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he's pointing at me.
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>look up "android development without android studio"
>OP asks "how do I use vim to develop for android, all the tutorials I found use android studio or eclipse"
>top reply is "you should use android studio"
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Google hates this open-platform shit as much as Apple does. They were just forced to use it because they got blindsided when the iphone was released and had to race to catch up. Now they're trying to lock it down again, make sure everything is bolted down firmly to Google-controlled things.
what animoo is this?

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I feel memed /g/.

I know Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot, H2, Postgresql, MySQL, git, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and willing to learn more (currently learning angularjs) and I can't even find an entry level job for junior java developer. I have sent countless applications and I got bo answer because those fucks require 2 year experience on junior job.

What did I do wrong? What should I learn next to be more attractive in job market?
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> Java

Found your problem.
Lol, I landed junior java job first year in college and I didn't lnow what Spring is when they asked me during interview. I'm in eastern europe developing for western companies as a cheap labour force, but experience are what matters most here.
Well mate, have you every considered being utter shit?

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Do you faggots say "toople" or "tuhple"?
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I say tuhple mainly because of my native language, but if tuple comes from "mul-tiple" it would also make sense.
what is your native lang? Mine is Perl
Én úgy mondom, hogy x1-től xn-ig

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It's the only torrent program that has features such as automatically saving new torrents in specific folders AND assigning ratio and speed limits based on just their names or trackers - all automatically -, and moving individual files from torrents to different directories.

It makes other torrent clients look like children's toys.
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Sane defaults, available on many platforms. Tixati is the best choice.
Why the fuck would you ever use a proprietary torrent client? Are you retarded? FOSS torrent clients are better anyway.

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What are /g/'s thoughts on the Token ring? It is a ring that is meant to replace your credit card, house keys, car keys, passwords, etc.
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stupid and retarded
>ring manages to come off and go missing (don't say "just don't lose it in the first place idiot", shit happens)
>that's it
no thanks
Someone will shake your hand with a near field thing on their wrist and empty your bank account.

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Is the game booster of this thing actually useful or good?
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I know a friend reported amazing results from it
Here's a way better game booster:

it makes your game go super mega ultra fast

My friend gave me some of his old sheets of Apple stickers today.

Give me some good spots to apply them on.
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Your dick
One on each asscheek, gayboi.
On your boyfriend's asscheeks you raging homo.

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Before you comment about how a desktop is better, about to be a student at a University and need to decide on a laptop. What do you /g/uys think is the best laptop as of right now? Why?
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iPad Pro senpai.

Desktop OSs are deprecated.
what the... I was thinking Inspiron 7000 gaming or the xps 15
Get a comfy New Surface Pro
Literally a portable desktop

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>he prefer using an OS coded by a bunch of basememt dwellers living in their mom's basement, instead of one made by top brilliant engineers at the most valuable company in the whole world.
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having spent the last 2 years as a .NET dev I assure you MS has never hired a single "top brilliant engineer" let alone many of them
In America the top minds in programming are all working in finance.
>He hasn't used a RHEL distribution

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When will bitcoin finally crash to the point where its worthless?
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when everyone will store it in banks and privacy concept will die
It's already worthless outside of the autistic community that accepts it as a currency
When you cannot transfer it into real money. Hopefully when governments clamp down on it.

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>use uBlock Origin
>go to some porn site yesterday (Redtube I think?)
>they've updated their anti-adblock bullshit and the whole page just blinks on and off
>disable uBlock so I can fap in peace
>come home today
>turn PC on
>MSE detects a trojan
Fuck me. I'll never fall for the anti-adblock shills anymore. The "free and open" web can go fuck itself, I'm blocking every single ad I find from now on.
If pages cannot make ends meet through subs/donations/patreon, they can fuck off and starve to death.
I pay for 4chan btw.
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>disabling your adblocker
Websites that want you to disable your adblocker usually aren't worth your time in the first place.
People do not think clearly when their fap is interrupted
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>go to porn site with javascript disabled
>find video
>play it with mpv

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Post your favorite programs and software /g/ whatever OS it is

I'm starting with Avidemux because it's the tool of choice when you need to trim a video to save space without re encoding it
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>re encoding it
transcoding it
I didn't even know transcoding was a thing, thanks anon
Cant you do that just with ffmpeg?

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Old thread: >>61300449

What are you working on, /g/?
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>very few comments in the winapi headers
>it's shit like this
I just finished writing a fizzbuzz program in pure machine code using only a hex editor.
I just finished in your mom LOL

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I just found my ZTE Open with Firefox OS. What can I do with it? Fuck you for shilling me into buying this shit a few years ago, /g/.
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Thrash it
install gentoo
I'm interested in this aswell, I found mine the other day

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