. I see that Amazon recommends the CM500 or CM700. Thoughts?

Sorry if I sound like a retard, just want opinions before purchasing
QoS will fix it, you've got bufferbloat which is affecting your latency when playing video games.

If your router doesn't have QoS and you own the router (not ISP provided), then you can flash it with aftermarket software that will give you full control over it.

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The last Clover update was nearly five months ago

Remind me again why you still use this buggy sack of shit developed and maintained by an inconsistent lazy assclown and why you still haven't removed it from your device(s) yet?
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Because there are no other good apps.
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>five months came and went in the blink of an eye
>the year is unironically almost over
why is this allowed
i dont i use overchan

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Glorious old thread >>61325401

What are you working on, /g/?
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Idris is a reasonable language
I love ruby

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ITT Shit Apple shills say:

>macos and linux are the same because they're unix-like
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Nobody says that
I unironically tell this to people. Since yoy're dying to know, I run Ubuntu on my desktop, and my server runs CentOS
no wirus

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I sure hope you have f.lux installed, /g/. You wouldn't want to hurt your eyes, would you?
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>piss filter for placebo effect
As a watersports fan I wholeheartedly agree OP
yup... using it right now

if you install it you notice that the screen is not as abrasive to your eyes as it was before in the dark...

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Evening, /g/. I'm learning to program with Python and have most of the basics down, I'm looking for some simple programs to try and write while I'm flying all day tomorrow, any recommendations?
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If you like numbers, implement the mandelbrot set with numpy.

If you like games, make a tetris with pygame.

If you are not sure, make an imageboard with Flask.
write a program to do Polynomial factorization over finite fields.
Just find a spreadsheet for locations such as mountains, volcanoes, etc and plot them out on map with information.

I have a new package you may enjoy.

I will help you
> it is not a dragon dildo
> it is brand new
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Chink shit keyboard?
I will share more tips after 10 attemps

Has anyone on this board hack a satellite or connected to one? I wouldn't expect many sats to have high security, since they are somewhat limited in the communications department. Does anyone have any experience with satellite security? I'm looking into a career in aerospace security
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Define connected to? At lot of satellites send their telemetry unencrypted. Not hard to receive with a decent yagi and SDR. Hardest part is figuring out the modulation and encoding but there are some scattered web pages out there that can help.
Root control or ability to monitor systems.
Not happening. They have failsafes that decay their orbit after too many failed login attempts. Evil maid vector is the only way to scrape the keys.

I am getting a computer and I need a USB wireless adapter for it. What does this mean? Is that a router? Help me I am a noob
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A review says "There is NOT enough room to install a network card, the card will overlap the graphics card cooler fan which is not a good thing to do." Do I need something special or just plug a router in?
I mean, I don't know how to code or even put a computer together anon but for fucks sake
You can't possibly be this stupid
A USB wireless adapter means your computer doesn't have a built-in WiFi card
It's an adapter that plugs into a port on your computer which in turn connects to your router and therefore the internet
In other words
>Computer cannot into internet
>No built-in internet
>USB Adapter plug it in
>Internet yaaay
so wait i need a router and an adapter?

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