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When is there going to be android play store for linux?
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Why would you even want that?
I dunno why would you want millions of free apps as opposed to not having that
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>le apppppssss xxxxDDD
>i neeeed apppppppsss on my peeeceeee!
kys yourselves

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Hey I am, B0B M4RL3Y'S ghost aka B0BM4RL3Y1337 I just hacked http://www.equipmentshop.com/Product2.asp?CategoryID=3 & also http://www.portroyals.com/tours-2.html I am not Russian I am an Alien That just happens to know how to Hack :-) but not any Alien I am B0BM4RLY1337
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Nice metasploit """skillz""", skiddie.

Sage yourself.

Kids using SQLMAP to act cool

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Hey /g/

Not sure if you aware, but Google closed down has an "always free" tier which, among other things, enables you to have a compute machine with any distro you want, just shit specs (1 shared CPU, 600 MB memory).

I was goofing around with one, usual access is only ssh but I ended up installing a DE (lubuntu) and entered it by vnc. Horrible and laggy, of course, but it works.

So I was wondering, what can I do with it? I thought maybe an owncloud server, maybe a seedbox, but I don't know if these specs will be any good for that. Any ideas / suggestions?

Pic unrelated, just some thinkpad I was cleaning.
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Google cloud *
Fucking autocorrect.
>maybe a seedbox
I wasn't able to locate any information through a quick search, but it is a grey area legally. And I'm sure it somehow violates their terms of service but I don't care enough to dig through that mess. Also for anyone who looks at this thread don't try to mine fucking bitcoins or any other crypto currency with google cloud, google will ban your account.
>In the European Union, Google Cloud Platform services can be used for business purposes only. Business status means that you'd like to see a potential economic benefit from your development activities, for example: using the Google Cloud Platform to develop prototypes or applications with a goal of generating revenue in the future. Most software developers (including affiliates, sole traders, self-employed merchants, partnerships, students and others) use Google Cloud Platform for business purposes.

>Note: If you are located in the European Union and the sole purpose for which you want to use Google Cloud Platform services has no potential economic benefit you should not use the service. If you have already started using Google Cloud Platform, you should discontinue using the service. See Create, modify, or close your billing account to learn how to disable billing on your projects.

Is this revenge for Europe making Google pay huge fines for anti-competitive practices? If so, it's petty and pathetic. I'd close all my google accounts if I didn't need them to store pirated movies on GDrive.

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Looking to get a 120gb ssd for a laptop I'm upgrading for ~$60, what do yall nerds recommend?
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killing urself
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So clever anon
In the US?
this adata https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009SX6VLC/?tag=pcpapi-20


Ironically best buy shit https://www.bestbuy.com/site/pny-cs1311-120gb-internal-sata-solid-state-drive/4825603.p?skuId=4825603

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Is Slack botnet? I know nothing about it and I'm looking for an alternative to Discord for sharing images, files and chatting.
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keep it in one thread polack, an anti-intel thread died for this.

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>VPNs are anonymous

Is this the biggest meme Reddit has ever conjured?
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Guess you've never rolled your own

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Just copied a S/N for a SSD for sale online, they had the S/N in the picture. Can I get in trouble if I get a free SSD out of it? Can I somehow get an SSD out of it? pic related
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usually they want you to send it back, so good luck with that
Usually only used for RMA, so not useful to you
fuk.. so i just fucked some guys warranty?

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heya /g/, this ain't a board I usually frequent because quite frankly I'm not that tech-savvy. I need some help, deleted some filed I really needed by mistake with another folder, is there a way to get them back? Can you help a fellow stupid anon out? I will make sure to suck your dick proper if you can
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Bump, also it's windows, if it helps.
install gentoo

I'm looking for a modern /dev/null replacement and I'm wondering if mongoDB is a good choice.
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Can anyone post a picture of 20157 Lenovo G58020157 cmos battery?
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No. Removing it would fuck my secureboot.
man in what way it should be installed, +ve sign upwards or downwards?
good lord

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If google & company actually wanted to attract more females to software development they'd pay their employees what they're worth instead of illegally colluding with apple to suppress wages.

push this into every feminist conversation you come upon and maybe we can play this to our advantage. (also it's the truth)
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Wages for the big 4 seem pretty high right now though?
why pay people what they're worth when you can just bring over H1-Bs that also count towards the diversity quota?
That and it's way cheaper to maintain a pool and the other "amenities" offered at their facilities.

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anybody here work for the industry?
do you know of any plans for commercial optical discs larger than BD-Rs and BDXL?
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>plans for commercial optical discs larger than BD-Rs and BDXL?

what the fuck would be the point
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100gb isn't much.
Think about being able to backup your entire digital life onto cold storage.
Imagine a single disc that could store multiple discographies of bands in flac, or backing up entire yt channels to a single disc etc

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I Want To Learn Programming, Where Do I Start what do i do?

am 26 no previous nothing
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I'd start with java or c++, they are basic languages that help you understand everything you need.
Start with the free "computer science 101" course on Udacity.com it's the easiest way to learn fast everything you need to get a job
get a book or take a free course on basic comp sci
learn c first to familiarize yourself with programming constructs
move onto an object oriented extension to C like C++ (which is especially pertinent to your interest in big projects)
Ignore meme languages like Ruby, Go or Rust
Embrace an automation language like Python
Learn .NET if you want to dev for Windows, it'll feel comfy after C++. Alternatively learn Objective C if you're a Mac guy, same deal.

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G230 headset finally broke after like 5 years due to my fucking melon head. what are some good headphone/ earbud/ microphones that are worth it and not terribly expensive?
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Fantano pls leave

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Hey guys, my 4tb external HDD is crapping out. When I plug it in, it manages to load 2 out of the 3 partitions, and the third one freezes the computer (can't open other windows, internet pages won't load, etc). Is there any way I can disable the partition that is giving me trouble before it freezes my computer?
Pic related, it's the piece of shit from a piece of shit company I am never ever buying from again.
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>he fell for the HDD MEME
>He fell for the computer meme
Boot in linux and give it a shot.

Also, this is why we make backups.

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